The Top 5 Beards For A Young Man

Stephen Bradeen
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There are several beard styles for a young man, but not all of them will suit his face. Beards have a tendency to make you look older by about 10 years, so see to it that yours fits your face if you do choose to grow one.

Here is the list of the best beards for a young man.

Top 5 Beards For A Young Man

Beards have been used for almost 10,000 years. To keep warm in caves, cavemen utilized them.

Beards have been fashionable since the beginning, and they come in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors. While beards may make a guy appear more distinguished and give him an air of mystery, they also tend to add authority to a man's appearance.

But, beards have REALLY come back into fashion in recent years and they are a great way to give a young man a mature look.

Young Man Beard #1 - The Short Beard Without A Mustache

The short beard style is quite straightforward to apply. Simply shave your entire face and wait a few days for the desired beard length to grow out. Maintain the correct length by trimming with a beard trimmer once your beard has reached the required length.

All of the hairs around your Adam's apple, as well as those on the exterior of your cheeks lines, should be shaved.

Most young men are just starting to grow beards so those blessed with strong facial hair genetics will have to trim more regularly to maintain this beard style vs. baby-faced men who may test the limits of their beard growing capabilities with this beard style.

Young Man Beard #2 - The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke Beard comprises a goatee and a mustache. The name of this look is taken from the renowned 17th-century Dutch painter Anthony van Dyke.

To apply this beard style, simply let your facial hair grow until it is about an inch long. Trim the goatee and mustache down to a quarter of an inch in length. Outline the edges of the hair with the assistance of a razor.

Finally, shave off any random or unwanted hair.

A Van Dyke Beard is especially suited to young men because it is very precise and allows you to control the growth of your facial hair. Be aware that if not maintained properly this beard can look unkempt and flamboyant, so take care when applying this style.

Young Man Beard #3 - The Full Beard

With this beard style, you have to shave all the hairs lying outside the cheeks lines and let the others grow naturally. Leave the rest of your facial hair alone!

The full beard style takes time and patience. You'll almost certainly notice a variance in your beard before it reaches the intended length. It's vital to wait at least 4 weeks before cutting his beard for the first time.

If you want your beard to look good all around, we also recommend that you get it trimmed by a professional. As a result, if you're just beginning to grow a beard, you'll be able to keep it in line with the lines drawn by your barber.

Make sure to apply beard oil daily to keep your beard smelling great, looking handsome and moisturized to avoid a dry and itchy beard.

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Young Man Beard #4 - Regular Stubble With Cheek Beard

Although most beards stay near the jawline, this one style may be allowed to grow around the cheeks of young men. It's simple to maintain since it gives a stubble effect and requires little upkeep.

Grow your beard as long as possible before trimming your beard. Keep sharp edges and shave any errant hairs off your face. This look is well suited to a stylish young man and can be worn at the office.

This is a very clean and trendy beard style for a young man.

Young Man Beard #5 - The Goatee

Goatee beards are great for young men in their early 20's, but they're also popular among those who can't grow a complete beard.

Goatees have been worn by modern cultural icons like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kanye West. In cinema, a goatee has been used to symbolize a character's evolution from good to bad or young to old.

You can have a pointed beard or a circular beard style with your goatee. The important part is to make sure your mustache and chin hair come in thick. A soul patch is a bonus.

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