What Does Beard Balm Do? Why She Can’t Stop Staring

What Does Beard Balm Do? Why She Can’t Stop Staring

Bubba Stacy
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In the past few years, it seems like beards have become the epitome of men’s fashion. They’re everywhere…

Regardless of the season, men across the country can be spotted sporting rugged-but-ruly stubble or long, curled beards that lend a whole new look to their faces.

But this surge in beards has brought on a flood of facial-hair products into the market.

This is great if you’re already an expert on beard grooming. But it can be a frustrating challenge for the guy who hasn’t done his homework.

Well, don’t worry. We took some advice from the beard shaping experts and figured out how they keep all eyes on them and their beards.

Introducing beard balm: A sometimes-unknown gem and an extremely useful tool.

What Is It?

So what does beard balm do? And what exactly is it?

Simply put, the purpose of beard balm is to smooth beard hair and keep it soft throughout the day. It’s a thicker, almost paste-like product that basically serves as a leave-in conditioner.

Once it’s been applied, beard balm works to achieve several distinct and important goals, including:

  • Maintaining proper moisture
  • Softening beard hair
  • Boosting beard growth
  • Making styling easier

Each of these benefits is necessary for filling out hair follicles and making your beard look fuller and more impressive, providing a good foundation for growing the best beard you can.

Picking the Right Beard Balm

Because of the explosion in beard products available, there seems to be an endless supply of options and virtually no way to find out which products are best for you and your beard.

But as is the case with any health and style product on the market, there are some that are just simply better than others.

Many beard balms share a number of natural ingredients like beeswax, which is used to seal in moisture, and shea butter, for softening and soothing hair and the skin beneath. But even though the two ingredients are extremely different in their formulas, you can’t go wrong with either one.

As a rule of thumb from this point forward, any time you’re applying a product to your skin or beard, it’s best to go with one made mostly of natural ingredients. These formulas are effective but gentler on the skin overall and less likely to cause irritation.

The Purpose of Beard Balm

A good, mellow balm is perhaps the most beneficial beard care product you can find. Each application offers unbeatable advantages for you and your growing beard, such as:

  • Providing an extra layer of protection against outdoor debris
  • Preventing beard dandruff
  • Keeping itchiness to a minimum
  • Preserving beard softness and overall health
  • Boosting beard volume for a bigger, more impressive look

So if you want enough confidence in your beard to approach the lucky lady who’s been eyeing you from across the bar without her mentally making fun of your beard—or maybe you’re just after the biggest, best, most impressive version of your beard—then a bit of balm is simply unbeatable.

When To Start Using Beard Balm

Beards of any length and texture need a bit of TLC to grow healthy and strong. So the moment you decide to grow a beard is the moment you should begin using beard care products.

Even short, stubbly growth begins to dry out the skin beneath and accumulate oil and dust right away.


Beard balm nourishes hair during the early growth phases, ensuring your beard grows strong, stays smooth and is easier to style in the long run.

You may not need much at first, but we still recommend you use it right from the beginning.

How Often To Use Beard Balm

Unlike your beard shampoos and conditioners, a good, gentle beard balm can be applied every single day.

When you grow a beard, your sebaceous glands start to struggle, meaning you have less natural moisture (your skin’s natural oils) to go around. Beard balm helps to remedy this issue by providing and sealing in the proper moisture levels for your beard.

Using the product every day ensures you get the full benefits of your chosen product and that your beard doesn’t suffer from itchiness, split ends or other issues caused by dryness.

For the best results, apply the balm when your skin and beard are still somewhat damp, like right after you get out of the shower or wash your face.

How To Use Beard Balm

Men everywhere will be relieved to know that applying beard balm is even easier than using simple hair gel. And it can be done in a matter of minutes with five simple tricks:

  1. While your skin is still damp from the shower, scrape a small amount of balm from the container with the back of your thumbnail and work it between your fingers.
  2. Then, spread it slowly through your beard, working from root to tip and being sure every area gets a decent amount of balm.
  3. If you need more balm, feel free to use more. It won’t hurt a thing.
  4. Not all beards are the same length, and some won’t require anything more than a dab. But others might need 3 or 4 dabs throughout the process.
  5. When you’re all done, comb and style your beard and simply go about your day as planned.

Keep Striving To Be Your Best

Sometimes, it takes a little work for a man to look his best. It can feel like a chore sometimes, but it’s always worth it. Never settle!

Using beard balm is a great start for guys looking to rock the beard they love. Finding the right products for the job is half the battle. Get your Wild Willies Beard Butter today, nurture that beard to perfection, and keep learning more about your beard at Wild-Willies.com.

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