Find the best beard oil | 26 Fantastic Beard Oils to Use in 2021

Stephen Bradeen
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An epic beard needs beard oil as part of your grooming routine to help make your facial hair look thicker, fuller, and more manageable. Unfortunately, not all beard oils are created equally. When searching for the best beard oil for you, you’ll want to look at the ingredients and make sure that you see listed some of these natural ingredients that promote beard health:

  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Grape seed oil
  • Almond oil
  • Vitamin E
  • and more

If you want a beard that will turn heads, it's crucial to find the best beard oil. With so many brands on the market offering unique scents, formulas, and what seems like endless options, there is no shortage in finding what suits your needs.

However, if you are looking for the best beard oil and need to narrow the list before making your final decision, here are 26 beard oils worth considering:

What type of oil is best for my facial hair?

That is best simplified by understanding what ingredients work best for different types of skin. Some oils work better for specific issues.

Beard Dandruff - Argan Oil

When shopping for a beard oil for your beard dandruff, you may want to check that it contains Argan Oil. Argan Oil is best known for its moisturizing properties. Like many other oils, it will help with beard dandruff. Also, make sure to use a good quality beard wash because using soap may be the cause.

Increase Facial Hair Growth - Jojoba Oil

To boost your beard growth, you will want to choose a beard oil that contains jojoba oil since it is best known for its ability to stimulate hair growth. If you are looking for the best ways to increase facial hair growth, you will also want to find a good beard growth supplement. If you want some more advice on hair growth, you can check out our guide on How to Grow a Beard

Dry Skin or Itchy Skin Beneath the Beard

Itchy dry skin under your beard can be caused by a multitude of factors. It could be genetic, your job, or the weather. Whatever the case may be, the best way to combat this is using a top-quality beard oil that uses multiple different oils and vitamins.

The Best Looking Beard

The best beard oils combine oils that combat multiple issues you may be having with your beard. Wild Willies Beard Oil is a one-of-a-kind beard oil made of 10 natural vitamins and organic essential oils that condition and treat each follicle down to the roots.

How often should I apply beard oil?

Beard oil can be used whenever you want to condition your beard. For best results, you should use it at least twice a day. Once in the morning before starting your day and once at night.

Pro Tip: Take some time for yourself after work or school by taking advantage of an evening shower. After you have showered, apply beard oil to your beard and the skin under your beard. Keep those hairs healthy and looking their best by letting it work while you rest.

Does using beard oil help grow hair?

Most beard oil contains all of the best essential nutrients necessary to help grow your beard faster and healthier by strengthening and hydrating the hair fibers, promoting shine and elasticity.

If you are looking for a boost in growth, try a beard growth gummy.

Does beard oil help with skin irritation?

Yes, it can! Your skin actually has a natural way of curing skin irritation. It produces natural oils it needs to feel its best. What happens is we end up removing these oils when we shower, swim, work, or even during a heavy workout. It is good to use a beard oil to help boost this process and keep your skin feeling its best.

How to apply beard oil?

You should apply beard oil after showering or washing your face.

  • Apply a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand
  • Massage it in the beard and the skin underneath your beard thoroughly.
  • Run a beard comb or beard brush through to make sure it is appropriately dispersed.

Which is the best beard oil on the list?

The best beard oils will help condition your whiskers and give them a healthy shine. You want them to do this without leaving behind an oily residue that can get in the way when trying to style your beard.

All of these are great options. 

26 of The Best Beard Oils

1 Wild Willies Beard Oil

Wild Willies Beard Oil is a specialized blend of all-natural ingredients, key vitamins, and essential oils custom formulated to bring out the best beard you could ask for. Their easy-to-use pump design maximizes your usage while minimizing spills. Wild Willies Beard Oil treats and conditions your beard from the inside out by stimulating follicles and preventing annoying irritations so you can grow one hell of a beard without worrying about the itch.

