Should I Trim My Beard Today?

Should I Trim My Beard Today?

Bubba Stacy
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Is today the day? After a month or more of full-speed beard growth, you may wake up one day and think, “Should I trim my beard?”

The signs that it’s time might be right in the mirror. So Wild Willies is here with our beard-trimming calendar and our expert tips on how to trim and shape your beard like a pro.

The short answer is typically every six to eight weeks. But this isn’t true for everyone…

For a more in-depth schedule, channel your inner barber and let us help you visualize the beard of your dreams before you break out the clippers.

Choose Your Beard

Knowing how often to trim a beard requires knowing your own sense of style. Here are some of the most common full beard styles.

Of course, these are just a few… Make sure to pick the look that best suits you.

Traditional Full Beard

The beard of your fathers. Also known as a natural beard, this stand-out beard style lets your genes dictate the look. Simply trim flyaways and unusual edges and let nature run its course.

Corporate Style

Sleek, professional and no-nonsense, the corporate beard never strays from a length of about two months of growth.

This style takes a good deal more maintenance but gives you a cleaner appearance without settling for a clean-shaved look.


A full year’s worth of beard growth earns you a Yeard. This trending look is typically fuller than the traditional beard.

Most beard-owners still trim up their Yeard every few months, but in general you should just let it go.

Signs That It’s Time To Trim

The first commandment in growing a full beard is to wait at least a month before reaching for any scissors or trimming tools. Otherwise you may find yourself clipping and shaving until your face is bald once again.

If you’re used to growing much patchier facial hair, then wait at least two more weeks.

Now that you’ve reached the end of your untouched growth, how often should you trim your beard?

Use our beard-trimming calendar for a rough guide on when to clip those flyaways and keep your beard looking on-point.

The Beard-Trimming Calendar

One Month In

After a month, it’s time to evaluate your beard-trimming goals.

If you’re going for a scruffy look or a short, manicured beard, you’re probably going to be reaching for your clippers now, and again at least once every month. But of course the answer depends on the length and shape you’re going for.

A full beard doesn’t need as much maintenance. But don’t be fooled into letting it grow wild. Even a lifelong ZZ Top-style beard still needs a trim every once in a while. Use your trimming tool every six to eight weeks to maintain your look and keep the heads turning.

The 3-Month Trim

For the longer, fuller look, the best time to trim beard hair is about three months in.

The first few months may be patchy or seem uneven, but the three-month mark is when most guys realize they even have unbalanced hair growth.

This is a totally normal part of beard growth, but it’s not the most attractive look. Use these shaping tips to cure those flyaways and create the look you’re going for.

Shaping Like a Pro

  1. Only after a month of untouched growth and daily beard care and brushing is it time to pull out your shaping tools.
  2. The key to pain-free trimming is investing in the right gear and working with patience. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money on quality beard care, but you do need quality beard care tools and products for a professional look.
  3. A razor and shaping tool are a great combo for creating the cheek and neck lines you’re going for. Nothing is going to shave as close as a good razor, so use your shaping tool to achieve a smooth, consistent line on both sides of your face.

Scissors vs. Trimmers

“What should I trim my beard with?” The answer to this question depends on your style. For most guys, a quality razor, shaping tool and pair of scissors will do the trick. But keep in mind that trimmers do a great job of creating accurate lines in less time.

Use scissors when you’re first starting out. If necessary, you can clip your stray hairs one by one, which is far more accurate than you’ll ever be with a trimmer. Scissors work well when you’re going slow, so they’re more forgiving on first-time shapers.

Once you have some experience under your belt, try out an electric trimmer. These powerful tools can take a lot of time and energy out of trimming.

If you’re not careful though, they can cut off more than you were planning. Don’t let a wild trimmer take you back to your former baby-faced self.

Gear Up for a Comfortable Trim

Now that you know the answer to the common question, “Should I trim my beard?” it’s time to prepare for your next trim. Start your beard care routine today and keep it brushed and groomed until it’s time for a trim. Get The Edge at Wild Willies today to prepare for a hassle-free trimming session and a healthy, happy beard.

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