Brushing Your Beard Correctly - The ultimate guide for 2021

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There are many beard styles out there, but no matter what your style is, brushing your beard is a must because it can help maintain the overall health of your mane. Many men hear of how great a beard brush could be for their beard but aren't sure of the technique.

A question asked by many is what direction? Should you brush a beard up or down? Although there is a great deal of variability here due to the vast number of different facial hairstyles available, brushing your beard towards your chin for a neat, complete, and uniform look generally applies.

Should you brush your beard up or down?

Brushing in the right direction depends on how you want your beard to look long-term. By brushing your beard daily, you are training it to sit the way you want it to.

If you are brushing your beard from the bottom up, it will tend to be puffier, which may be your desired result. If a big puffy beard is your goal, then brush up! Just know that as your beard grows longer, it will get more bloated and puffier since that is the way you have been training it.

If you want a tamed beard that has more of a rounded shape, you should brush down and toward your chin and adam's apple. This will help tame stray hair and keep your beard looking healthy.

If you want your beard to grow back toward your traps then brush it from the top of your cheek down and back toward your traps. 

How often should you brush your beard?

You should make a habit of brushing your beard daily. It is the best way to keep your beard looking its best. Brushing it twice a day is recommended, once in the morning and once before bed.

Do not brush it right before you wash your face because brushing too close to washing can irritate the skin.

Don't go too crazy with it. Brushing your beard more than 5 times a day is just overdoing it. You might end up damaging the beard hair and skin underneath it.

Training Your Beard Hair

Using beard brushes to brush your beard keeps it on track. If you brush your beard before bed and after your morning routine, it will help train your beard to stay in the direction of your choice.

Brushing Beard

Should I Use a Beard Comb or Beard Brush

The beard comb will help with your tangles, but the brush is best for everything else.

Beard Comb

Beard combs are great for getting tangles or food particles out of your beard. It will also help in thinning out the brillo pad feel. Beard combs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are plastic combs, wooden combs, metal combs, and even combs that help you shape your beard like the one below.

If you are looking to detangle your beard, a comb is a way to go, but if you want to train, tame, and stimulate blood flow, the brush is your best choice.



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Beard brush

Using a good quality beard brush can do wonders for your beard. It doesn't detangle as well as a beard comb, but it does a great job of training, taming, removing dead skin cells, and keeping your beard healthy.

Beard brushes come in various shapes and sizes and typically have boar hair, synthetic, or horsehair bristles. We feel that the best brushes are oval in shape for the best grip and made with all-natural boar hair like the one below.



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How to use a beard brush

This really depends on the brush type. Grab it by the handle and go to work! The best practice is to brush down and towards your chin and adam's apple. Depending on the handle type, you may use different brushes in different ways.  

Should you brush a wet beard?

Brushing or combing your beard when it's wet is not the best approach. You will want t dry your beard hairs and skin underneath your beard to prevent breakages when removing tangles and knots.

If you like the feel better when brushing a wet beard, try using beard oil once it's dried for best results.

What are the benefits of brushing your beard?

There are numerous benefits associated with brushing your beard, such as:

  • Sebum Oil Production
  • Removing Dead Hairs
  • Decreases Patchiness
  • Evenly Distributing Beard Oil
  • Removing Dead Skin Cells
  • Relieving Beard Itch
  • Enhanced Appearance

Sebum Oil:

Your skin produces natural oils like sebum oil. This oil is crucial for the health of your skin and hair. Brushing spreads this natural sebum oil through your entire beard, allowing it to nourish every strand on its way down.

Removes Dead Hairs:

Brushing helps keep dead hairs from staying in place or getting caught up with the live ones. A healthy beard needs it for proper facial hair growth. Since beard brushing stimulates the production of this oil, it helps you grow a thicker and fuller beard.  

Brushing your facial hair is suitable for those who suffer from patchy or thin beards, as brushing makes the roots of the individual hairs more visible, which eventually leads to an increase in their density. This way, brushing helps prevent hair loss and balances the sebum oil quantity in the body.


Nobody wants a patchy beard and clogged-up pores. Brushing a beard makes your beard fuller and lessens the patchiness.

Oil Distribution:

Not only does your skin produce natural oils but some of the best beard out there use products like beard balm and beard oil to stay healthy. And if you use them too, do brush your facial hair. Brushing after applying them can help distribute the oils equally throughout your beard.

Dead Skin Cells:

If you regularly brush your beard, this process is beneficial in removing the dead skin cells. Since some of the cells cause beard dandruff, brushing is a good way of removing them. You will want your beardruff removed to promote healthy beard growth.

If beard dandruff, dry skin, or beard itch is a problem for you, check out a good beard conditioner to help nourish the skin beneath your beard.


Beard itch is deeply frustrating for any person. And brushing your facial hair can help you get rid of these tingling sensations.


Brushing your beard will help you keep your beard neat, just like brushing your head hair. If your goal is to look great, don't forget to apply some beard butter while brushing.

Does brushing a beard help it grow?

Many men with beards swear that brushing helps their beard to grow. We agree with this, but there is no proper research supporting this view. We do know that by brushing your beard, you are helping increase its overall health by:

  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Exfoliating Skin
  • Increases Natural Oil Production

Blood Flow:

Brushing your beard stimulates blood circulation. Your beard needs it since it delivers oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles.

Skin Exfoliation:

If you brush your facial hair, this removes a layer of dirt and dead skin cells. Since these layers could prevent some sprouting follicles and even cause ingrown hairs, brushing is a good way of dealing with them.

Natural Oil:

Sebum oils are necessary for the skin. Brushing can stimulate these sebum oils, and they can play an essential role in the growth of a beard.

When should you start brushing your beard?

The question comes to mind, when should I start brushing my beard during my beard growing journey? And that's a valid question. Brushing your beard will help keep it healthy for its entire life.

Here are some tips for brushing and maintaining your beard over time.

1st Few Months

If you have a short beard or stubble, use a brush once or twice a day. Brush it in the direction you want it to grow and apply Beard Oil once or twice a day. Don't forget to ditch the face wash and use a quality beard wash instead.

After a few Months

Use a beard comb when you notice tangles in your beard, then brush 2 to 3 times a day. Trim stray hair with scissors as needed but be careful not to cut yourself. You may want to ask a friend for help.

6 months or longer

Use a beard comb to remove tangles and a beard brush for applying beard oils twice a day. This will keep your beard from drying out, which can lead to dead hair and skin. Then apply beard butter for styling your beard.

If You Haven't Started Brushing Your Beard, Start Now!

You might love your beard more than your girl, and that's a good sign. If you love your beard, you must take care of it. Therefore, brushing is definitely a great way of making your beard look excellent, elegant, and clean. Maintaining a healthy-looking beard is essential. Get our beard brush today, so you aren't neglecting your beard anymore.

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