How To Stop Sweating Profusely Before It Starts

How To Stop Sweating Profusely Before It Starts

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Need to know how to stop sweating? Here are 5 quick fixes that will show you how to control sweating in your day to day activities. Whether you’re worried about your hands, feet, or underarms, this article has you covered.

How to Stop Sweating | 5 Quick Fixes


1. How to Stop Sweating in Your Hands

Just the thought of excessive sweating in the palms can sometimes make a person cringe. Think about it, there are a lot of times that you and someone else could touch hands. Take handshakes at formal introductions or at meetings, for example. Or what about holding hands with your significant other during a date night?

The good thing is, now there’s a way to stop your hands from becoming sweaty before it leads to an embarrassing encounter. Keeping alcohol hand wipes or baby powder on hand is a great first step. These work as an amazing last minute emergency fix, if you really need to rid yourself of your clammy hands right away. Another tip is to have regular sage tea soaks for your hands. This trick, known as Mother Nature’s antiperspirant, tends to constrict and shrink the pores in your hands, which in turn restrict the sweat glands. All you have to do is add a handful of sage tea bags to a pot of boiling water. Once the mixture’s cooled down, give your hands a good soak for 30 minutes.

2. How to Stop Sweating in Your Underarms

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One of the best ways to stop underarm sweating is to use the right grooming product after you shower. Choose a strong antiperspirant and leave the deodorant on the shelf. Opt for sweat control products that have high levels of aluminum chloride. Something with a percentage of 10% or more is a great choice.

Another important tip is to apply antiperspirant the correct way. Place antiperspirant only when your skin is clean and dry. Some people just slap on their antiperspirant anytime, anywhere. But the problem is, even the slightest residue from soap, sweat, or other products could change the antiperspirant’s effect in your underarms.

3. How to Stop Sweating in Your Feet

Excessive sweating in the feet could be a result of genetics. This condition, known as hyperhidrosis, affects more men than women and is usually seen in younger adults as well.

Stop your feet from sweating profusely by washing your feet with antibacterial soap. Remember to wash between the toes and to put foot powder after drying. Opt for socks with natural or acrylic fiber blends, if you need to wear socks. These will help reduce moisture from being trapped in your feet.

4. How to Stop Sweating When Nervous

How to Stop Sweating When Nervous | How To Stop Sweating Profusely Before It Starts | how to control sweating | underarm sweating | sweat control products

People often get cold sweats whenever they’re feeling nervous. Whether it’s a business meeting, the onset of stage fright, or an immersive horror film, it’s pretty common that when nerves are on end, sweat will follow. Before you get carried away by the situation at hand, remember a few of these tips.

Calm your nerves with deep breaths and stay hydrated to reduce the onset of nervous sweating. It’s also recommended to wear the right fabrics throughout the day. Opt for breathable materials such as high-quality cotton when choosing your undershirts and shirts. Want to take your sweat protection even further? Invest in sweat shield shirts that absorb the sweat and turn it into vapor. In doing so, the dampness wouldn’t transfer to the outer layer of your clothes.

5. How to Stop Sweating at Night

Take a good look at the clothes you wear and the blankets you keep before going to bed. Replace any tight clothing items with ones that are loose, comfortable, and are made of breathable and light material. Another great tip to prevent night sweats is to shun triggers such as spicy food, alcohol, as well as caffeine before hitting the hay. Practicing meditation to help reduce stress is also a good way to soothe the sweat glands and avoid them from going into overdrive as you sleep.


Want more tips on how to stop sweating buckets? Press play on the video from Teachingmensfashion below:

Now that you know how to stop sweating, it’s time to take all the lessons you’ve learned from these quick fixes and apply them to your day to day life. Remember, at the heart of it all, grooming yourself well is the ultimate key to sweat control. So build a habit of self-care and soon you’ll be reaping the rewards big time.

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