How To Trim A Mustache In 17 Easy Steps

How To Trim A Mustache In 17 Easy Steps

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Know how to properly trim a mustache with these easy-to-follow steps.

How to Trim a Mustache for That Gentlemanly Look


Trimming a Mustache

You may be the handsomest devil in town, but if you don't know how to trim a mustache, you might as well dumpster-dive for a living. Mustache trimming is a sublime art. A well-groomed mustache and beard impress anyone who gazes upon them. It separates the gentlemen from the winos. Today, we’ll learn how to shape a mustache in 17 steps.

A Step-By-Step Guide for the Perfect Mustache Length

What You’ll Need

  • A long comb with fine teeth
  • Beard trimming scissors
  • A mirror
  • Beard wax


  1. Trimming a beard is easier than combing a mustache. It’s easy to hide cuts in a beard, but the cuts you make in a mustache are prominent and not that easy to fix. That’s why it’s ideal to have a barber or a stylist help trim your ‘stache.
  2. First things first, you need to section your mustache by combing the left and right ends of the mustache away from the middle part. Make sure you part the ends where the curls start away from the middle.
  3. Comb the middle part of your mustache towards the center of your lip. The long strands of hair will dangle after this.
  4. You want to cut your mustache in a way that the hairs go longer as they move away from the center of your lip. To do that, put the end of the comb just above the middle of your lip, angle it slightly down towards the left or the right depending on the side you’re working on, and then cut the hairs that stick out of the off-side of the comb.
  5. Rinse and repeat until you’re satisfied with the length. Normally, other men usually cut just a 16th of an inch from their mustache.
  6. Pull the mustache hairs in a different direction to soften the cut. Make sure you don’t cut the third section of your mustache (where the curls are). Comb the hairs toward their original direction to check if you have a softer cut.
  7. Now, trim the other side of the mustache the same way as you did on the first side you worked on.
  8. Remember to make only tiny snips with the scissors to avoid cutting more than you should.
  9. Smooth out the hairs on your mustache near the ends to blend them with the part you’ve sectioned off.
  10. Pull the hairs in the middle part to check for long or loose strands. Trim them using the scissors.
  11. Comb the end of your mustache this time, angle down to the left or the right, and snip at the longer or out of place strands.
  12. Repeat the same steps on the other end of the mustache.
  13. Once you’re satisfied with the length of your mustache, you can begin styling it using a beard wax or a styling balm. Warm up the beard wax or Beard Butter in your hands before applying.
  14. If you curl the ends of your mustache, the perfect time to trim the curls is after you apply the beard wax. Just style the curls in their most extreme and then cut away the ends.
  15. To make sure that no one side of your mustache is longer than the other, pull both ends at the same time using both hands. You’ll be able to tell which is longer by feel alone. Make the necessary to snips to achieve balance.
  16. You can twirl the ends of the curl and then trim them to achieve a softer edge.
  17. You now have a groomed mustache. In a day check if you like the way it looks. Make those cuts again if you want it shorter.


Let this infographic be your guide. Download it now and use it as a reference later.
infographic | How To Trim A Mustache In 10 Easy Steps

Watch this video on how to trim a mustache in 10 easy steps:

This guide should help you achieve that nice, civilized look when you’re sporting a mustache. Generally, a mustache is a nice thing to have, but the lack or presence of grooming can open you up to all sorts of wrong impressions. That’s why it’s best to maintain an outstanding perception of you by knowing how to trim a mustache and by learning how to tame that beast you keep on your upper lip.

What do you think about our tutorial on how to trim a mustache? Do you have any manly grooming questions or skills you want to know? Kindly write your replies in the comments section below.

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