Beard oil also pairs well with a beard wash and a beard butter.  You can get it all in the Wild Willies beard essentials kit

Beard Oil - Original

Beard Oil - Original

$ 9.86

AWARD-WINNING ORIGINAL BEARD OIL   Wild Willies one-of-a-kind beard oil is made of 10 natural vitamins and organic essential oils that condition and treat each follicle down to their roots. Our unique, easy to use, no waste, pump design enables minimal product usage… Read More

2 Wild Willies Beard Elixir

Made with a mint, this beard oil has a blend of 10 all-natural ingredients and helps keep you smelling fresh. Using a combination of eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil, it treats & conditions your beard from the inside out by stimulating your follicles for a healthy beard and hair strength preventing split-ends. Find it here.

Beard Oil - Cool Mint

Beard Oil - Cool Mint

$ 9.86

  BEARD OIL FOR MEN Made with 10 Natural Conditioner Ingredients and organic Essential oils to provide superior performance, promote fast growth & restore moisture.    ORGANIC INGREDIENTS, BLENDED BY HAND IN THE USA Wild willies beard oil treats &… Read More

3 Wild Willies Hemp Beard Elixir

Grow a thicker and fuller looking beard without chemicals, preservatives, or artificial fragrances by nourishing it with a powerful blend of natural ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals inside the Hemp Beard Oil Gold Series, helping your beard reach its full potential. Hemp oil can quickly stop or eliminate eczema…and will authorize your beard to restore skin and hair due to massive amounts of fatty acids contained in the oil.

Hemp Beard Elixir - Fresh Squeeze

Hemp Beard Elixir - Fresh Squeeze

$ 19.97

Wild Willies Hemp Oil is one of our best products that you can put on your skin and beard to achieve the greatest results but is probably the most widely misunderstood. The Hemp name tends to throw people off, so… Read More

4 Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil

This earthy oil is made with luxurious organic oils like virgin argan and golden jojoba without any artificial additives. Seven essential oils are included to help moisturize your hair while conditioning your skin. Find it here.

5 The Gentlemen's Beard Oil

This oil is perfect for those male models and bearded gentlemen who like to keep their style effortlessly. Loosely applied, this product will make your beard look healthy and shiny without the hassle of smudging or staining everything you come near. Find it here.

6 The American Beard Company Beard Oil

Growing a majestic beard is a dream for many men. Luckily, you can make fantastic progress with your journey by adding this Beard Oil and Conditioner from The American Beard Company to your daily routine. Use it every day to give hair extra moisture, eliminate dry skin that leads to dandruff, enjoy the subtle scentless fragrance that will never interfere with the natural smells of the beard, and stop from annoying itchiness from exposure to polluted air! Find it here.

7 Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Smooth Viking's Beard Oil is a tonic for your delicate beard. The gentle formula will soften and tame even the beastliest of beards while delivering lasting protection from itching dry skin. Best suited to men with sensitive skin, this oil features natural ingredients that are formulated without nasty chemicals. Gentlemen, Smooth Viking has arrived! Find it here.

8 Beardoholic Beard Oil

Your beard can smell as rare and luxurious as gold in this legend of a product. Hand-crafted in the United States with 100% natural ingredients, Beardoholic beard oils are made to take care of your skin and keep you smelling better for longer. Beard oil with argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and much more help your skin feel great and your beard shine. Find it here.

9 Ranger Beard Oil

This revolutionary product is a must-have for all bearded guys. It keeps your beard and skin healthy, with just two ingredients that penetrate deeply into the follicles and moisturize from within. The conditioner comes in dark amber glass bottles to provide protection from UV rays and prolong shelf life of the product. Find it here.

10 Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil

Have you been looking for a product that'll keep your face hair slicked down and smelling fresh? We have the perfect solution! Introducing Leven Rose Fragrance-Free Beard Oil. This new formula is not only fragrance-free but also free from fillers, additives, parabens, and GMOs! The two ingredients in this awesome beard oil are organic jojoba oil and organic Moroccan argan oil; these oils provide relief to the itchy feeling by moisturizing your delicate beard hairs. To make things even better, Leven Rose has made sure their products are gluten-free (so much for having dandruff)! Find it here.

