Are Beard Care Products Really Necessary for the Best Results?

Christopher Wilson
6 minute read

How often do you wash your beard? People follow different routines for beard care. But one thing’s for certain -- you must keep it clean somehow. What are habits we’ve come across with regards to washing? Well, some guys:

  • Wash their beards in the shower with ordinary hair shampoo
  • Only wash their beards when they wash their hair
  • Clean their beards every day
  • Wash their beards once or twice a week
  • Use soap instead of shampoo for shorter beards or stubble
  • Clean their beards after taking a shower as part of a care routine
  • Use a beard shampoo/soap or several products

Everyone has a system they swear by. And lifestyles have a big effect on routines. But here’s the question on everyone’s mind -- should you use dedicated beard products, or will soap or hair shampoo do the job?

One reason men are skeptical of beard products is their sudden rise to fame. Guys reason in days gone by, countless treatments didn’t stack the shelves of the local store. Men’s beards survived just as well without them. In the last few years, though, the range of products has exploded, and some see it as a gimmick to make money off the skyrocketing popularity of beards.

To truly answer the question, let's address a couple of other important questions first -- What do beards need? And how do modern lifestyles affect those needs?

What Do Beards Need?

They need moisture. That’s because dry hair causes split ends, brittle hair, and dandruff. Hair follicles provide a natural moisturizer through the secretion of sebum oil by the Sebaceous glands. The glands produce enough sebum to take us through the day and keep hair healthy and strong. It maintains skin hydration, and its vitamin E content helps skin and hair even more.

Do you like greasy hair? Probably not. Our hair becomes greasy because of sebum oil, but beauty standards say greasy = unattractive. So shampoos remove oil from the scalp and beautifying the hair instead. Use those shampoos on your beard, and you’re eliminating a valuable oil that keeps your hair moisturized and strong.

How Does your Lifestyle Affect your Beard?

It’s true - our forefathers didn’t depend on cedarwood and peppermint-scented balms to keep their beards flourishing. But it’s also true they led very different lifestyles. Modern trends put more pressure on general health, nevermind beards. We expose ourselves to conditions that really aren’t kind to our bodies.

Harsh elements in the air and water pound our bodies every day. And busy lifestyles in the fast lane lead to poor eating habits, less exercise, and more stress than ever. All this puts tremendous pressure on our systems and the results are clear -- weight gain, poor skin, and lackluster hair. And those are only the visible effects.

It’s obvious you should protect your body. This includes taking care of your beard. Relying on traditional methods doesn’t cut it in this day and age. New times call for new methods, so don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to keep your scruff in the best state.

What Does an Ideal Wash Do?

Going the extra mile involves knowing what’s good for your beard and your skin. Don’t forget the skin underneath makes a big difference in the same way your scalp affects the hair on your head. Here’s how you can protect your hair and skin when you wash it:

Lock in moisture - It’s at the top of the list because dryness is an enemy of good hair and skin. Dry skin can flake and become irritated. When you scratch, it causes inflammation. This leads to infections and dandruff down the line. Dryness also makes your hair brittle and prone to breakages and split ends.

What helps: Vitamin E is a proven moisturizer. Meadowfoam seed oil is often used in ointments and balms because if its ability to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. And Castor oil has antifungal properties and is effective in treating dry skin.

Promote growth - Aid hair growth by creating the right environment for hair to grow without obstructions.

What helps: Aloe Vera rejuvenates hair follicles and limits thinning. Enzymes in the substance lock in moisture and clear out dead skin cells, promoting hair growth in the process. Vitamin BH, present in citrus, prevents hair thinning too and keeps it lustrous and shiny!

Prevent skin irritations - Men sometimes ignore skin irritations because they’re under the hair. But bad skin causes all sorts of issues and the last thing you want is to shave your beard off because the skin underneath is inflamed and broken.

What helps: Two hormones in Aloe Vera, Auxin and Gibberellins, are anti-inflammatory and combat irritations. They eliminate dead skin cells, reducing dandruff as well. Vitamin B5 unclogs pores and prevents itching. It promotes Zinc production, and they work together against inflammation and redness caused by acne. Finally, Eucalyptus, an essential oil, prevents skin irritations too.

Stimulate cell growth and regeneration - The harsh elements take a toll on skin. Sure, your beard is a shield, but there are still chances of cell damage.

What helps - Citrus fruits help skin tissue to regenerate, and they speed up cell turnover.  Pantothenic acid, a B vitamin, aids protein-rich tissue development in the body. One protein-based substance beneficial to the skin is collagen, which keeps skin elastic and smooth.

The Answer

So should you use dedicated beard products when you wash? As we always say, the truth is in the ingredients. You’re aware of controversies surrounding chemicals in shampoos and cosmetics, and research is widely available about the results.

It’s up to you to make the judgment. Know what you apply to your hair and skin. Examine the ingredients in our beard wash and rinse, for instance. When you read “80% organic and free from Sulfates, SLS, SLES and Parabens,” it’s because we want to keep things as natural as possible. Regardless of what internet rumors, myths, and spin articles say, natural = better in our book.

Most importantly, we’ve included high-quality natural ingredients. A lot has gone into creating a trustworthy wash and conditioner to keep your beard looking and feeling at its best. The ingredients are so nourishing, you could even use them as your face wash!

It goes without saying that supporting hair and skin health and providing extra layers of protection can only be a good thing. Your lifestyle and beard-care choices have such a big effect on the condition of your beard. Take this into consideration the next time you’re in the shampoo aisle.

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