7 Best Styles of the Soul Patch

Kristian S
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When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, the soul patch is the style of facial hair that takes the cake. The soul patch is a classic look which, like the moustache, goes in and out of style with time, but always seems to make a comeback. Best of all, the soul patch can be styled multiple ways and combined with other styles in order to make a unique look that suits your lifestyle perfectly. Below you will find everything you need to know about the soul patch. 

Soul patch meaning

So what exactly is a soul patch? Typically the soul patch style involves leaving the tuft of hair that grows out from under your bottom lip, while shaving some or all of the surrounding facial hair. It can be wider or longer depending on the person and the style chosen. Men with thick enough facial hair can grow a soul patch that extends from the lower lip all the way to the chin, while for other men it is simply a small tuft. 

Some things about the soul patch are ambiguous. For instance, the name “soul patch” itself has a rather unclear history. It is also up for debate what counts as a soul patch. Some people insist that a soul patch can only be called that if it is the only hair on your face. Others believe that styles including a mustache or sideburns can also be called a soul patch. Everyone has their own opinion. 

What does a soul patch say about you?

We aren’t going to try to tell you that the soul patch is the classiest style of facial hair. However, whatever it lacks in prestige, it makes up for in character. The soul patch is the preferred style of bluesy, soulful people with a laid back attitude and a fun nature. It is a style that is equally suitable for artists in a big city or your average rural working man. It also tells those around you that you don’t take yourself too seriously, though, depending on the style, it can be made a bit more professional

Origin of soul patch facial hair

As we mentioned before, the origins of the words “soul patch” are unclear. However, we do know that this style was first popularized in the U.S. by a jazz musician named Dizzy Gillespie in the 40s and 50s. He was so widely credited with popularizing the look that, before it was called a soul patch, many people simply called the style a “Dizzy Gillespie beard.” 

From there, the style took off. It spread not only throughout the jazz world, but also into the culture of beatniks, and from there into the American mainstream. By this point it had been given a great number of different names, including the “jazz dab,” the (slightly gross) “flavor savor,” and the “mouche,” a french word for fly. 

The best guess as to the name soul patch itself is that it probably comes from the soulful attitudes of the musicians and poets who first popularized it in the U.S. However, the true origin may forever remain a mystery. 

Benefits of having a soul patch

Aside from the stylistic appeal of the soul patch, there are other benefits to this minimalistic style.

As you might have already guessed, the soul patch is a fairly low maintenance type of facial hair. Unlike a full beard, it won’t require a great deal of brushing or washing beyond baseline hygiene. Depending on the style, the main thing you will probably have to do is shave once every couple of days. 

The soul patch is also great for men whose beards don’t grow particularly thick. If you are struggling with a patchy beard or moustache, the neatest look for you might be a soul patch. 

Finally, the soul patch is versatile, and can be incorporated into a number of different styles. Let’s take a look at the best of those:

Best styles of soul patch

Solo Soul Patch

man with soul patch facial hair

Mustache + Soul Patch

asian man with beard mustache and soul patch

Long Mustache + Soul Patch + Chin Patch

man with a long mustache and soul patch beard style

Stubble + Soul Patch

man with beard stubble and a stubble soul patch

Soul Patch to Pointed Beard

older man with a white beard and a soul patch and mustache

Full Beard + Soul Patch

man with medium length beard and a soul patch

Soul Patch to Chin Strap

young man with a chinstrap beard and a soul patch

Grooming your soul patch

While one of the main benefits of the soul patch is how little maintenance it requires, there are still some things you will likely want to do to keep it looking fresh, particularly if it is paired with a moustache or beard. For example, many men neglect the essential task of hydrating and moisturizing their facial hair. 

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