6 New Tips On How To Straighten Your Beard With This One Tool

6 New Tips On How To Straighten Your Beard With This One Tool

Bubba Stacy
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The ideal beard is full, thick, straight and neat. Think Chuck Norris or Grizzly Adams. That’s the type of facial feature that’ll earn you admiration wherever you go.

So what if yours looks like the hair of an Old English Sheepdog that hasn’t been bathed in months?

If you struggle to keep all your whiskers going in the same direction, the solution may be simpler than you realize…

A beard straightener, which costs less than your lunch for the week, will amaze you by how quickly it shapes up your facial hair.

Here’s how to use a beard straightener effectively, as well as a few of the top reasons why every man who grows hair on his face should have one.

Why You Should Buy A Beard Straightener Today

Are you still laughing at the thought of using a hairbrush to straighten your beard?

There was a time when using beard oils and beard brushes might not have seemed as manly…

But today, it’s a whole nother story. More and more men all over the world are taking their freedom by the reigns and embracing their right to grow a manly beard and look the way they want.

So take a minute to look in the mirror at your crazy, wooly facial hair and you’ll quickly change your mind about using that brush.

But sometimes you need a little something more to get that face rug under control. And what better way to do it than by using a straightener specifically designed for straightening your beard safely?

Plus, a Wild Willies Beard Straightener is different from a regular hairbrush. It’s an ingenious invention that delivers all kinds of benefits…

  • It helps train your hairy face beast to grow downward instead of outward, upward and every other possible direction.
  • It glides through your facial hair with ease thanks to advanced ionic conditioning combined with anti-static coating, which means no snagging and fast, longer lasting results.
  • It straightens and smooths the hair on your face without burning you because of unique PTC heating technology that always contains a consistent level of heat (yes, we know about your attempt to flatten your beard with your girlfriend’s hair straightener… ).
  • It can be used with other beard products to create the smoothest, most beautiful beard of your life.


If you’re tired of dealing with matted, tangled facial hair, it’s time to do things differently. Learning how to use a beard straightener can only change your world for the better…

How To Achieve A Straight, Glorious Beard

There is no single best way to straighten your beard. But if you follow this multistep routine, you’ll have an easier time taming your beard with minimal discomfort…

1. Prep your beard by washing it. This is the first step you should take when getting your beard ready for a night on the town. Trust us, that flavor saver of yours is filthy and needs a good cleaning.

Keep in mind that you need a little more than just shampoo. In fact, if you use regular hair shampoo, you could end up drying out your skin and sporting a nice dusting of beardruff. That’s the last thing you want.

To keep your beard lustrous and avoid drying out your skin, choose a beard wash that’s formulated with gentle moisturizing ingredients that’ll clean your beard without stripping it of its natural oils.

2. Soften your beard hairs. This is an important step that allows your facial hair to be more manipulative.

Without softening your beard first, combing it will feel a lot like ripping the individual hairs out one by one. No one wants to experience that.

You can soothe your wild beard by applying a beard softener product to it before you brush it out like Wild Willies Progro Beard Soft.

3. Apply a beard growth product. Now that your facial hair is squeaky clean and soft, it’s time to make sure it stays full and impressive.

Apply a beard growth product like Wild Willies Beard Boost to your face mane before you begin brushing. Give it a few minutes to sit on your face and soak in.

4. Begin brushing. Hold your beard straightener firmly in one hand and pull it gently downward through your beard. Start near your ear on one side and work your way to the other side.


Don’t rush the process. The key to taming your bristles is to slowly pull them downward so they straighten out. Brushing too quickly could cause them to spring back and look even fuzzier.

5. Finish with beard butter. Now that your beard is straight and neat, it’s time to apply the finishing touch. A little bit of Wild Willies Beard Butter will keep everything in place and deliver an alluring shine that makes it look like it belongs on the cover of GQ.

6. One more thing. Don’t forget to admire yourself. This might be the best you’ve ever looked. And trust us, she’ll notice!

Now that you know how to use a beard straightener effectively, you’re going to be much more satisfied with your beard.

Get Your Wild Willies Beard Straightener Today

Tired of beard tangles? You’re in luck. You can find high-quality beard brushes and other leading beard products from Wild Willies. Purchase your Wild Willies Beard Straightener today and start out on your quest to tame your wild, wooly beard once and for all.

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