Which Beard Growth Kit Is Best for a Fuller Beard

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Do you want to grow the fullest and softest beard you possibly can? If so, then you should start looking for the best beard growth kit.

Understanding the Beard Growth Kit

A beard growth kit goes beyond the more common beard oils and shampoos to focus on the nutritional and biological processes that contribute to beard growth. While focusing on skincare, particularly moisturization, is paramount to establishing a healthy beard, diet and physiology play a more significant role in beard texture and fullness.

A decent growth kit will utilize current research and science to provide the tools necessary to achieve optimal and natural beard development. While there are never any guarantees for specific results, a kit can help you maximize your biological potential by ensuring your body receives the essential vitamins, minerals, and supplementary aids for healthy facial hair growth.

Looking at What’s Inside

While beard growth kits vary by brand, most will include a topical treatment and a dietary supplement. In most cases, the products included in the kit consist of proprietary blends, making each brand’s kit unique.

Finding the right kit for you is a matter of personal preference, and it will likely require a trial and error system. However, to make the search for the best kit easier, focus on a four-pronged approach:

  1. Research: Look up all the most popular brands and assess their claims and the quality of their kits. Find comparable products to perform a more in-depth analysis.
  2. Reputation: While reputation isn’t everything, it is something. You want to find brands with a solid reputation and a decent consumer and product history.
  3. Results: While it can be challenging to review the validity of results without using the products yourself, you can look at reviews. If you find a product or kit with hundreds or thousands of five-star reviews, it is safe to say it is a decent product.
  4. Costs: While a low-cost or high-cost product does not automatically speak to its effectiveness, you should be cautious of brands pricing far outside of the competition. It's best to stick with average prices and focus on reputation.

man with patchy beard growth

Reasons To Use a Beard Growth Kit

Beard growth kits are good to help encourage natural and even growth. Many men struggle with patchy or thin beards. The products in a kit aim to help you achieve your full beard potential. 

With topical treatments and dietary supplements, you are attacking beard growth internally and externally. The combination of tactics will help soften a coarse beard and add thickness and vitality to the follicles on your face.

While there are never any guarantees, a kit can maximize your beard growing efforts by ensuring your facial hair receives the nutrients it requires. However, it is understandable if you might still feel a little skeptical.

Why You Might Want To Use a Beard Growth Kit

How long have you been trying to grow a beard, and to what end? You might benefit from a beard growth kit if you have scruffy, patchy, or coarse and uneven growth. The treatments that come in some of the better kits show promise in encouraging pronounced natural growth.

However, these kits are not only for people struggling with achieving the full potential of their beards; they also benefit those men who want to ensure their beard remains healthy and full. Therefore, a kit is best for any man trying to grow a beard or those who already have one.

beard growth and maintenance kit

The Best Beard Growth Kit

While a slightly biased opinion, the best beard growth kit is Wild Willies, which includes the brand’s proprietary supplement and Beard Boost Serum. The key to the growth kit's success is the blend of oils, vitamins, and minerals that provide the skin and follicle roots with the moisture and nutrients they need to thrive.

Sure, your body and diet can produce these nutrients, but the changes in eating habits and lifestyles mean that many men are deprived of these necessary beard ingredients. With the essential nutrients and boost of the proprietary BioSitol AsX™, Wild Willies has developed a superior beard growth product.

Benefits of a Beard Growth Supplement

Beard growth supplements are increasingly popular, but it is challenging to narrow down the exact benefits of any particular brand because each hides behind proprietary research. Therefore, it is better to review general assumptions about supplements and how some ingredients can help with beard growth.

Most supplements will include some combination of zinc, vitamin A, keratin, sorghum, and ashwagandha. All of these supplements hypothetically combine to promote faster growth, fuller beards, more robust and healthier hair, and prevent hair loss. 

Some of the better supplements might also include biotin. Wild Willies uses biotin in its supplement, understanding the strong connections to the B vitamin and hair health. 

vitamin b7 biotin in beard growth supplements

Biotin for Beard Growth

Biotin is a vitamin that aids in the conversion of food to energy. However, more critical to beard growers is its supportive role in producing keratin — a vital protein of skin, nails, and hair.

Studies have shown that biotin can contribute to hair growth and health. While it is logical to argue that biotin can be as effective on the development and health of facial hair, there have not been enough scientific studies to back up such claims.

However, the knowledge that biotin is essential to the creation of keratin provides a significant link to the vitamin’s positive potential for beard growth. When this assumption is combined with the relative safety of the vitamin, it is likely more beneficial to take a supplement containing it than not.

Benefits of a Topical Serum

While supplements help to nourish your beard and body from the inside, topical serums or treatments nourish it from the outside. The primary goals of topical therapies are to moisturize and clean the skin and hair follicles.

