Top Tips for Growing Out Your Yeard Beard

Kristian S
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Beard envy is a real thing, and there is one kind of beard that inevitably makes other men green with envy. You know what kind of beard we are talking about. We mean the huge, long, bushy kind of beard sported by lumberjacks, hipsters and old-school bikers. 

The reason that this style tends to provoke so much envy is that the vast majority of men simply don’t believe they are capable of growing such a beard. It seems either physically impossible, or far too much work. 

The truth is, most men are capable of growing some version of this beard. The problem is not their own personal biology, but rather a lack of patience. Growing this kind of beard takes a long time. 

How long, you might ask? Many beard experts agree that somewhere around a year is the perfect length of time for cultivating a superb long beard. In fact, the one year mark is such a convenient milestone for long beard growers that the one-year-beard now has its own special name: the yeard. 

man with a long blonde beard looking at the camera

What is a yeard beard?

So what exactly counts as a yeard? The simple answer is, it is a beard that has been left to grow for an entire year, not only without shaving, but with minimal trimming as well, in order to allow it to grow as long and full as humanly possible. 

Think of it as an extended version of no-shave-November, except that instead of a 1 month beard, you will be growing a 1 year beard. 

Myths about the yeard

As we already alluded to, the most common myth about the yeard is that only a select few men can grow one—or at least grow a good one. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason that some men get discouraged is because they either become self conscious about patches and unevenness in their beards, or because their beard starts to become frizzy and dried out as it gets longer. 

In the case of the first problem, the answer is, once again, patience. As your beard gets longer, small patches and thin spots will start to get covered over by the growth of the rest of your beard. By the 2nd or 3rd month of growth, you will probably see most of your patches disappear into the luscious jungle of facial hair sprouting up around them.

The second problem is a result of poor beard-care habits—something that we will address later on in the post. 

Another common myth about the yeard is that long beards are unsanitary. Once again, there is not much truth behind this. Of course, a long beard can be gross. However, the same can be true of short beards or of clean shaven faces. The key is knowing the proper hygiene and necessary beard-care products. 

Finally, some men avoid growing a long beard because they believe that maintaining it will be too costly or time-consuming. While this is understandable, managing a long beard can actually be cheap and easy if you know where to find high-quality beard care products for a decent price.

man touching his short beard on his way to growing out a long yeard beard

The hardest part—getting started

So you have decided you want to grow a yeard, but you need advice on how to get started? You have come to the right place.

Here are a few of the common stumbling blocks that many men run into when starting  a new beard:

1) Itchiness. Itchiness and irritation can be a serious pain if you don’t know how to deal with them. This is especially true for men who have not grown out their beard for a long time, and whose faces are unaccustomed to stubble. 

This problem will quickly pass as your beard grows out and ingrown hairs subside, but if you need more advice, check out this article on under-the-beard skin irritation for an in depth look at causes and solutions. 

2) Coarseness. This is the other major problem that men run into when starting a new beard. Whether you find it unattractive and irritating, or your wife refuses to kiss you because you feel like sandpaper, coarseness is no joke. Luckily, you can begin fighting this problem early on by applying beard-softening essentials like beard oil and beard balm.

These problems tend to subside naturally within a month or two, as your beard fills out. After this, the next couple months are usually a breeze. Your beard is starting to look fuller, you aren’t so aware of patches anymore, and life is good. 

However, what’s coming up is the most challenging phase of yeard growth. 

The long haul

After five or six months, you have made it into the middle range of beard length. This is where many men give up on their yeards. 

The main reason that most people jump ship at this stage is simple impatience. Visible results are starting to slow, and it can be tempting to try something new out of boredom. 

Additionally, your beard can start to get a bit hard to manage once it is this long. Intense trimming, cutting, or even shaving can seem like a good idea on a day when you wake up looking like you just crawled out of the woods. 

The solution to this problem is, once again, a thorough beard-care routine. Specifically, get your hands on a quality boar bristle beard brush that will help you style your beard and tame flyaways. 

You can also let yourself trim just a bit if you are looking rough around the edges. Just don’t get carried away!

guy touching his long brown yeard beard

The final countdown

The last phase of yeard growth is the last two to three months, the time when your yeard is really starting to earn its name. If you have made it this far without giving up, congratulations! 

Sticking with your yeard starts to get easier now, not only because you feel like the manliest of men with your new mane, but also because you are likely to start getting compliments. 

The main hassles surrounding a beard this long have to do with damage caused by accidents. Zippers, food, or a stray piece of gum can do major damage to your yeard if you fail to exercise caution. Lastly, be especially careful around fire!

Feed your yeard

So the time has come. It has been a full year and you are now a part of the exclusive one-year-beard club. What now?

Maintaining a yeard can be almost as tricky as growing it out in the first place. That is why we recommend nourishing yours with the best, most affordable beard-care products out there. That’s right, we are talking about Wild Willies

We have everything you need to keep your beard looking fantastic long after the one-year mark. From beard shampoo to beard oil to beard balm, we have it. Check out our online store today, and if you like what you see, you can have it shipped directly to you. Happy bearding!

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