11 Elle and Eve Beard Oil

This beard oil is a grown man's best friend. After all, you can never have too much-bearded goodness! With the care of an Elle and Eve Beard Oil, your facial hair will spring to life as it features texture from rich plant-based oils. It's not only great for managing short beards as it keeps them soft but also helps those long whiskers by giving them extra shine for days on end. What doesn't help is that beautiful scent – one sniff, and you'll want to drink it up! This beard oil was made with really sensitive skin in mind and leaves no harmful or uncomfortable residue behind for any skin type or sensitivity level. Find it here.

12 Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil

The perfect solution for an underwhelming beard, the WV Timber Beard Oil invigorates tired facial hair to provide you with a fuller, thicker, and more handsome appearance. Made with nothing but natural ingredients - no artificial dyes or fragrances - the Mountaineer Brand WV Timber Beard Oil features just three base oils along with some essential oils that provide its signature cedarwood scent. With just a little bit of refreshing eucalyptus. Find it here.

13 Can You Handlebar Wisdom Premium Beard Oil

With this beard oil, keep your buzz stubble soft and manageable all day with ingredients like sweet almond oil, clove seed oil and sunflower seed oil. Every man needs a little Wisdom at the end of the day! Find it here.

14 Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

No beard has to miss out with this nourishing and hydrating product that's also suitable for vegans. With a lightweight blend of jojoba, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, moringa seed extract, shea butter and coconut oil specially formulated from high-quality ingredients from around the world, Prophet and Tools Beard Oil gives your hair a dose of TLC. Add on a subtle masculine aroma thanks to herbal extracts like verbena citrus peel essence and clary sage leaf essential oils for luxurious mix between scent and function. Plus, you can use it on all types of beards that are dry or falling out--regardless of what diet you follow! Find it here.

15 Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil

Oh, you've been rocking the same face all these years? Well it's time to switch things up a little with Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Oil! You'll have a beard that ladies only dream about. The smell is manly yet soothing and screams "I'm rugged but I can pamper a lady." Your facial hair will be conditioned from root to tip so you won't have any pesky split ends or feel abrasive during your next expert shave. Find it here.

16 Art Naturals Beard and Stache Oil

These oils from Art Naturals are made with jojoba, argan and vitamin E to condition, soften and heal your facial hair. For people who want a fuller mustache or beard, this is the right stuff for you! Not only does it banish itchiness and flakes making underlying skin issues more accessible to treat, but also it's a natural way of fighting acne. What? Yes! Acne is often linked with dermatitis, so if you have been struggling with breakouts it's time you try this product from Art Naturals. It contains antioxidants which will cleanse pores safe enough for all seasons. Find it here.

17 Bossman Jelly Beard Oil

Bossman Jelly Beard Oil is a top beard oil, containing carefully chosen natural oils. This best-selling product provides more intense moisturizing, taming, and strengthening than conventional products thanks to its ability to deeply penetrate the roots of hair follicles and pores of the skin. The Magic scent offers warmth for close encounters or special occasions. It also includes rich ingredients that are perfect for daily use on your face too! Find it here.

18 Live Bearded Gunslinger Beard Oil

The all-natural high quality beard oil - Gunslinger by Live Bearded is the best premium hand crafted beard oil to nourish and groom your facial hair. Made with sweet tobacco, cedar, argan oil, jojoba oil and grapeseed oil – this will keep your beard in trim while also providing relief from itchiness and irritation thanks to its uniquely formulated ingredients like jojoba and grapeseed oils. Plus, it will tame those kinky hairs and make them silkier so you can continue sporting a fetching beard look. Find it here.

19 SheaMoisture Conditioning Beard Oil

Keep your beard looking sharp with this invigorating SheaMoisture Conditioning Beard Oil. The oil nourishes the facial hair and skin with a clean look that's perfect for preventing frizzy hair. This product is made from an amazing combination of luxurious ingredients like maracuja oil and shea butter, which not only smell great but also serve as a cell regenerator to promote follicle growth! Give your beard the best care possible for silky softness. Find it here.

20 Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil

Try the Striking Viking Vanilla Beard Oil. Designed to stimulate growth and restore moisture, it is a surefire grooming product. Reminiscent of candy cane and vanilla ice cream, this charming beard oil softens and conditions your hairy face for an enhanced appearance that amazes! Find it here.

