Christopher Wilson

The Truth About Beard Growth And How To Maximize Your Beard Potential

The Truth About Beard Growth And How To Maximize Your Beard Potential

Christopher Wilson 12 minute read

  Some guys seem to be able to grow a full, thick beard in no time while it takes others of us ages—and we still may not have that big, robust beard we’re after. No two beards are alike, and though (of course) there are similarities, every beard is ... more »

Willies Secret Weapon

Christopher Wilson 1 minute read

So you want to know my secret huh! I'd be happy to show you. While this may be a little different than what your expecting, it is my secret sauce that takes my beard from Great to Awesome. So go ahead, what the video and try it out for yourself.   You ... more »

Fun Facts To Prove Beards Are Awesome

Christopher Wilson 1 minute read

Of course you know that beards are awesome.  That's why you have one! But now you can have some proof to back up that claim for all the haters. Check this out.  

Are Beard Care Products Really Necessary for the Best Results?

Christopher Wilson 6 minute read

How often do you wash your beard? People follow different routines for beard care. But one thing’s for certain -- you must keep it clean somehow. What are habits we’ve come across with regards to washing? Well, some guys: Wash their beards in the shower ... more »

The Best Products and Tools for Mustache Maintenance

Christopher Wilson 5 minute read

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “quality over quantity” before. The idea is true for most things in life -- an investment in quality never backfires. Human nature, though, sides with the concepts bigger is better and the more, the merrier! We imagine ... more »