The top 12 mustache styles that are popular in 2021

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The mustache has been around for centuries, and many people associate it with a time where men were tough, rugged, and rebellious. Mustache styles have significantly varied throughout history. The mustache has been used by many different groups to express their identity, beliefs, and culture. Are you ready to express yours?

Growing a mustache requires a commitment. You may never know your upper lip's full potential unless you give it some time, but once you wear your mustache proud, you will become different than the man you are now.

Are Moustaches in Style 2021?

Yes, mustache styles are in style. Although they are not as popular as they once were in the '80s. Back then, it seemed like every man had them. Wearing a mustache in 2021 still shows some originality to your personality and style.

The mustache made its comeback thanks to Movember. Movember is a mustache-growing event that takes place every November. It started getting popular as a men's cancer awareness trend, and some men loved their stache so much they decided to keep it year-round.

What is the best type of mustache?

The best mustache type for you depends greatly on your genetics and ability to grow it.

Various polls have been taken by women on the subject of men's facial hair, but they all agree that if you have gaps of hair growth on your upper lip, you may want to reconsider a mustache and try growing a goatee mutton chops or a full beard instead.

If you want to find a lady that has great taste and loves you in a stache, she may be a bit harder to find. What we do know is that if you are looking for a lady friend, you may want to consider growing a full beard or at least some chin hair with it. Studies show that less than 5% of women prefer the stache alone while more than 50% think a man with facial hair is more manly.

There are many mustache styles, and the one you choose is up to your personal preference. Here we will cover some of the most famous mustache types that men like in 2021. Mustache popularity has changed throughout time, but currently, it's a toss-up for which one is the best.

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How do I style my mustache?

If you have a mustache that isn't styled, style it by brushing it up and to the sides with mustache wax. After doing so, use a mustache comb to take out any knots in the mustache. Next, brush it down and back with a mustache comb for a complete hold.

Lastly, use a mustache shape product or butter to give your mustache shape and definition before going out into public. Either of these should help you achieve an excellent mustache look!

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Do girls like mustaches?

The majority of women are not mustache lovers. That being said, who wants to date a girl that doesn't love his stache!

Polls show that less than 5% of women prefer a mustache over other facial hairstyles but don't forget that more than 50% of women prefer some facial hair over a clean-shaven face.

Mustache Styles

Can I pull off a mustache?

Yes! Many men are pulling off mustaches these days because of all of the different mustache styles. Every man has their own mustache type and personal preference; we can't say for sure what will be popular at this time next year, but here are some of our top mustache types:

Here is a list of the top 12 mustache styles for 2021

  • Handlebar Mustache
  • Chevron Mustache
  • Pencil Mustache
  • Natural Mustache
  • Petite Handlebar Mustache
  • Horseshoe Mustache
  • Full Mustache
  • English Mustache
  • Lampshade Mustache
  • Walrus Mustache
  • Fu Manchu Mustache
  • Toothbrush Mustache

The best mustache styles for you in 2021.

1 Handlebar Mustache

A standard handlebar mustache is characterized by a mustache that begins on the corners of the mouth and curls upward toward the cheekbones without ever touching them. The name comes from its similarity to bicycle handlebars. One imagines an old-timey cyclist with his mustache flapping in the breeze. Check out Johnny Depp's handlebar mustache when he played Mortdecai.

2 Chevron Mustache

Classic, vintage style mustaches are back, and you're looking at the original! We've got the real deal here with the Chevron Mustache. But don't be fooled by its simplicity; this thick mustache is an indispensable addition to your upper lip. It has a signature shape that makes it perfect for any outfit or occasion; you can rock this baby without hesitation. This style was made famous by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.

3 Pencil Mustache

If you want just a little hair on your top lip, you may want to consider the pencil mustache style. If you're going to look like a distinguished gentleman from the 1940s, this is your must-have accessory. Inspired by Clark Gable, the pencil mustache puts power, elegance, and humor into your upper lip.

Mustache Styles

4 Natural Mustache

The Natural Mustache is the classiest of all mustaches. If you are young, brave, or happen to have some inkling about how your facial hair grows, this one has the most freedom for expression. More natural than a Walrus and less crafty than Clark Gable's mustache, the Natural Moustache lets you be who you are, only more so. Sculpted by nature over multi-generational genetics, this stache will never go out of style with men who know how to rock it with self-assurance; the depth of character conveyed in just a few inches of facial hair is unmatched.

5 Petite Handlebar Mustache

One of the mustache styles that has been popular in recent years is the handlebar mustache, but it's not for everyone. Sometimes a mustache can look too big or out of place on someone's face. If you are looking for a distinct look that isn't too large, check out the little brother of mustaches, the little handlebar mustache.


6 Horseshoe Mustache

The modern horseshoe mustache is a timeless look that will never go out of style. A classic way to show your appreciation for the Wild West with a touch of Yankee flair, this popular facial hair look offers you the best of both worlds in mustache fashion. If you're looking for an expressive and all-around badass mustache style, it's time to get yours today! Hulk Hogan is still rocking his!

7 Full Mustache

This stache is for people who are looking for a traditional mustache with some added flair. The name says it all - the Full Mustache! You'll be able to show off your mustache in its most complete form, and, of course, it still leaves room on the chin area if you need to accommodate beard growth. Wouldn't want that perfectly groomed jawline to go to waste now, would we?

8 English Mustache

The English mustache is a style popularized by the 19th century, and it's still around today. It has Mustache whiskers with pointed ends, and they're pulled to one side of the face.

9 Lampshade Mustache

Not to be confused with a mustache lampshade, this stache is trimmed to a specific shape with sharp edges and pointy tips. It resembles the precision of a perfectly cut lampshade. It has a shorter length compared to the walrus or chevron, but it looks better kept.

10 Walrus Mustache

The Walrus mustache style is ideal for making stodgy people feel like they're hip. Made famous by mustache legends like Robert Johansson, this bushy mustache hair is dangling deliciously over your mouth, which will bring you plenty of tongue-in-cheek attention. 

Sick of being told what to do? Do you know who will listen to you if you have yet another pathetic excuse for facial hair? No one. Get with the program and put some whiskers on that mushy face and grow a full walrus!

11 Fu Manchu Mustache

This classic mustache style is perfect for any time, any place. Whether you just want to be your authentic self or mockingly imitate an old-timey villain, this Fu Manchu Mustache will get the job done! This one starts below your nose and stretches past your chin. Imagine having one of these on your face. It may take a bit longer to grow, but it is well worth it. Make sure you don't have any stray hairs with this one, though.

12 Toothbrush Mustache

Your teeth will never feel so fresh and clean! Haha, just kidding. The toothbrush mustache style is named after its appearance, not its functionality. The only thing left with this style of mustache is the center. One way to trim it is to line up your toothbrush to the center of your nose as an outline. If you are going to give this style a try, make sure to go for the funny Charlie Chaplin look, so you don't look too much like Hitler.

Make Sure To Groom Your Mustache Properly

No matter what style of mustache you're rocking, there's one thing that all mustaches have in common. Whether it be a 'Chevron' or a 'Fu Manchu,' they all need some TLC and shaping help to keep them looking sharp! If your facial hair feels dry and brittle, our Beard Butter will give it the moisture boost it needs for healthy growth. It also helMustacheitchiness by moisturizing skin underneath the hair too...try out our Beard Butter today and see how soft those bristles become and how great it looks after just one application.

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