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The Sun Protection Cream You Never Knew Your Needed

Fellas, it may not be fun -- or manly -- to think about, butyour skin is very important and needs to be protected. That is why here at Wild Willies we developed Smooth With SPF in order for you to keep your skin in its tip top shape. Our Smooth cream is a top of the line sun protection cream to help men keep their skin in the perfect condition.

Although it may not always seem like it, there are a lot of good reasons why sunscreen lotion for men is important. First, your beard will look better if you keep your skin protected and well-moisturized. Lucky for you, Smooth With SPF ticks both of those boxes.

Secondly, if you have tattoos, read up. It’s incredibly important for your skin to be in good shape so that your tattoos look better. Tattoos will age worse if the skin they are on gets too exposed to the sun. Smooth With SPF is a skin lotion for men who want to protect all the things about them they have worked so hard for, like their beards and tattoos. But without a doubt, most important of all, is that you want to protect yourself from skin cancer as well. The hard truth is that skin cancer is dangerous and it is on the rise. As men, it’s important that we support each other and fight against the dangers of skin cancer. The best way to do that? Keep your skin protected with an SPF 30 face cream.

Sun protection creams may not seem like it is something that men should stick together on, but it is important that we take care of ourselves and that we encourage our friends to take care of their skin as well. The best part about Smooth With SPF is that, although the fact that it helps protect you from the sun is the biggest factor, that is not the only part of Smooth that matters.

Smooth With SPF helps men who want to take care of their skin and kill two birds with one stone. This is because Smooth is more than just sunscreen; it is also a fantastic facial moisturizer and cream. It allows you to keep your face moisturizedand will help you look your best all the time. Plus, you have the added bonus of your skin being safe while you step up your game! Having healthy, moisturized skin is also really important for your beard. Beards are healthier and look better when the skin surrounding the beard is healthy and looks good.

There is one more thing about Smooth With SPF that truly makes it a cut above the rest. That final thing is that it smells good. Like,really good. Lots of sunscreens and skin screams smell weird and that yucky reason is the driving factor why many people opt not to use them. Here at Wild Willies, we want you tolook your best and smell good doing it. Viola! There is no better way to achieve that than by using sun protection cream.

Your Ultimate Skin Defense

Smooth with SPF was specifically created to protect your skin from the harsh damage of the sun. We as men don't typically like to think that we are at risk from being outside, but the harsh reality is that skin cancer is on the rise and unless you want to look like a worn out piece of leather, you might want to start playing defense.

By simply applying Smooth to your skin daily, not only will it help keep your skin hydrated and smooth, but will protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

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