The Chin Strap Beard: A Style That's Never Out of Style

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A full face of hair is not for everyone. Luckily, with this facial hair style, you can enjoy the masculine look without committing to a big, bushy, full beard! The chin strap beard has been traced back to men as long ago as the late 18th century, but its true identity started long before that with the chinstrap penguin.

Chin Strap Beard Penguin

Is It Chinstrap or Chin Strap?

According to, it is two words 'chin strap', but if you look at Macmillan Dictionary, one-word 'chinstrap' is used for the same definition. "We don't think anyone knows what it is anymore. Scholars maintained that the true spelling of the name was lost hundreds of years ago."

We could make it up like a line in Anchorman when Will Ferril describes San Diego as a whale's vagina, but we all know that either way, someone else will be right. So, for now, let's agree to disagree.  

What is a Chin Strap Beard?

A chin strap beard is named after a chin strap that goes from one ear to another, covering your chin to hold on a hat or helmet. This beard shape follows the jawline from one side of your face to the other. More facial hair, such as a trimmed mustache, is an added feature and not required to be called a chin strap.

Many men keep this beard style trimmed perfectly in a straight short line, and others let it grow out for a full look.

A chin strap beard style is a unique look that you can wear to any occasion, whether getting married or relaxing on the lake with some friends.

What Face Shape is the Chin Strap Beard Best For?

This facial hair style looks good on men who have square, oval, or round-shaped faces. It works well with any sort of hair type and skin color, but because it's narrow, it does require your skin to be clean-shaven.

Since it does not cover the entire chin but only the very edges of the jaw and chin. The most popular chin strap beards are cut in a narrow strip along the jawline.

Is a Chin Strap Beard Attractive?

A nationwide survey was done by, showing that most women prefer facial hair over a clean-shaven face. Unfortunately, the chin strap beard style was not on the list of facial hair types.

The winner of the facial hair type was short stubble. So if your goal with a chin strap beard is to attract the ladies, you may want to invest in a quality beard trimmer to keep it short rather than growing it out.

Chinstrap Beard

How Do You Trim a Chin Strap Beard?

It really depends on your desired look. There are many different chin strap beard styles, but no matter what style you choose, keeping a great-looking chin strap beard won't be easy.

Regular upkeep is required to get a well-defined line with a clean shave for the rest of your face. If you have a steady hand, you should shave with a razor; if not, try out a precision trimmer for the edges. Depending on the length you are looking for, you will also need a beard trimmer unless you want to go with the Paul Kruger style from the 19th century.



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What is the Purpose of a Chin Strap Beard?

For men with a strong jawline, it can be the perfect facial hair style to define those hard lines and make your face look more masculine.

If you are without a jawline, it can define one for you! If your face and neck don't seem to have a defining line, you can trim your beard into a chin strap shape to define where your jawline should be.

When was the Chin Strap Beard Popular?

There are different styles of chin strap beards. The older style of this eye-catching trend first became popular in Europe and Russia during the late 18th and 19th centuries. It is not as popular nowadays, but can still be found on some people. It is a beard that does not cover the entire chin but only the edges of it, thanks to its shape that extends from one side of the face down to the other like a chin strap.

Here are 10 of the Best Chin Strap Beard Styles for You.

  • Patchy Chin Strap Beard
  • Jawline Defining Chin Strap
  • Thin Chin Strap Beard
  • Thick Chin Strap Beard
  • Subtle Chin Strap Beard
  • Chin Beard Chin Strap
  • Chin Strap Goatee
  • Uniform Chin Strap Beard
  • All Natural Chin Strap Beard
  • Full Grown Chin Strap Beard

With the patchy chin strap beard, you're never out of style. You get all of the innocence (and accessibility) of a well-groomed guy without sacrificing your manliness! 

If a chin strap beard is your preferred facial hair style, but you have a few patches along your jawline, then you have no choice but to grow one of these. You could even have a barber trim it to look like the patches are intentional. As long as you keep your hair styled, then you will still look put together with this patchy chin strap beard. 

Some use their jawline to precisely trim their chin strap beard. This style works best when you have well-rounded facial hair growth. This style also works well with many different hair cuts, even with long hair or a more tousled look. You will just want to keep your cheeks and neckline trimmed. If you don't have a jawline, you may need a chin strap beard to define it for you.

The thin chin strap works best with short facial hair and helps to define a strong jawline. This style can be difficult to maintain since it requires a steady hand to keep the lines straight, so you may need to head to your local barbershop to get this look perfected. 

The thick chin strap beard is great for men with naturally thick facial hair. You can just let it grow out and trim it up however you like. This look pairs nicely with a stylish haircut so that you can still look professional while having thick facial hair. If you want to add even more personality to this look, you can even grow out a mustache to go along with it. 

If you don’t want to commit to the hard lines of other chin strap styles, then the subtle chin strap might be for you. This look doesn’t require you to shave daily, but be sure to keep it trimmed up, so it doesn’t get too unruly. You can grow your chin strap as a short stubble or grow it out and let it blend naturally into your hairline.

A chin beard like this will definitely turn heads as it is such a masculine look. It does require more upkeep and may even require frequent barber visits to keep the lines and edges clean. You will also want to keep your face and neck clean-shaven. This style works best for guys with a diamond or square-shaped face. 

Chin Strap Goatee

If you want a more rounded-out look, then try pairing your chin strap with a goatee. Or, if you already have a goatee, you can help define your face by adding a chin strap. It will also make your goatee look more trendy and modern. This style looks best if you keep your goatee and chin strap similar in length and thickness. 

Uniform Chin Strap Beard

This smooth and steady style nicely blends with your natural hairline for an easy yet defined look. You will want to keep the rest of your face clean-shaven. This look works best with short hairstyles and will allow you to still have a chin strap but in a more cleaned-up way. 

All Natural Chin Strap Beard

This facial hair style isn't as much of choice for some. When your hair only grows in a way that looks like a natural chin strap, you may not even have to shave.

Full Grown Chin Strap Beard

If you want to look like Paul Kruger from your history book, this full-grown look may be the style you pick. If you get tired of it, you could always trim it down and have some wicked-looking sideburns.

Now that You are a Chin Strap Expert, it's Time To Take Action!

Having a great chin strap beard is the key to looking and feeling your best. The most important thing you can do when it comes to growing one of these impressive styles is making sure that you’re using quality products like our Fuel Your Beard Kit, which helps your facial hair grow faster, thicker, and healthier than ever before. To get started with any of these 10 amazing chin strap beards, we recommend picking up a kit right away!

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