6 Mustache Types That Will Up Your Beard Game: How To Style Your Mustache

Finally, some good news for the man who’s always wanted to sport a ‘stache: mustaches are cool again!

From the 80s to the 2010s, the U.S. saw the noble mustache drop in popularity as more and more men have opted for the clean shaven or full-bearded looks.

But lucky for you, the past couple of years have seen a reversal of trends. Mustaches are on the rise again, across the country and across the social spectrum. 

If you’ve always wanted to grow a mustache but never tried it before, don’t worry. The key to knowing how to style your mustache may be knowing which look suits you best, but you’ve got plenty of mustache types to choose from.

Here are 6 of the coolest and most popular styles worn today.

1. The Beardstache

Beardstaches have dominated 2020 so far. And for good reason. This look combines a manly and well-defined mustache with rugged stubble to create one of the most attractive and attention-grabbing facial hair configurations out there. 

How to grow it:

Beardstaches are easy to grow, as long as you have a little patience.

The best method for achieving the beardstache is to grow out your beard and mustache together until they have reached the length that you want your final mustache to be.

Then you can take an electric razor and shave everything except your mustache down to stubble.

2. The Chevron

A timeless mustache donned by famously handsome men like Freddie Mercury and Tom Selleck, the chevron's strength is in its simplicity.

This style is simple to grow, easy to maintain, and works well with all sorts of face shapes.

But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s boring. This style gives you a whole lotta bang for your buck! 

How to grow it:

90% of shaping your mustache is simply letting your mustache grow out. You might need to make your own personal touches depending on the natural shape of your moustache and the thickness of your hair.

If there’s anything a chevron is not, is wispy. So if you’ve got thinner mustache hair, but still want to go for the chevron, it’s critical you trim any strands that start to grow over your mouth. Cut the entire thing back from time to time before you let it grow too long.

It also might be necessary to touch up the upper corners of your mustache every now and then to keep that classic, flat pyramid shape that characterizes the chevron.

3. The Pencil

The pencil is a sly and artistic mustache that found its place in America following World War II. It’s best suited to those with thin and sharply defined features.

But unlike the chevron or the beardstache, the pencil is suitable for those with thinner and lighter facial hair.

How to grow it:

The pencil is a regular, short mustache with the topmost part shaved down until there’s nothing but a thin line of hair just above your upper lip.

While this is one of the simplest and easiest styles to pull off, it does require very regular shaving to prevent it from morphing back into a regular old mustache.

4. The Horseshoe

For those looking to add a little bit of country flair to their look, the horseshoe mustache does just that.

It’s not the most common type of mustache, but the horseshoe does give its wearer an air of adventure and individualism that other styles just can’t match.

How to grow it:

Growing a horseshoe mustache is a lot like growing a beardstache.

The best way to get it done without going through an awkward phase is to grow out a full beard or goatee, and then shave down the unwanted hair on the chin, neck, and cheeks.

Some variants of this look include a soul patch, but it looks great with or without one.

5. The Walrus

The Walrus is, in a sense, just a bigger, burlier version of the chevron.

It conveys a sense of strength and steadiness that in some ways makes it feel more like a full beard than a mustache. This is a great choice for those with thick facial hair and rounder features.

How to grow it:

Unlike the chevron, the walrus can and should be allowed to grow down the sides of the mouth. And sometimes, even over the mouth itself.

Otherwise, the most important things to remember are to comb it regularly and keep the rest of the face as clean-shaven as possible.

6. The Handlebar

The handlebar is one of the most famous mustache types ever imagined. It can complement many different styles, from strong and rugged, to classy and artistic, to whacky and fun. 

How to grow it:

In reality, a handlebar mustache is more or less a walrus mustache that has been styled to stay upright and pointy instead of hanging down.

The method for growing it out is more or less the same, but you might want to eventually start letting the sides grow out extra long if you’re going for a bigger, curlier look. 

Maintain your Mustache

Think of your mustache as a wild animal: ferocious and majestic, but hard to handle without the proper tools.

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