Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck

Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck

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Summer date ideas set you up for so many things with a lady. The great ones can get you invited in for a nightcap while bad dates can mean a door too quickly shut in your face. If you want to sweep your woman off her feet, stay away from boring date ideas. Go for something creative and romantic. Don't worry about the heavy lifting, we have it covered! Here are some unique date ideas that can help you make the most of every second with your lady.

Summer Date Ideas To Woo Your Lady

1. Visit the Off-Beat Parts of Town

Visit the Off-Beat Parts of Town | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

Does your town have an artists’ district or uncanny areas of interest? It’s time to go on an adventure with your date even if it’s just one or two train rides away.

2. Go on a Brewery Tour

Do you and your date share a special passion for craft beer? Going to a local brewery is the best. Also, if she's into beers, she's a keeper.

3. Spend an Evening in a Museum

Just because you’ve got a beard doesn’t mean you’re a savage. Take her to a museum and enjoy the arts for the night. Maybe your interpretation of a Picasso will color her perception of you into hotter tones.

Tip: Go over the top by making your beard both curly and straight like Picasso's Head of Bearded Man. You'll need a beard butter balm to style it up.

4. Take A Hike Near A River

Hiking might be dangerous if your bodies aren’t conditioned for the summer heat. Instead of going to hot, open places why not hike beside a river? The wind coming from the currents will surely cool you both while you’re getting a dose of the great outdoors.

5. Eat Out at a Food Market

Eating the best local food in your town’s food market is always a great idea. Mind your beard though and make sure to bring a wipe to keep it clean. No one wants to see left-overs on your beard right?

6. Do Volunteer Work

Do Volunteer Work | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

If the girl you’re eyeing is into social causes, invite her to volunteer at her favorite non-profit organization. Show her you look like a bad-ass with a heart of gold. If she doesn't have a favorite organization, show your caring side for animals at a shelter!

7. Play Truth or Shot

Nothing quite helps you loosen up and get to know someone a little better than alcohol. Make a drinking session a little more interesting by playing a version of Truth or Dare. But instead of each person doing silly commands when they refuse to answer a question, they drink a shot instead.

8. Grill and Eat Dinner in your Backyard

Grill and Eat Dinner in your Backyard | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

A barbecue party is another quintessential summer tradition. Lay out the meats, dish out the salads, and grill for her. Set up your backyard to amp up the romance with a few glowing candles.

9. Go to Speakeasies in your City

Bearded men and hidden places is a recipe for intrigue. It only sounds silly but it will totally surprise her if you take her to these hidden bars where they serve special alcohol mixes sure to titillate her taste buds.

10. Take a Cooking Class

Take a Cooking Class | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

If the summer heat is not her thing, stay indoors and share a cooking class. Cooking can be sexy especially if you know what you’re doing. Learning how to cook won’t hurt your chances with this date or the next one where you’ll be cooking for her in your own kitchen.

11. Watch a Band You Both Love

Taking her out to a concert is a good idea but be sure you’re tuned in on what her favorite band is. Watch the band you both like and not something you only think is cool.

12. Play Board Games

Board games are getting interesting again. If it's too hot outside, you can just go for one and see where the dice and the rules take you two.

13. Find a Barcade

If she’s into some competitive gaming, a round of Street Fighter or Tekken won’t hurt. The only thing that’ll hurt is your bruised ego if she kicks your ass.

14. Drink in a Beer Garden

A cold beer is a comfort on a hot night. It’s especially good if you’re with a lady you like and you’ve ordered some chow you both dig.

15. Go on a Picnic

Go on a Picnic | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

A picnic doesn’t suck if you both like nature and you know how to cook. Who knows what magic can happen if you lay out the picnic mat and you bring some mirth aside from your handsome mug.

16. Watch your Local Team Play

Hey, women enjoy sports too so if your lady loves the local team, it’s time to watch them when they’re playing at home.

17. Take Each Other Kayaking

It’s time to take out the paddles and explore the lakes or the rivers in your area. Don't forget the sunscreen and bug spray!

18. Camp out Under the Stars

Camp out Under the Stars | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

There’s nothing quite like a deep, meaningful conversation with some s'mores. Download a star chart to learn constellation names together.

19. Go Bouldering in an Indoor Climbing Gym

Going on an actual climb may be too dangerous if the two of you aren’t veteran mountaineers. That being said, there are gyms expressly made for wall climbing. It’s time to test your endurance and scale a wall together.

20. Ride Go Carts

If the two of you have the need for speed, you can always go to the track and ride some carts. You can go on a race and bet something to make things exciting like the loser will treat the winner on your next date.

21. Go to the Fair

It’s time to buy her cotton candy and win her a ginormous bear in the shooting gallery. It doesn’t suck if you manage to shoot all the ducks or lay the hammer down so hard the bell rings loudly.

22. Go to a Farm for Some Fruit Picking

Don’t think you’re a sissy if you take your girl to pick some strawberries in a local farm. It's a great idea if you can bring some chocolate dip to add something extra to the fruits.

23. Go Jet Skiing

Go Jet Skiing | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

What’s not cool about jet skiing? You take water and combine it with speed and you get fun. If it is your first time to jet ski (or your girlfriend), the basic tip is to keep it straight! Don't stare on the handlebars (which usually happens to first-time jet skiers), keep your head up, and look straight.

24. Break out of an Escape Room

It's quite a manly feat to escape from a dire situation. Take your date to an escape room and work together to solve the puzzles. Show her you can flex your brain as well as your muscles and you'll be a winner in her eyes.

25. Take the Car Keys and Let Your Sense of Wonder Take Over

Test Drive a Testarossa | Summer Date Ideas That Don't Suck | summer indoor date ideas

Sometimes, you just need to let loose, drop all plans, and drive where your sense of adventure takes you.

Aside from these summer date ideas that don’t suck, you can also take your girl on a beard product shopping spree like the guy in the BeardTube did:

These low-cost summer ideas can be creative summer date ideas if you bring the right attitude and your sense of humor. Any date becomes a great one if you make her laugh and smile. Summer indoor date ideas can be as hot as the weather outside if you play it right. So be your natural self and bring all your hirsute (but groomed and fragrant) glory to the occasion and impress your date.

Which summer date ideas are you going to try? Tell us all about your plans in the comments section.


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