Viking Beard Styles: The Do's and Don'ts

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Viking beard styles are a popular style for beards, but how much do they actually resemble Vikings? Vikings certainly wore beards, and the beard was an essential part of their aesthetic. The Vikings also used beards as a way to keep their faces warm on farms and battlefields. But what did Vikings really look like, and how can you grow your own Viking-style beard?

What is a Viking Beard Style?

The Viking beard style first originated in Scandinavia, and the beards were grown to make Vikings look like courageous warriors. These well-kept beauties aren't something for the faint of heart. It takes a genuine commitment to developing one. There are also many different styles of Viking beards. 

How do I get a Viking beard?

A Viking beard is not just a beard. These bad boys can range in length, but to get a Viking beard, you'll need to grow your stubble for at least 6 weeks. This will allow it to become long, thick, and curly. The Viking style requires little upkeep compared to other types like the goatee or mutton chops that need shorter stubble and near-daily shaving (quite often frowned upon by Vikings). The Vikings typically applied their own personal grooming oils.


  • Keep your beard neat and tidy.
  • Trim lightly around the chin and heavily around the cheeks.
  • Use a quality beard wash daily.
  • Apply beard oil or balm once your beard is dry. 
  • Invest in a beard grooming kit.
  • Eat foods high in Omega-3 and Omega-6, which help accelerate facial hair growth.


  • Allow your beard to get too unruly.
  • Trim your beard into hard lines.
  • Trim your beard when it's wet, as the length of your beard will be different when it's wet.
  • Use dull scissors when trimming your beard. 

Viking Beard Styles

How to grow a Viking beard?

If you have thin facial hair, you may want to either reconsider your style or check out our line of beard growth boosters. Healthy hair may be one of the most critical factors in growing a Viking beard or any beard for that matter.

If you want some more tips on facial hair growth, check out our article How To Grow A Beard - 9 Beard Growing Tips

How do you braid a Viking beard?

Step 1: Make sure the Viking beard has been growing for at least 6 weeks. Your beard needs to be at least 4 inches long before you can braid it. Apply beard oil throughout your beard. 

Step 2: Grab one of those beard combs you have lying around, and brush out all of the tangles. This will help lay the fibers of your Viking beard down against itself more efficiently. 

Step 3: Braid the Viking's beard together by dividing three equal parts of hair and lifting your left or right-hand strand section over the middle beard strand. Take the other side and pull this over the middle section as well. Complete these steps until the braid is the desired length. If the Viking's face feels uncomfortable pulling, simply release the tension and start over.

Did Vikings add beads to their beards?

Viking beard beads were a sign of power and were given as gifts to Vikings by other Vikings to show respect. They would often have their beard beads made from different materials, including wood, bone, ivory, or stone.

How long is the perfect Viking beard?

The Viking beard styles can range in length. It can take 6-13 weeks to grow it out to your desired length. This amount of time will allow it to become long, thick, and curly. The hair will grow an average of ½ inch a month if it is kept healthy.


  • Trim the ends of your beard every 2-3 weeks with the ULTIMATE BEARD GROOMING KIT
  • Maintain healthy, clean facial hair.
  • Comb or brush the beard in the direction you want it to grow. 
  • Consider the shape of your face when growing your beard. 
  • Be patient! Growing out your perfect Viking beard will take time. 


  • Shave or trim your beard too often while it is growing out. 
  • Use shampoo or conditioner intended for your head. They will damage your beard.



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Why Did Vikings Keep Beards?

Vikings had many reasons for keeping beards. Beards were needed to keep Vikings warm in the cold climates. A beard was also an essential part of the Viking aesthetic, and they often went to great lengths to groom their beards so they would look attractive.


  • Have confidence in yourself and your beard.
  • If someone is interested in growing their own Viking beard, help them out by explaining the steps, you have taken.
  • When going to an interview or meeting, be sure to clean and wax the beard for a professional appearance. 
  • A Viking beard looks best with a healthy body to go with it. Make sure to eat healthily and hit the gym to look the part. 


