11 Secrets To Simplify Your Life For A More Peaceful Day-To-Day Routine

11 Secrets To Simplify Your Life For A More Peaceful Day-To-Day Routine

Bubba Stacy
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These days, simplification seems like a fairytale more than a realistic accomplishment…

With cell phones, social media and other digital platforms, the days of an average 9-to-5 are long gone.

Everyone is plugged in all day every day, making it increasingly difficult to find peace and solace.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to simplify your life and disconnect and destress your daily routines, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the mornings and evenings with family or yourself.

Check out our 11 secrets to a simpler manly routine and make your day-to-day life that much easier…

1. Get Your Clothes Ready in the Evening

Mornings can be chaotic in family households because of overlapping schedules, but even for bachelors, the morning can feel rushed.

Consider setting out your clothes the night before to reduce early morning stress.

While you may not spend more than a couple of minutes selecting an outfit, that’s still extra time you can have in the morning to get a little ahead on your daily goals.

2. Prepare for Breakfast and Lunch After Dinner

Saving time is paramount to a relaxing morning.

Instead of preparing your daily meals in the morning, try making them after dinner. You can prepare several breakfasts and lunch options the night before.

If you don't want to make a whole meal the evening before, consider preparing for it. Cut up fruit or pour cereal in a bowl. Set your coffee machine to prepare your cup automatically on time.

Take advantage of evening downtime for smoother morning transitions.

3. Create a Morning Schedule for the Bathroom

It’s easy to lose track of time in the bathroom…

A lot of people can be pretty groggy first thing in the morning and slip into a sort of meditative state or slumber in the shower.

Try creating a morning schedule and setting multiple timers.

For example, set aside 10 minutes for a shower and about the same amount of time for beard grooming. Designing a bathroom schedule ensures you don’t waste time daydreaming or meditating (for too long at least… ).

4. Eliminate the Snooze Button

Raise your hand if you love the snooze button.

Who doesn't?

Unfortunately, the snooze button is the enemy to a happy and energetic morning.

Many studies suggest that those extra five or ten minutes make it harder to get up and work.

You're toying with your body's internal clock and jolting it in and out of sleep states, confusing your brain.

Eliminate the snooze button and feel more awake and alert.

5. Hit the Play Button

When you have an afternoon free, create a playlist for your morning. Focus on happy, energetic tunes that get you excited.

Music helps keep you awake and is a brilliant way to energize your tired brain.

Wake up every day to a sing-a-long. It can get you started on the right foot.

6. Open Your Blinds

One of the ways to simplify your life is to change your attitude about it.

Opening your blinds is an excellent way to improve your mood.

Your brain and body thrive on natural light. Let the sunshine in and crack open the window to breathe in some fresh air.

7. Organize Your Counter Space

Knowing how to simplify your grooming routine is beneficial to both morning and evening schedules.

One of the best strategies to streamline grooming rituals is to organize your counter space in the bathroom.

Clear away anything nonessential and assemble a men's grooming kit to keep by the sink or in a cabinet. Less clutter means better focus.

8. Ignore Your Phone

Do yourself a favor and do not look at your phone in the morning.

Keeping your cell phone off is a marvelous way to maintain stress-free mornings.

If you use your phone as your alarm clock, then reserve its use to only turning off those alarms.

9. Use Pill Organizers

If you take a daily vitamin or if you have regular medications to take, then it’s a great idea to purchase a pill organizer.

A weekly organizer reduces the risk of forgetting to take your pills and vitamins because it has labels for the days of the week.

10. Declutter Your Space and Brain

A clean space leads to a calm mind…

Organize and keep your home and bedroom free of clutter.

If you don’t have time to clean, consider hiring a service.

Many people are amazed to discover how life-changing a clean living space can be.

11. Use Apps To Stay Organized and Prepared

Preparation at night is often the cure to stressful days.

Use apps to make a list of appointments, to-dos and anything else you might need before leaving the house in the morning.

Get in the habit of checking these lists before stepping out in the morning.

Keep It Stupid Simple

Are you looking for ways to simplify your life? Try putting the 11 tips above into practice.

Because the best way to simplify your life is through preparation and the development of new habits and routines.

It might take a bit of practice, discipline and patience, but you can slowly build up your routine one step at a time, and it’s almost always worth it.

One key to having a stress-free day is beginning with a painless morning grooming routine.

Check out everything we have to offer at Wild-Willies.com to put together a grooming kit and routine that gets your days off to the right start.

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