Why Using a Beard Boost Actually Works

Kristian S
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Beards are badass and here to stay. Whether you need an upgrade in the beard maintenance department or you need a hard push to get your beard to grow, we have the solution for you. Wild Willie's Beard Boost serum is packed with no less than two powerful active ingredients to give your face the beard it deserves. 

The Dynamo Behind Our Beard Boost Serum 

Beard Boost has both the bark and the bite behind its magical beard powers. Infused with caffeine and biotin, this serum acts seriously to promote both hair growth and thickness. 

The Power of Biotin 

Biotin, or vitamin B7, plays an important role in keratin production. Keratin is a necessary structural protein found in hair, skin, and nails. Simply put, biotin makes your beard hair strong. Our bodies cannot naturally produce biotin, making it easy to become vitamin B7-deficient. Beard Boost gives the power-up you never knew you needed. 

Man with caffeinated coffee | Does Beard Boost Help Hair Growth

The Many Talents of Caffeine 

We all know first-hand the energizing effect caffeine has on our bodies. That first sip from your morning cup of joe tastes like ambrosia, especially the morning after an over-the-top night. What many do not realize is that caffeine has god-like powers for your beard as well. 

As a stimulant, caffeine revitalizes hair growth by prolonging the hair growth phase and promoting blood circulation around hair follicles. A 2007 laboratory study even discovered that caffeine can help block the effects of DHT, which is a hormone that plays a role in hair loss. Translation: Your beard will grow faster and thicker. 

Caffeine also locks in moisture in your hair. Because it can increase blood circulation around your hair follicles, it floods nutrients into your roots, resulting in a healthier, shinier beard. 

The Bonus of Beard Boost 

Not only is this serum packed with two powerful ingredients that actually work to give life to your beard, but it is also crafted with clean, nourishing oils to give you a more manageable and softer beard. Castor oil is one of the primary oils used to make our serum. This oil is widely known for its ability to promote longer and thicker hair. Although there are no FDA studies showing castor oil's function in hair growth, this oil encourages hair growth by increasing blood flow to your hair follicles, similar to biotin. 

Our team at Wild Willies continually seeks to create top-notch products that actually work to bring out your beard's fullest potential. Whether you are just starting to grow your beard, or you have a full-on beard dominating your face, we are with you every step of the way. Each one of our thoughtfully crafted products works great alone, but the entire collection works even better together. Check out our online store today. We have all the tools to build you a better, stronger, badass beard. From our Beard Boost serum to Beard Growth supplements, we arm you with the only arsenal you need for your beard. 

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