Why People Use Biotin For Hair Growth Results and Fuller Looking Beards

Bubba Stacy
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If you’ve been wondering about how to add some length to your beard lately, you’ve probably come across articles on biotin for hair growth results.

It sounds like an interesting idea, but does biotin really help hair growth?

The good news is, it can. That’s why so many people are turning to this ingredient to speed up hair growth.

The better news is that it’s not the only benefit it has to offer…

Biotin Benefits for Hair

WebMD describes biotin as a vitamin that forms a crucial element in enzymes. These chemicals then help the body to digest carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients.

Common side effects of a biotin deficiency include hair loss, brittle nails and scaly skin.

For this reason, it comes as no surprise that so many people are turning to this vitamin as a way to improve the health of skin, hair and nails.

1. Hair Growth

Because a biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss, many people believe it automatically repairs hair loss.

If your hair loss is biotin-related, this is true.

If not, you may still need to look to other remedies. Even so, using biotin for beard growth is worth a try.

2. Stronger Nails

The body makes hair and nails from the same material, known as keratin. Many people take biotin to improve the strength of nails.

If biotin improves thin and brittle nails for you, then it might improve the strength of your hair as well.

3. Pain Treatment

Diabetes affects nearly 16% of men.

Unfortunately, nerve pain is a common symptom. Many people who take biotin supplements report that it helps to reduce this problem.

People with muscular sclerosis report the same. Treating such pain can help you get out more and exercise, which can improve your overall health and the health of your hair too.

4. Immunity

One unfortunate risk associated with biotin deficiencies is compromised immunity.

This tends to manifest in an increased vulnerability to fungal and bacterial infections, leading to skin infections or other skin conditions that can wreak havoc on your beard if not treated.

How To Use Biotin for Hair Growth Results

If you’ve decided to use biotin for hair growth, the key is to do it safely.

While biotin is a vitamin, like many other nutrients, too much of it can be harmful.

Be sure to only use biotin products from reputable companies and to follow the instructions provided.

Try to avoid overlapping biotin products to eliminate the possibility of ingesting too much.

  • Natural Foods: There are several foods that contain small amounts of biotin, so if you’re looking for a natural boost, your local supermarket has your back. Bananas, eggs and milk are good starting points. Many people also recommend coffee and other caffeinated beverages.

  • Naural Supplements: Because food sources only provide a small amount of biotin, you can consider seeking your sources elsewhere. If you’re allergic to milk, eggs or bananas, this becomes even more important. You can even find supplements designed specifically for beard growth, like our Wild Willies Beard Growth supplement, where biotin or caffeine is just one of several amazing ingredients.
  • Topical Applications: WebMD recommends using biotin products that contain no more than 0.6% on the skin and hair. There are a variety of skin creams, beard oils, beard sprays and shampoos that contain such strengths of biotin. Again, be mindful of mixing multiple products with biotin, unless they are part of one lineup.
  • Biotin Shots: Some people take biotin shots directly into the muscle. This may be safe, but there is not enough research to confirm this. When possible, it’s better to stick to topical uses and trusted supplements. 

When People Need Biotin the Most

If you fall into any of the categories below, biotin may be more than just an optional supplement for you.

Note that treatments recommended by physicians may already contain biotin, so be sure to speak to a doctor before starting your own biotin routine.

1. People With Biotinidase Deficiency

Some people inherit a condition that makes it difficult or impossible for the body to process biotin. This leads to a natural deficiency that doctors test for by looking closely at the symptoms.

The proposed treatment is to simply take more biotin.

2. Smokers

If you smoke regularly, you may develop low levels of biotin.

Oregon State University explains that there’s a strong correlation between smoking and higher levels of biotin catabolism. Put simply, the body burns through biotin at a faster rate.

If you’ve ever thought of quitting before, this could be your new motivation.

3. Kidney Dialysis Patients

If you have a health condition that results in the need for regular dialysis treatment, you may be losing biotin at a faster rate.

As a reminder, your doctor could already have provided medication to counteract this, so be sure to check with your health care provider before taking supplements.

At Wild Willies, we provide a wealth of products containing biotin to help you boost your beard growth for a thicker, fuller looking beard. Check out our full biotin product lineup today.

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