21 Northern Fir Quality Beard Oil

When darkness and cold weather hit, we know you want to be furry-loyal. Let your beard roar with this deliciously scented beard oil for men who take care of their facial hair like the national treasure it is. This amber blend lures in Christmas vibes thanks to a spicy, evergreen aroma that's addicting. Carry its woodsy tones all day long as you enjoy strong, healthy skin thanks to the Black pepper oil that cleans out pores and prevents ugly problems like folliculitis. Cedarwood oil soothes irritated or itchy skin while sandalwood calms any irritation or discomfort on contact, making your face a happy place for everyone else! Find it here.

22 Every Man Jack Hydrating Beard Oil

From the quaint lakeside town of Oklahoma City comes Every Man Jack's premium beard oil. Specially formulated from a cocktail of natural oils to soften and condition facial hair, it soothes your skin while refreshing your senses with an undeniable scent for rugged spirits. But don't worry about smelling like you just got out of camp all day, because not only will the cedarwood leave you feeling fresh but it won't be overpowering that's sure to get heads turning. On top of that this exquisite blend also contains shea butter, safflower oil; which work together to diminish dryness across the skin (and show off those whiskers). Find it here.

23 Jack Black Beard Oil

For beard lovers who need greater control over their hairs, the Jack Black Beard oil is light in weight and designed to take care of skin. This formula will leave your skin looking radiant while keeping your beard at its best professional standard with any type of facial hair that you may want (whether it's out-there or neat). Find it here.

24 Cremo Revitalizing Beard Oil

If you want to appear distinguished, sophisticated and irresistible, get your hands on Cremo Beard Oil! It's great if you just need a little bit of TLC for that scraggly beard or even the most droopy skin. Not only does this product provide hydration for skin and hair, it also has excellent aroma properties thanks to its luxurious essential oils. Argan oil is rich in vitamin D & E, which helps improve volume, while jojoba oil repairs damaged tissues in your face. This cologned-based formula leaves a fresh yet masculine fragrance with each use! Find it here.

25 Viking Revolution Beard Oil

Come in contact with the all-natural Viking Revolution Beard Oil that will revolutionize your beard care. With a sandalwood fragrance, this oil is made with only the finest ingredients and prevents ingrown hairs, stubbles and leaves you with fresh-smelling skin. All of the ingredients are natural so say goodbye to irritation! Find it here.

26 Tom Ford's Beard Oil

So many men are growing their beards these days, but how can you make sure yours is well-tended? Keep your beard healthy with Tom Ford's Beard Oil. Part of the iconic Tom Ford Private Blend collection, this lightweight beard oil contains ingredients like almond, jojoba, and grapeseed oils as well as vitamin E to condition, soften and nourish your facial hair while also helping maintain moisture balance in your skin. Available in three scents: Oud Wood, Neroli Portofino, or Tobacco Vanille - smells so good! To best care for your mane, follow by combing it with Tom Ford's brush to smooth out any tangles and help disperse the oil evenly all over. Find it here.

Fact: If you have a beard you should use beard oil.

With so many benefits to using beard oil, you don't want to wait any longer. Using a quality brand beard oil like Wild Willies will help your beard:

  • Look Better
  • Feel Better
  • Smell Better
  • Basically Everything Better

And help cure:

  • Itching
  • Dandruff
  • Dry Skin
  • Poor Confidence

We may be biased, but Wild Willies has the best beard oil for your facial hair needs and is made in America. All products come with a lifetime guarantee.

It doesn't matter what stage your beard is in growing, maintaining, grooming. Wild Willies has products to help with every step of growth and maintenance. 

Beard Oil - Original

Beard Oil - Original

$ 9.86

AWARD-WINNING ORIGINAL BEARD OIL   Wild Willies one-of-a-kind beard oil is made of 10 natural vitamins and organic essential oils that condition and treat each follicle down to their roots. Our unique, easy to use, no waste, pump design enables minimal product usage… Read More

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