Beard or no beard?

Beard or no beard?

Bubba Stacy
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That is the question.

This is a question that comes up often when men are discussing their beards and personal care as well as the question: do girls like beards?

The answer is yes, of course, women like beards -- but it isn’t that simple. The reason it isn’t an easy ‘yes’ comes down to one major fact. And you know what that fact is? It’s that not all beards are created equal.

Here’s why: many men can grow beards. Some of those beards might even be pretty good. But the difference between a beard that “pretty good” and a beard that is fully grown and groomed can be everything. Having the perfect beard is no easy feat, but luckily, we’re here to help.

Do women prefer men with beards?

Let’s dig deep.

When a girl first sees you, she is going to immediately make a few assumptions about you, many of which will come directly from your face -- and therefore, your beard. There are a great deal of first impressions that your beard can make. Say you have four guys in a room, all with different facial hair, from none at all, to you at the end, with a fully grown and well-groomed beard. The first guy has the shiny-faced, no beard look. If a girl is looking for a Ken doll, then she might want this. But if she prefers guys to dolls, she will keep on looking for other options.

This leads her to the next guy in the line who is starting to grow a beard, but it’s not really there. It doesn’t connect all the way and definitely needs some help growing. (Don’t worry if that’s you... our beard growth supplements can help). She might consider him for a little, but nevertheless, he isn’t The One.

Next up, she turns to the third guy. He has a big beard. It’s full grown, and it’s certainly manly, but it’s… unkempt. The size of the beard isn’t everything; at the end of the day, it also matters how you use it. When women see a beard that is a bushy mess, it tells them a few things about that guy, such as that he doesn’t take as good of care of himself as he could. (It also tells them that he doesn’t use Wild Willies, and you definitely don’t want that). She may have chosen him were it not for that fact that he was lacking in the grooming department. Especially when he is compared to you, the fourth guy -- the one with the great beard.

There you stand, beard glistening, ready to swoop her off of her feet. Your beard is perfect. It’s well-grown, it’s trimmed neatly, and it’s styled to perfection. She can tell that you’re a man. A real man. You’re a man who knows how to take care of himself -- and how to take care of her as well. You’re a man who knows it’s not the size of the beard, it’s the motion of the lotion. And lucky for her, you are set in both departments. Once you realize that is the moment that deciding between beard or no beard becomes easy.

So once again, you may ask: do women prefer men with beards? Honestly?

So once again, we respond: yes, they do -- especially the beard on you.

You put in the time and the effort, you have the style and class, and you know what you want. That says a lot about you and screams to women that they should come talk to you. And now they have the perfect conversation starter: “I really like your beard!”

Here at Wild Willies, we know the first step to living your best life is an important step, and that step is looking your best. When you look your best, you feel your best. And when you feel your best, you act your best. And fellas, when you act your best, you’re unstoppable.

This is why men need Wild Willies. Beards are our passion, first and foremost because we know what they mean. We understand that there are many levels to having a beard and that your beard is a major reflection of you. That’s exactly why we do everything in our power to make sure that the you that you get to be every day is the you that you want to be. Having a great beard is the goal of millions of men worldwide, so you need something that sets you apart; something that makes you stand out. The difference between other men and you is that you’re using Wild Willies and they aren’t. That alone can make all the difference.

So when it comes to the age-old question: beard or no beard, the answer is always yes. In fact, hell yes. Remember gentlemen, when someone asks you “do girls like beards?”, proudly tell them yes.

Look at you! You are living proof. 

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