Beard Brush Vs. Beard Comb: She’ll Know the Difference

Beard Brush Vs. Beard Comb: She’ll Know the Difference

Bubba Stacy
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She spotted some other guy from across the room, only to turn around and walk over to you…

What makes you the better man? Well, his beard might have looked great from a distance, but as soon as she was close enough to see what it really looked like, she decided she wasn’t all that interested in a guy who looked like he’s never groomed in his life.

And you? You know the ins and outs of using a beard brush. And trust us, my friend. That has made all the difference.

Dealing with the initial growth of your beard is easy when you’re using beard oil and shampoo to ensure the hair is conditioned for longer growth. But when your beard really starts getting long, you’ve got to know how to train those hairs, bringing about the classic beard brush vs comb debate.

Some beard aficionados claim that the beard brush wins every time, and depending on the results you want, they might be right.

What’s a Beard Brush?

Combs are great for distributing oil and other products throughout your beard. But a beard brush is just as essential to your grooming routine.

Beard brushes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, the most trusted option being a boar bristle brush. But for those vegan beard growers, you might want to find a brush with synthetic bristles. Whatever you prefer, just make sure the bristles are firm. Beard hair is coarse, and soft brushes aren’t going to cut it or give you the eye-catching results you need.

What Should You Look for in a Brush?

We don’t have to tell you that beard hair is coarse and stubborn. So, a firm bristle brush is crucial. Boar bristles are recommended because they’re rugged and long enough to push through the hair, helping clean and distribute healthy oils all at the same time.

Soft bristles won’t have the same effect though, because they don’t have the strength to get to every follicle.

Why Should You Use a Beard Brush?

Beards that aren’t groomed regularly can look pretty appealing. Dirt, grime, and even food can lead to clogged pores. Dry skin is a common side effect of growing out a beard too. But regular brushing with a good brush cleans your beard and unclogs your pores, which guarantees the health of the skin underneath. Healthier skin goes on to make for a healthier beard.

How Do You Use a Beard Brush?

Most guys don’t understand the basics of combing or brushing hair. But there’s a huge difference between brushing out your beard and combing products through it. Don’t worry. Learning how to use a beard brush doesn’t take much.

  1. Brush

    First thing in the morning, before you take a shower, brush your beard. Brushing loosens the debris and dead skin that gets washed away in the shower.
  2. Towel Dry

    Towel dry your beard after the shower. But not too well. You don’t want your beard to be completely dry for the next step.
  3. Oil It Up

    Before combing and brushing your beard, you’ll want to use some beard oil. Rub a few drops of oil in the palms of your hands, and then gently and evenly apply it to your beard.
  4. Comb

    Use a comb to spread the oil throughout your beard. You’ll want to comb in the direction of growth.
  5. Brush and Apply Some Heat

    Finally, using a firm bristle brush, brush out your beard. You might want to use a hairdryer to help style and dry your beard. 

How Often Should You Brush Your Beard?

Even though brushing is a big part of your grooming process, you need to limit how often you do it.

Brushing is an aggressive activity, and sometimes it’ll mean losing a few hairs every now and then. Still, brush your beard at least once a day. No more than twice daily.

What Are the Benefits of Brushing Your Beard Regularly?

It’s a time commitment, but it’s worth it.

  • Train Your Hairs

    Routine brushing trains your beard. You’ll still have some stubborn hairs, but regular brushing makes styling a lot easier and brings you a lot closer to your ultimate goal.
  • Stop the Frizzing and the Breaking

    Natural oils on your face need help being moved around your beard. Especially sebum, an essential oil produced by the sebaceous glands in your face. Brushing helps moisturize your beard with these natural oils and reduces frizz and breaks.
  • Distribute Your Products

    It can be a challenge to spread your products by hand. Using a beard brush helps push products deep into the beard and spread them throughout.
  • Reduce Those Ingrown Hairs

    While it doesn’t always seem likely, brushing helps prevent ingrown hairs. Clogged pores are the main reason for ingrown follicles, and brushing helps pull dirt and dead skin away from your face.
  • Encourage Your Hair to Grow

    Aside from helping clean your skin, brushing massages and creates for better blood flow underneath your skin. The improved circulation encourages hair growth.
  • Condition Your Beard

    The natural oils that help decrease frizz and breaks also helps condition the beard. And because of the use of firm bristles, the brush is able to move the oils throughout the hair.
  • Clean and Remove Any Debris

    The main reason bearded men use a brush, aside from styling, is to clean and groom your beard. Dirt and grime get caught in the bristles and removed. But, because of this, you need to clean your brush. 

Knowing the benefits of brushing your beard can ultimately be the difference between the beard that attracts the lady across the room and the beard that turns her away. Keep learning how to improve your beard game and check out some amazing, natural products at!

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