  • Brag too much about your Viking beard or use it as a way to look intimidating. 
  • Shave your Viking beard off, thinking it won't work for you without giving yourself 4-6 months for it to fully grow. 

Find the perfect beard style for your Viking heritage with our list of the top Viking beard styles.

The top 10 Viking Beard Styles

  • Braided Viking Beard Styles
  • Single Braid Styles
  • Double Braid Styles
  • Triple Braid Styles
  • Partial Braid Styles
  • Curly Viking Beard Styles
  • Short Viking Beard Styles
  • Medium Viking Beard Styles
  • Long Viking Beard Styles
  • Viking Warrior Beard Styles

Braided Viking Beard Style

Your beard is a work of art. A Viking beard needs to be braided and admired for its craftsmanship, personality, wisdom, and overall modern male aesthetics that would make any woman swoon with appreciation. There are many different ways you can go about getting this Viking style: one thick and lengthy braid, two or three medium braids, or maybe even small whisps of an intricate design woven in the roots of your beard. Whatever way you decide to braid it — we encourage creativity.

Braids may seem a bit feminine to you until you add a braid to a beard. Braided beards have been Viking's beard trend for a while and have started to become one of the most famous Viking styles. Braiding your Viking beard will add an extra element of style that makes it look slightly more masculine, especially when paired with facial hair such as mustaches or goatees.

Single Braid Viking Beard Style

A single braid beard creates a manly look. This beard looks like it's too hard to pull off - but I'm here to tell you that you can do it. Just put your beard in one of these hair ties, and voila! It becomes an easy way to wow your friends with this naturally symmetric style.

Double Braid Viking Beard Style

A double-braided beard was also trendy amongst Vikings. Some Vikings would even braid their beards on both sides of the face. If you are looking to create this style, long beards work best. It is best to have grown your Viking beard for at least six weeks before braiding them together.

Triple Braid Viking Beard Style

The triple braid Viking beard is an attention-getter and sure-fire conversation starter at meetings like Tinder Dating Meet-ups. 

Partial Braid Viking Beard Style

Show off your beard style without having to commit fully. The Viking partial braid is the perfect beard styling for any man who wants to take their style game up a notch. Half-braided hair gives you full fronted facial hair with half of your length neatly braided and ready to impress everyone in whatever activity, whether surfing, climbing, or business dealings.

Curly Viking Beard Style

A wild and crazy Viking beard is a sight for sore eyes. Combining grooming with personality, the curly Viking beard lets you unleash your inner mountain man in a subtle way. Not only does it look good, but this style also keeps your hair healthy without resorting to a salon visit.

Short Viking Beard Style

What's this? Well, it's your chance to finally feel like a true Viking warrior! You'll be getting all the beard benefits without having to commit to a long length. The short Viking beard is perfect for those who want that fierce power but can't deal with too much fuzz under their nose. And if you're the one using his opponent's beard against them in battle, there isn't guesswork at all. You will know precisely where their face ends, and yours begins.

Medium Viking Beard Style

If you have a medium-length beard already, you should consider a medium-length Viking beard. It is typically around chin length or slightly longer. Vikings can also opt to keep their Viking beard long enough to reach past the bottom of their belly button (a very rare Viking style).

Long Viking Beard Style

This goes great if you have short or long hair. If you have long and thick hair on your face, you should consider the long Viking beard style. A long beard can be more of a challenge to grow out, but the end result will always be worth it. 

Viking Warrior Beard Style

The Viking warrior is a trendy style of a bearded man. In order to achieve this look, you will want the hair on your face to be thick and complete, but not too long that it reaches past your chin or jawline. The warrior beard style is similar to the long Viking beard in that it can take several months for your facial hair to grow out.

Choose a Viking Beard Style and Start Growing it Now!

Viking beards have been around for a long time. But the beard first originated in Scandinavia, and was grown to make Vikings look like courageous warriors. These well-kept beauties aren't something for the faint of heart. It takes a true commitment to develop one! There are also many different styles of Viking beards that you can try out. If you want a little help check out our kit below that will help your beard grow into its full potential over time. If you're looking for an excuse to grow your viking beard this year or just want some new things on hand while tending to it - we've got you covered.

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