Why You Need To Document Your Beard Progress

Kristian S
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Growing your beard is simple. Maintaining your beard is harder. At some point, every man must decide whether or not to trim his beard. Depending on your preferences and those of your significant other, you may prefer a tightly groomed scruff or a manly yeard. Because it is easy to forget what you looked like during different stages of your beard evolution, documenting your beard progress is important.

Deciding Where To Stop

Facial hair can be addictive. While you are unlikely to suffer any serious ill health effects from this addiction, the length of your beard can affect your life in a few important ways.

Depending on your employer, you may be required to trim or even shave regularly. You may find this suitably deterring that you prefer to simply find other work. Depending on who you spend time with, the length of your beard may allow you to fit in or make you feel out of place. If you document your beard progress carefully, taking pictures and marking the amount of time since you last shaved, it can be much easier to understand exactly how much beard you can get away with. 

Man getting his beard styled | Why you should save your beard progress

Deciding How To Groom Your Beard

Beard beginners often have trouble understanding how to groom and trim properly. Besides using beard oil and shampoo, you have many other choices to make when maintaining your facial chia pet. Do you trim or train mustache hairs? Do you manage or leave cheek and neck hairs? Of course, grooming is a very personal choice, so there is some artistic license involved. Documenting yourself enables you to choose what you like and don't like so you can act accordingly.

Showing Your Beard Progress to Others

Not everyone can have a full beard. Your progress is an achievement worthy of documentation. Though you may wish to keep your hair at a relatively short length for practical reasons, it is always fun to go all out and let it grow at least once in your life. Since you may not wish to spend another year without trimming just to remember what your yeard looked like, take pictures while you can.

Seeing Your Beard Progress After Growing Up

If you are still well under the age of 30, your facial hair will likely continue developing for many more years. Though maturing can feel like it is taking an eternity, having physical proof that your beard is, in fact, improving can boost your confidence enough to stop you from shaving it all off. You may be amazed at how far you've come. If you aren't, don't worry. The science of beard growth supplements for achieving maximum growth is better today than it's ever been before.

Documenting your beard progress is a great way to learn more about yourself and understand what you like and don't like about your maintenance process. Because it may take a little work to get the most out of your beard, Wild Willies has the growth and trim supplies you need for success for all your facial hair ventures.

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