5 Secrets on How to Make Your Beard Shine

Bubba Stacy
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Growing a beard is an awesome experience every man deserves. It’s the ultimate sign of manliness. But a beard lives on a man’s face, and what’s the point of having a beard if no one’s going to notice? If it doesn’t boost your appearance?

Have you Googled “how to make your beard shine” recently? A beard that stands out requires maintaining, and maintaining your beard means looking after your skincare and general appearance. A shiny and properly conditioned beard won’t only look better, but it also comes with a vast number of health benefits, like preventing the dehydration of the facial skin under your beard. One key to a shiny beard is always using the right beard oil and balm products, but keeping a shinier beard in the long term calls for maintaining your beard through the right routine.

The Secret to Maintaining a Healthy Shine

1)    Wash with Shampoo

Washing your beard has more benefits than most guys give it credit for. A hydrating cleanser conditions the hairs while cleaning and adding moisture to every thread of your facial hair. Washing your beard also removes grime and excess oils that might compromise the healthy growth of your beard.

Make sure to use a high-quality shampoo. Doing so prevents irritation. Neglecting your beard makes it unclean since the beard can trap in some odors from food, cigarettes, and anything else your beard might come across on a daily basis. Make sure you use shampoo on the beard at least twice a week. Choose a moisturizing shampoo and prevent your beard from becoming brittle.

2)    Apply a Conditioner and Keep It Moisturized

You can apply a conditioner twice a week, just like your shampoo. This is a significant step in knowing how to make your beard shine. The beard oil and conditioner you use will infiltrate the hairs and soften them with their vitamins and nutrients. A soft and shiny beard is very easy to style and comb. If you’re using a conditioning cream or a beard lotion, make sure you rub the product into your beard—all the way down to the skin underneath it—to moisturize the skin as well as the hair follicles. Make sure you rinse your beard well after you shampoo it to prevent your facial hair from drying out, which will lead to irritation. For better results, look for non-comedogenic beard products because they won’t block your pores.

3)    Comb, Brush, and Wax

Brushing your beard spreads the beard oil, and this is the best time to check your beard for flyways. To tame these persistent facial hairs, use a soft beard wax to relax and keep them even. Beard wax has all the natural components that will help keep your beard healthy, nourished, and shiny.

4)    Trim the Beard

Your beard, despite its length, should be neat. Just like your scalp hair, beards get split ends too.

These split ends must be removed for healthier facial hair. Always choose the right tools to trim your beard, specifically a beard comb and scissors to cut a thicker beard.

5)    Avoid Petting and Shimmering Spray

Massaging only leads to a hard and jagged beard, so avoid the temptation of playing with your beard. Fondling also impedes the smooth growth and results in incomplete and delayed beard growth. Similarly, shining sprays weaken the facial hair, but you can use vitamin E, which will give your facial hair a long-term shine.

Bottom Line

When it comes to knowing how to make your beard soft and shiny, it’s pretty easy. On top of utilizing all the above tips for a shiny beard, drink plenty of water for healthier skin. Visit Wild Willies today and learn more about quality products that will give you a shiny beard, a fantastic smell, and keep your beard hydrated!


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