How To Find The Perfect Beard Barber In 4 Steps

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As facial hair becomes evermore popular, the need for a good beard barber continues to rise. Beard grooming is now part of many salons' regular services for men and they are getting very good at it.

Keep reading for tips on picking the right beard barber for you.

What to know about a beard barber

First, before going to the beard barber, it is important to already have an idea of what kind of beard style you want your facial hair and mustache to look like.

Beard barbers are always willing to help their customers understand how a specific cut will fit them better however, it is best to first have an idea of the shape and angle that will suit their face best before getting their beard trimmed.

Beard styles for men can be tricky; there are no written rules but some shapes look better on people than others because they follow the lines of one's face.

Second, you should ask about years of experience as well as what styles of beard the barber is comfortable grooming.

It is a good idea to prepare and grow the beard out one month before the first appointment because it will give you enough time for mistakes and new ideas.

Third, you should inquire about how long the process takes.

Beard barbers usually groom the beard by first trimming the hairs and shaping it.

They then apply a hot lather to soften the skin as well as hydrate and moisturize hair follicles which is followed up with a good oil or beard balm.

After this, they will shave away any excess hair, detail clean lines and clean up any unruly spots. Some beard barbers will use a straight razor.

Lastly, you should ask about their client list and hours of operation.

Good beard barbers are usually busy and it is best to inquire about their respective work schedules so as not to be disappointed.

If you can, get a recommendation from a friend who also has a beard.

Beard barber trimming a beard

Other beard barber questions answered

What are the various beard styles to choose from?

Long beards, short beards and every beard in between.

Certain facial hair styles work better depending on how much hair you can grow and the shape of your face.

Before going to the barbershop, read this article on beard styles for men and have a picture in your mind of the style options available to you. 

What is the most professional length for a beard, and how long can I keep it that way?

In various parts of the country, "professionalism" is interpreted in different ways.

The rules at the Robertson household on beard length are much different than those you'll find in most "corporate" offices.

How can I know where to position my shaving line around my jaw?

Your beard should never go more than an inch or two above your jawline when you smile. Your barber will assist you in defining this area.

Is there a specific shaving product that will help me keep my beard looking clean?

Unless you're going all out with facial hair, you'll have to trim your face and neck. You should also brush your beard daily.

There are some amazing shaving products on the market. Here are some highly recommended beard grooming tools:



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I'm not sure if I should comb my beard sideways or in a downward motion. Which way is best?

Your beard develops in distinct ways in each area.

It's possible that you'll need to "train" your beard to fall in a certain direction if you're going for a specific look.

What else can I do to keep my beard clean?

You don't want to wash your beard every day if possible.

Every day washing with soap will cause your beard to become dry and abrasive. Your barber will advise you on how to keep your beard clean without over-washing.

Try some of these products to keep your beard clean:



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How often should I have it groomed by a professional?

Some beards develop quicker than others so you should try and have your beard groomed every two weeks if possible.

If you can't manage that, you should schedule a cut after every 4-6 weeks.

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