Most Popular Beard Styles For Men: Top Beard Styles of 2020

Most Popular Beard Styles For Men: Top Beard Styles of 2020

Bubba Stacy
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Whatever your type of beard or face shape, there are always different beard styles to choose from.  Here are the 5 most popular beard styles for men and how to achieve them.

Most Popular Beard Styles - Full Beard Styles

1. The Short Stubble.

An uber-cool style statement. A perfect choice if you’re looking to add some ruggedness to your look, want your jaws to look stronger or you tend to always struggle with full beard styles.

How to Achieve and Maintain.

Most Popular Short Beard Styles

2. The Short Beard.

An extension of the short stubble and an office-friendly alternative if you’ve got a boss who hates long beard styles. Also, a great option if you’re after short beard styles that you can go as casual as you like with.

How to Achieve and Maintain.

  • Round-faced? Slightly reduce the length at the sides for an elongated look.
  • Double-chinned? Disguise it by taking down your beard to your Adam’s Apple.
  • Still in doubt? Go to your barber for your next trim and keep the shape up at home.
  • Keep your beard at its best with gentle beard oil. Spread throughout your beard with a natural bristle brush.

Most Popular Full Beard Styles

3. The Full Beard.

It might be one of the hardest-to-rock beard styles for men but it gives you something to stroke when the dog is away. Can’t grow a full beard but got full and thick facial hair? This is among the most popular beard styles and worth your time and patience.

How to Achieve and Maintain.

  • Grow your beard to a comfortable length. A good moisturizer is ideal for making this growth process itch-free.
  • Using beard oil, keep your beard conditioned and shiny. Reduce tangles and distribute the beard oil using a beard brush.
  • Have your barber shape your beard to your preference and follow up at home.

Most Popular Beard Styles - The Extended Goatee

4. The Extended Goatee.

A full beard without the sideburns. One of the 2020 beard styles that’s big on style and short on effort. It’s among the most popular beard styles as it appeals to intellectuals or rockstars that like some edge to their style.

How to Achieve and Maintain.

  • Allow your beard to grow to a comfortable length.
  • To know where your goatee should end and maintain your beard's length, use your jawline as a guide and trim down whiskers with a trimmer.
  • Using a razor and shave lube, keep the skin around your goatee clean-shaven.

Different Beard Styles to Try

5. The Beardstache.

A beard and mustache combo. It’s perfect if you can grow a decent 'stache'. If you're also looking for different beard styles to try out because you have patchy beard growth, here’s a winner.

How to Achieve and Maintain.

  • Go for a shorter look by allowing the stubble around your upper lip to grow longer for about 10 days or grow it out fully.
  • Keep the hair around your cheeks and chin at an extended stubble length by using a beard trimmer.
  • Keep your 'stache’ tangle-free with the help of a good brush.

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