The most stylish beards for round faces [2021]

The most stylish beards for round faces [2021]

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Do you have a round face and want to grow a beard? If so, you'll want to learn about the most stylish beards for round faces. Depending on the extent of your round face shape, the right beard style will require more or less maintenance and grooming.

Some questions you might be I HAVE TO pick a beard style that only fits round faces? Am I FOR-EVER bound to certain beard styles now?

Of course you can wear any beard style, but there are some that work better on round faces.

The idea is that you should look for beard styles to complement your facial features, not accentuate them. You can either let your beard grow out and shape it afterward or pick one of the beard styles we listed in this article.

So, which beard style for men will you choose?

Short beard styles for round faces

Shorter beards are easier to maintain because you can reliably use an electric razor with guard-level settings.

As such, we recommend short beards if you want a beard but either don't have the time or facial hair growth.

Classic goatee

The classic goatee is shaped by a rectangle that is wider at the bottom. It has two corners for your moustache area and your chin.

To achieve this look, make sure your neck is completely shaven and your moustache area is neatly trimmed.

If you want to try this style, just let your beard grow for a few weeks then shave the beard hair off your cheeks and upper lip.

You can also play around with different mustache styles for an interesting effect.

Chin strap

The chin strap beard style is perfect for round faces because it slims the face down.

Although it is on the lower end of stylish beards for round faces, it’s very easy to maintain, which is a plus for busy guys.

A chin strap is a short beard that has no moustache area. It’s suitably named because it looks like you strap the hair to your chin.

Remember to keep your beard short. A bushy chin strap looks plain wrong.

Balbo beard

The balbo is a goatee, but with hair grown out along the jawline.

The chin area contrasts with features in the lower part of your face, which takes their attention away from your round face length.

As for the moustache, you can go for the classic “chevron” style or curl the sides upwards.



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This beard style works for men with an oval face as well.


Stubble is a good beard style for round faces, especially if you want to sport a natural look.

Be careful with the stubble beard style because you might appear like you've just rolled out of bed.

Of all the facial hair styles covered in this article, stubble is the easiest to maintain.

Medium beard styles for round faces

Facial hair styles for men with round faces usually require a slightly longer beard to look good, especially for men with an oval-shaped face.

Invest in beard oil, soap, and a brush to ensure your beard stays healthy while you add length to your beard. Beard oil will keep your facial hairs properly moisturized.

Keeping your beard neat requires a combination of both grooming products and equipment.

Stray hairs in your beard can often be dealt with by using beard balm, especially for those who have a longer beard.

Boxed beard

The short boxed beard works to add hard lines to the round shape of your face.

Given its shorter length (without cheek hair), it’s an excellent style for men with round faces.

Think of it as a bushy goatee.

Van dyke beard

The van dyke beard style is created with a rectangle that is wider at the chin, tapering off toward the cheekbones. The moustache area is as wide or slightly wider than the chin area.

The van dyke beard will draw attention to your stylish mustache and away from your weak jawline.

Ducktail beard

The ducktail beard is an interesting facial hair style and one that is suited to men with a round face.

You can't just let your beard grow until it looks like the ducktail and expect it to look good. You'll have to trim your facial hair regularly .

To get the ducktail effect, you will need the help of clippers. The moustache area should be folded into a point, like the tail of a duck.

Garibaldi beard

The garibaldi beard style is designed to make you appear more masculine. They're perfect for men with a round face, and they can also disguise your double chin.

The Garibaldi beard style looks like an elongated triangle. The moustache area extends below the mouth and covers the upper lip.

Long beard styles for round faces

Some of the best beard styles EVER belong in the long beard style category.

Men with round face shapes who have the ability to grow a long beard can completely hide their chin and appear much more masculine.

Our favorite long beard types are:

Bandholz beard

A good bandholz beard style balances out the roundness of your face.

This moustache-beard style offers an alternative to the more traditional styles and was popularized by beard expert Eric Bandholz.

The mustache should be groomed to ensure that the hair does not cover up the upper lip, and must seamlessly blend into the beard, but it is important to allow all other portions of the beard to grow freely.

The yeard

The yeard hides even the most circular facial shape.

Every one who grows their beard for twelve months without shaving or trimming it is said to have completed a yeard.

After one year of growth you'll be left with a mighty full beard that you can then trim and style any way you want. That is... if you can get there.

Stylish beards for round faces summary

Any one of the beard styles above will bring out the best in your round face.

If you are looking for help choosing beard products, start with these easy to use and affordable kits:



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