How To Take Care of a Beard

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Growing a beard is one of the easiest things you can do — just quit shaving, and you're good to go. If you plan to remain part of civilized society, however, you really need to learn some basic beard hygiene. Here's how to take care of a beard.

how to take care of a beard properly

Learn How To Take Care of a Beard

The first step in proper beard care is an obvious one: you should learn about beards. While this list is designed to give you the broad strokes, make sure to read the labels of products you plan to use carefully. Learn how healthy behaviors like eating right, exercising, and sleeping can encourage growth.

Wash Daily

Beards accumulate dirt and oil just like the hair on the top of your head. As you don't eat with the top of your head, however, washing your beard is even more important. Preferably, you should clean with a beard shampoo every morning. Mornings can be the best time to wash because beards often flatten against your pillow at night and accumulate oil from your skin.

how to take care of a beard: use beard oil and wash

Apply Oil

Beards can absorb nutrients from both outside and in. Applying a beard oil can help your beard grow faster and stronger. Even if you don't feel you need to give your growth speed a boost, a dedicated oil can keep your mane looking clean and healthy.

Trim When Necessary

Unless your dad paid extra attention to you when you were a kid, it's likely that nobody ever taught you how to take care of your beard. Because your facial hair is always growing, you should regularly trim to keep a clean, hygienic appearance. Though some men like to go a year or more without trimming, every man reaches a point at which he begins to just look sloppy.

Unfortunately, getting the result you desire requires a little practice. Some men find grooming kits and beard combs helpful while trimming. Others simply use brushes and combs to straighten hairs prior to grabbing the scissors.

use beard oil and wash your beard regularly

Supplement Your Diet

Unless you have an exceptionally healthy diet, your beard probably isn't quite what it could be. Supplements made specifically to encourage beard growth give your body everything it needs to produce long, thick, and healthy strands of hair. 

How To Take Care of a Beard While Traveling

Men don't always have the luxury of maintaining an even, carefully regimented grooming routine. In a pinch, you can use regular shampoo to wash a beard, but doing this can dry out the skin underneath. In extreme situations like camping or backpacking, at least make sure to rinse with water to remove coarse particles and fluff hairs to their normal shape.

If you've just grown your first beard, you should be proud of your accomplishment. Once you learn how to care for a beard properly, you can truly call yourself a man. Beard care can take a little getting used to, but Wild Willies is here to help. For all the facial hair growth and grooming products you need, shop our selection today.

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