Are Beards Attractive? What She’s Really Thinking About Your Facial Hair

Are Beards Attractive? What She’s Really Thinking About Your Facial Hair

Bubba Stacy
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I never knew how much I appreciated my beard until I shaved it all off.

I didn’t feel as confident for some reason, I looked a lot younger, and most importantly, my girlfriend told me she liked me better with my beard. Talk about a kick when I’m already down…

But it’s true. Facial hair definitely has a tendency to make men look more rugged. And sometimes even more suave, something that’ll help you stand out and come across as more attractive.

Facial hair can also be a sign of maturity, making even the most baby-faced men look older. After all, beards could practically be the official logo for manliness.

But according to the ladies, are guys with beards attractive? Well let’s see what the research has to say about that…

The Stats

Studying the attractiveness of beards is not the most common psychological examination, but people have done it.

One study involving 919 women used doctored photos featuring models ranging from extremely masculine to unquestionably feminine, both sides with and without beards.

The results? Men with beards were consistently rated more attractive and masculine.

Other studies have shown that beards are most attractive when compared to a larger selection of men who don’t have any facial hair at all. In most cases, men with beards are more attractive and desirable when beards as a trait are rarer.

Here’s Why Beards Work

Overall, beards are perceived as a sign of masculinity and dominance, which signals to many women that you could make an excellent partner.

Beards also contribute to a certain “facial masculinity” –that is, a series of features that make an individual appear more dominant.

A sharp jawline, longer cheekbones, and deeper-set eyes all make a man’s face appear more masculine. And sometimes, a beard is all it takes to tie the whole look together.

A well-shaped beard emphasizes your cheekbones, enhances your jawline, and even eliminates the appearance of a double chin when grown and kept properly.

Plus, if you feel more masculine with your beard, chances are others will take notice of your new found confidence.

The most appealing thing about beards is their rarity.

In general, a rare beard is a good beard. And no, that doesn’t mean doing something completely over-the-top. It means that a beard that looks better than the rest will be infinitely more attractive than your run-of-the-mill facial hair.

Standing out is important, and who doesn’t love someone that’s confident in their own skin—or in this case, your own hair.

Women’s Opinion On Beards: Confidence Is Key

If you’re the type of guy who’s still on the fence about growing a beard, keep in mind: your opinion is the most important to your decision. The manliest choice you can make in this situation is doing what you want with your hair and what you think looks good.

How Can I Get an Awesome Beard?

Getting that beautiful beard may take a while, but these 5 tips will make it easier:

  1. Some styles might be more comfortable than others. What you’ll need to do first to make others fall in love is find a style that you love.
  2. Your next goal is to maintain that style. Scissors work best for working on fine details, and electric clippers can make maintenance faster once you’ve fully channeled your inner barber. Just remember to pace yourself so you don’t get cut.
  3. A good rule of thumb for trimming your facial hair is to do it once every three to four months. But again, that depends on the style you choose. Keep in mind that everyone’s hair grows at different rates. To maintain the perfect style, watch how your beard grows and trim accordingly.
  4. Brushing your beard once a day helps detangle hairs, distribute your natural oils, and loosens dirt and grime as well to help grow your beard to the fullest. This will also give you control of which direction of your beard grows in.
  5. Brushing, alongside using moisturizers for your skin and oils for your hair, can prevent hair breakage and ingrown hairs, which can keep you both stylish and comfortable.

If you’re looking for the perfect products for the perfect beard, check out Wild Willies, the beard specialists who want to keep you looking as good as possible, as manly as possible, and only using natural products that are good for you!

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