How Fast Should Your Facial Hair Be Growing?

A lot of men face the same problem when it comes to growing a beard: slow growth. Even if your beard is full and faces no other common problems like patchiness or ingrown hairs, slow growth can prevent you from growing the beard of your dreams. For many men, the problem is that they are simply too impatient to wait for an eternity to see results. Having a short, itchy, unimpressive beard for weeks or months at a time can drive men to just give up and shave it all off. 

If you have this problem, growing a beard can seem like an impossible task. However, before you give up, you should probably learn the basics about the science behind beard growth, and look into a few common solutions that have worked for other men. You may learn that simple changes in the way you treat your body and your beard may have an enormous positive effect on the speed, fullness, and overall health of your beard.


Beard growth rates tend to vary greatly between individuals, but on average an adult’s beard grows between .25 and .5 millimeters a day. This averages out to around ½ an inch per month. Conventional wisdom has it that it usually takes 2 to 4 months to grow a solid beard. However, it can’t be stressed enough that every person’s beard is unique. For some this process can happen much more quickly or slowly.


As you probably already know, genetics plays a major role in the thickness of a person’s beard. 

The main hormones that determine the thickness and rate of growth for a person’s beard are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (or DHT). For average men under 40, testosterone in the body measures at between 264 to 916 nanograms per deciliter. Where you fall on this spectrum is partly determined by your genetics, although lifestyle factors can also play a role. However, even men with very high testosterone may have problems with beard growth based on genetic factors.

So genetics obviously play a major role in the speed of beard growth. While some men are able to grow naturally luscious beards quickly and without any major effort, other men go their whole lives without ever being able to grow much of a beard at all. Since you are reading this, you likely fall somewhere in between. The good news is that if you are close to being able to grow a full beard, a few subtle changes may be all you need in order to finally grow it out. This is where your choices and daily habits come in.

Man Washing His Beard | How Fast Does Facial Hair Grow?


There are a few basic lifestyle changes that you can make that may help existing facial hair grow faster and healthier. Here are a few important tips:

Eat better: A good diet is one of the cornerstones of overall health and grooming. For beard growth, healthy fats and protein are two of the main components in a healthy and balanced beard growth diet

Exercise more: Different kinds of exercise do different things to help your beard growth. Cardio tends to increase blood flow, which can provide more nutrition to your hair follicles. Weight training on the other hand is known to increase testosterone levels for short periods of time.

Sleep: As with the other two tips we have mentioned so far, sleep is not only a great way to increase your overall health and sense of well being, but it can also stimulate healthier beard growth. One of the main reasons for this is that your system tends to release the most testosterone while you are in deeper stages of sleep. 

Of course, the list could go on and on, but these are a few of the most essential ways to make facial hair grow faster. 


If you are like many other men struggling with the rate of your beard growth, you are probably curious about supplements. There are a lot of different supplements and growth stimulation products out there, but not all of them are the same. For example, some men take supplements for testosterone. While this can be helpful for the small number of men suffering from chronic low testosterone, for the rest of men it generally doesn’t do anything at all. Additionally, some men try products like Rogaine that are meant to stimulate hair growth on the top of the head. But because Rogaine is designed for head hair, which is structurally different from beard hair, the results tend to be much less noticeable. 

So is there any good option out there?

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