Does Using a Beard Comb Actually Help?

Does Using a Beard Comb Actually Help?

Kristian S
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If you are like most men, you probably have experienced trouble keeping your beard neat and clean. While the shape and manageability of your beard can vary based on various factors like, age, genetics, diet, nutrition, exercise and more, a crucial part of beard health is the attention that you give it externally—that is, through grooming. 

If you are new to growing your beard, you may feel strange about the idea of using a beard comb or brush. It may seem like an unnecessary step in the already complicated process of growing and maintaining a beard. However, while a comb might not be necessary for shorter beards, it is a must have for men sporting a medium to long beard. 

So does using a beard comb actually help? The short answer is, yes. Below we will explore just a few of the big reasons why. 


A beard comb or a beard brush is a tool that has been used by men for grooming for millennia. Longer beards often tend to become unruly, and can even become dirty because of dirt, sweat, and especially food. Beard combs play the double role of both shaping and cleaning your beard. However, there are several hidden benefits to a beard comb that you may not have considered before. Here are just a few:


Conditioning: Here is something surprising that you may not have known about beard combs: they can actually help to naturally condition your hair. The bristles of a beard comb—particularly one made of natural fibers like boar bristles—pick up natural oils from your skin and from the base of your hair follicles, and help to spread it upwards along the entire shaft of each hair. In the long term, this can help your facial hair become less dry and brittle, giving you a smoother look—and a smoother kiss. 

Exfoliation: Another great thing about a beard comb is its ability to exfoliate your skin. Once again, it is important to remember that not all combs are made the same. Synthetic fibers and plastics tend to either be too soft, preventing exfoliation, or simply scrape your skin, irritating it and potentially causing acne. Alternatively, natural boar bristles are just firm enough to help scrape excess dead skin off of your face without damaging your skin. Exfoliation is an extremely important step in the process of beard grooming because it prevents unattractive issues like beardruff and acne, and can potentially even stimulate stronger beard growth. 

Man Touching His Beard | Does Using a Beard Comb Help?

Removing debris: Another important function of a beard comb is removing debris from your beard. Debris can come from a lot of different places, but the end result is always the same—a gross beard. Dead skin is one common form of debris found in the beard, which tends to result from poor beard hygiene and poor lifestyle habits such as a bad diet. However, the most common problem that every beard owner faces is food. While there are strategies to help stop getting food in your beard, the fact of the matter is that sometimes it is inevitable. Being able to clean your beard with a comb or brush regularly is one of the most important things you can do to keep debris from getting stuck in your beard. 

Smooth and shape your beard: Of course, at the end of the day, combs are about style. A good comb for your beard means that you are able to shape and style it however you want. This is especially important if you have a longer beard, or suffer from flyaways and frizz. There are a lot of different beard styles out there, but many of them are hard to achieve or maintain without the help of a high quality beard brush. 


If you are sold on the idea of a beard comb, the only question remaining is where to find the best one for you. Luckily, we have the answer.

As we already mentioned above, the best kind of comb or brush a man can buy is made of real, authentic boar bristles. These come from certain parts of a wild boar’s coat, and are cut to the perfect length. Unlike synthetic bristles, boar bristles are firm without being too sharp or rough, and work perfectly to clean, shape, and untangle your beard hair. 

Wild Willies is your one-stop-shop for high quality beard care products. We offer high quality boar bristle brushes, along with a wide variety of other beard care items. Check out our shop today to see how else we can help you help your beard!

Man Combing His Beard | Does Using a Beard Comb Help?

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