9 Ways For Guys To Remove Unwanted Hair Long-Term

9 Ways For Guys To Remove Unwanted Hair Long-Term

Bubba Stacy
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Remember that first sprouting of hair on your chest, or the first time the beginnings of a mustache started replacing the peach fuzz on your upper lip?

It was the ultimate symbol of masculinity and the first signs of budding manhood.

While your father or uncles or any other guys you might’ve looked up to might’ve grumbled about shaving to remain respectable for work, you looked forward to the day when you would need to shave.

Ultimately, though, as you got older, you started to wonder how to get rid of unwanted hair…

You want to hold on to your mighty beard, but what about the hair in your nose or on your back?

Here are some tips to help you get started on removing some of that unwanted hair…

1. Trimmers

When you have tiny hairs that start to sprout up in specific areas, a small pair of scissors for trimming can help.

Likely places a trimmer can come in handy include when you’re trimming those nose and ear hairs.

Angle your mirrors correctly to get a good look while you’re trimming down the hairs. If the hairs go deeper into the ear canal than your trimmers will allow you to reach, consider professional services.

2. Electric Razors

Not everyone has the patience or steady hands you might need for trimmers, but an electric razor can simplify the process.

This is one instance where you should resist the urge to improvise for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Invest in an electric trimmer specifically designed for nose and ear hairs. You can find one of these is our Wild Willies Tactical Traveler Kit.

3. Wax

Manscaping is no longer the taboo topic it used to be.

Many men not only shape their beards and hairlines, but also wax their nose hairs.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ask your barber about this service and prepare yourself mentally. It hurts for a quick second, but people who get it done regularly believe that moment is well worth it.

You can also use waxing to remove other areas of unwanted body hair such as the neck, shoulders and back.

4. Tweezers

If you specifically want to get rid of extra eyebrow hair but waxing sounds like too much, consider tweezing.

Some men are lucky enough to have a friend on hand who can help out. If not, watch a few YouTube videos before testing this out.

Don’t go overboard. Just remove the hairs that disrupt the desired, natural shape of your brows, such as the bridge of the unibrow or stray hairs at the top, bottom, and end.

Men also often use tweezers to pull out their first beard grays. But why not embrace the incoming salt and pepper look?

You can find a great pair of durable tweezers in The Arsenal from Wild Willies, the one-stop-shop for all your non-bearded male grooming needs.

5. Creams

If you don’t mind a bit of a mess and want to create smoothness on a large area of the body, there are hair removal creams to help you accomplish this.

Nair is the most common option available. Hair removal creams rely on strong chemicals and some are not suitable for certain parts of the body, so be sure to read the label thoroughly and get the right type. You should also follow the instructions exactly as written to prevent irritation.

6. Laser

For long-term results, turn to laser treatments.

This type of surgery involves no scalpels, but instead uses actual laser beams to zap the hair follicles.

While many people refer to this as permanent hair removal, semi-permanent is probably more accurate…

Eventually, those hairs do grow back. They just take a much longer time to do so.

Note that it can take a few sessions to get the long-term results you crave.

7. Electrolysis

If all of this is beginning to sound tedious, you may start to wonder how to remove unwanted hair permanently.

There is only one way to achieve this. Electrolysis zaps the hair follicles with electrical currents instead of a laser beam.

Believe it or not, this is more effective and prevents the hair from growing back. Only consider this option if you are 100% sure you don’t want the hair to return.

8. Feminine Advice

Women have battled with unwanted body hair for much longer than men as they face much greater pressure to have smooth and hair-free skin.

If you have a good relationship with a woman who could give some suggestions, it’s worth asking. You may not be up for going to all the lengths women do to go hair-free, but they can often provide comprehensive information on options to consider.

If your friend can’t, there’s probably a 99% chance she has a friend who can.

9. Medical Advice

Women are excellent resources for your Q&A, but if you have a skin condition or medical condition that could affect your hair growth, speak with a medical doctor. There’s no need to risk your health over some unwanted hairs.

Make Your Hair Do What You Want

You’ve learned how to get rid of unwanted facial hair as well as hair on other parts of the body, but maintaining the hair you do want to keep around is important too. Fuel your beard with Wild Willies products for the best results.

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