Save Money and Perfect Your Beard Neckline At Home

Bubba Stacy
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I never thought I’d say it, but my beard was actually costing me money…

Every 2-3 weeks, it was $12 at the barbershop. Money I could’ve used for date night or even just saved.

And I didn’t even realize how much it was costing me until my car needed work. I started looking into where I could cut back and realized I could’ve been saving hundreds every year.

After just one phone call to my buddy who used to be my old barber, I learned how to trim a beard neckline like the pros without ever having to leave the house, and I started putting that money toward things I actually wanted to do like working on my car.

All it took was a few extra steps in my grooming routine that you could start using today…

Trim Your Neckline Like A Pro

But before I get to the barber’s advice, it’s important to realize just how essential the neckline is to a beard’s overall appearance.

Arguably one of the most important parts of maintaining a great looking beard is keeping your neckbeard under control.

A neckline that isn’t lined up can start looking messy fast. If you’re one of those guys who can grow beards like your front lawn grows weeds, then you know all about how quickly you can go from looking like a bearded James Bond to a razorless Grizzly Adams. (Practically overnight!)

But learning how to trim a beard neckline is a straightforward process. And a good-looking neckline is nothing more than a matter of finding the right endpoint for your beard and getting a nice fade down from the longer areas. The length and style of your beard don’t really matter.

The following tips are here to break things down so you can learn how to shape a beard neckline like a pro without having to drive to the pros. Here’s what my old barber told me…

Finding The Right Neckline

Consistency in where you shave is one of the most important parts of how to trim a beard neckline and keeping your beard healthy.

The first step is identifying exactly where you want your beard’s neckline to start. A good rule of thumb is to start the edge of your neckline at about two finger spaces above your Adam's apple. You should try to make a nice, curved line starting from each ear and ending evenly at the middle point.

Once you've established your neckline, it should be easier to maintain it as you get in the habit of shaving it regularly.

Trim The Right Way

Even if you're growing your beard out, you want to keep trimming your neckline so it doesn't get out of control. It’ll look like you’ve got the jawline of a Hollywood actor, and it’ll take practically no time at all with these 6 tips:

  1. You can use the same setting on your clippers to shave your neckline periodically and keep it shorter than the rest of your beard.
  2. Plan on trimming regularly to keep your beard looking groomed no matter how long or short you want the rest to be.
  3. Finish up by buzzing off all the remaining hairs from below your neckline all the way down to where your chest hair begins. Keeping this area clean-shaven generally helps make your whole appearance look cleaner.
  4. REMEMBER: You don't want your neckline to dip too low. But you also need to make sure it doesn't start too high up either.
  5. Be careful that you don't start shaving the hair above your jawline too short or your beard might not look right on your face.
  6. You should also make sure that you keep your chin angled up to avoid the natural folds and wrinkles of your skin that cause nicks and cuts when you’re shaving.

Creating A Fade

If you want to take your beard to the next level, you can add a fade. Not only does it make you look like you really know what you're doing, but it’s easy too.

All you need to do is keep your neckline in mind. Divide the space between your full beard and the end of your neckline in half and use a shorter setting on your clippers to shave the lower half of your neckline.

This creates a gradient with at least three seamless layers:

  1. The longest hair being your normal beard.
  2. Shorter hair marking about the first half of your neckline.
  3. A nice fade of very short hair for the second half of the neckline.

It can give you more a professionally trimmed appearance as well as making your neckline seem more seamless.

When asking yourself how to shape a beard neckline, try experimenting with the fade and use it to create the right neckline shape that best fits your face.

Considering Lengths and Style

Of course, the opinion of what kind of beard is the best looking depends entirely on your own personal taste and style.

While the fade might be especially important for shorter beards, it can be a nice touch for longer beards too.

You may need to adjust how far down your fade is or where the swoop of your neckline falls to better fit your particular beard style. Different face shapes can look better with different nuances in the beard’s shape.

Keeping Your Beard Healthy

Using the right tools and products can help keep your beard grow healthier while making the maintenance of its appearance a lot less work for you.

You can use a razor to create the same kind of style by tweaking the above steps a little, but using clippers for your neckbeard can make your shave a lot quicker and more precise.

Beard oils and other products can also be helpful to maintain the body and shape of your beard as well as the skin underneath.

Become Your Own Beard Barber

Figuring out which techniques work best for you shouldn't take long. And once you figure out where the endpoint of your beard should be, you can start trimming it regularly to maintain a short, well-groomed neckline that doesn’t distract from the rest of your beautiful, big beard.

So stop wasting money on something you could be doing yourself and doing well. Let Wild Willies help you learn everything there is to know to become your own beard barber and get all the tools you need to start maintaining your neckline today.

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