Most products moisturize and care for the skin with a combination of carrier and essential oils. Carrier oils, like jojoba and coconut oil, help hydrate dry and itchy skin and coarse beard hair. Essential oils help to feed or nourish the hair and skin with essential vitamins and minerals. 

Topical growth serums might also combine other ingredients, like caffeine, to give hair follicles a little boost. Wild Willies likes to use caffeine in its growth serum for several reasons.

bearded man grinding coffee beans

Caffeine for Beard Growth

While it might sound strange, caffeine might offer a little more than an energy boost; studies have found that caffeine can contribute to hair growth. The primary reasons for the growth are likely due to an increase in testosterone production and the limiting of DHT production.

When applied as an ingredient in a topical solution, caffeine stimulates the facial hair follicles, making them more active. This activity at a root level encourages more growth, and it can encourage activity in dormant areas of the face, resulting in a fuller and less patchy beard.

Alcohol and Beard Growth

When using a beard growth kit, especially those that include biotin as a primary ingredient in the supplement or topical treatment, it is best to avoid alcohol. Alcohol can have an adverse effect on biotin performance and absorption. 

While you can still drink casually and infrequently, for the best results, it is best to limit consumption to rare occasions, especially when on a supplement. Once you are done taking the supplement, you can resume your usual drinking habits, but it is ideal to refrain from alcohol to get the best results possible. 

Timeline for Results

To clarify, a beard growth kit does not guarantee results. Many factors contribute to the ability to grow a beard, primarily genetics. That being said, the growth kit provides a boost to your natural ability to grow a beard, and with time, it can help correct patchy or thinner spots in your beard.

As far as the timeline to see a positive outcome, many men will see results within three weeks, but others might not see anything for up to 90 days or more. There is no way to know how long or how well at all the growth products will take. 

hair follicle growth in facial hair illustration

Genetics Versus the Best Beard Growth Kit

Genetics plays an overwhelming role in your ability to grow a thick and full beard. Most likely, if your father, grandfather, or great-grandfather could grow robust beards, you can too. Unfortunately, if most of the men in your family struggle to grow a soul patch, the odds are not in your favor.

However, unlikely does not mean impossible. You will never know your real beard growing ability until you give it a try. If you want to present yourself with the best opportunity, buy a beard growth kit and use it in combination with other natural beard-boosting activities.

Complementary Ways To Boost Beard Growth

In addition to using supplements and serums, you can implement lifestyle changes to help your body naturally produce a thicker and fuller beard. First, you will want to stop any unhealthy habits, like smoking, that can stunt beard progress. Next, you will want to limit the stress you encounter because stress can lead to hair loss. Finally, find ways to incorporate the following four activities.

1. Diet

A healthy and balanced diet is the key to several biological improvements, but a healthy diet is critical to natural hair growth for beard growers. A healthy hair diet should include proteins, complex carbohydrates, and plenty of sources of D and B vitamins. The main B vitamins to focus on are thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folate, and cobalamin. It is often best to consume B vitamins from food sources, such as:

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Beans and legumes
  • Poultry
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains

2. Exercise

In addition to using a beard growth kit, be sure to get plenty of exercise. The best form of exercise for hair growth is cardio and aerobic activity. Cardio exercise can boost testosterone production, which is the primary hormone needed for facial hair growth. Exercise also helps to promote good circulation, which is also required for healthy hair development.

3. Sleep

Quality sleep is something most people are deprived of today. Unfortunately, lacking sleep can result in high levels of stress, resulting in hair loss. Most adults require between seven and nine hours of restful sleep. During those hours, your body can replenish testosterone levels to benefit facial hair growth further. The body is also able to destress.

4. Mindfulness

Reducing stress is paramount to successful beard growth. If you are too stressed, your body promotes excessive amounts of cortisol. Cortisol can accelerate the degradation of skin cells and alter the cyclical cycle of hair follicle regulation. Both consequences of cortisol make it exceedingly more challenging to grow a beard.

Mindfulness is a lifestyle of learning to cope with the immediate stressors in your life. With practice and the implementation of several strategies, it is possible to minimize or eliminate the overproduction of cortisol in the system.

Potential Side Effects

Wild Willies is not aware of any harmful or adverse effects from using its beard growth kit. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in either the supplement or serum, do not use it. Additionally, before taking any dietary supplement, it is best to speak with your primary care physician.

Is a Beard Growth Kit Right for You?

How long have you been trying to grow a beard? What has stopped you in the past? If your beard issues are related to patchiness or coarseness, a beard growth kit can be the solution for you. If you are just starting to grow out a beard, the kit is also beneficial. While the kit is not a guarantee for success, the products included provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy and robust beard.

While there are many kits available, there are only a few that are worth your money. The best beard growth kit, hands down, is the kit produced and sold by Wild Willies. Head on over and pick up the only kit you will ever need.







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