11 Health Secrets Behind Why Men Grow Beards

Bubba Stacy
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If you’ve heard anything confusing lately like “you need to shave because of germs” and “there’s never been a better time to grow a beard,” then this article is for you.

Yes, your beard can hold germs.  

But the same goes for the hair on your head and even the hands at the ends of your arms… 

And you probably wouldn’t shave your head or cut off your arms because you were afraid of having more germs.

Think about the fridge in your kitchen. Once it’s there, you’ve increased the surface area of your kitchen… 

And once you’ve increased the surface area of anything, you’ve increased your chances of grabbing and holding onto germs.

But you're not gonna cut off your hands, and you're not gonna get rid of your fridge either…

The truth is that as long as you keep your beard clean, there's really never been a better time to grow a beard.

So take the time to wash your beard the same way you take time to wash your hands, because your beard looks good. 

And there are more health benefits of having a beard then you might think… 

Why Every Man Should Grow A Beard

Why do men grow beards? Well, it starts on the surface… 

Skin Protection

1. The Sun

Studies have shown that beards can act like a layer of defense and provide protection from harmful UV rays.

The thicker your beard, the more it protects the lower half of your face from getting sunburned, decreasing your chances of developing skin cancer. 

The thickest beards even have the potential to block up to 95% of sunlight from reaching and burning your skin.

2. Acne

While beard acne does exist, having a beard can also protect your face against Shaving alone can cause ingrown hairs to develop, leaving your pores open and increasing the risk of bacteria contaminating skin cells.

Thick beards can also make it difficult for bacteria to reach your skin, so these bacteria never really get the chance to wreak havoc.

3. The Skin Underneath

Maintaining your beard promotes the health of your skin underneath by keeping it hydrated. Because thick beards provide a layer of protection from the elements, your skin isn’t as likely to dry out.

Immune Booster

4. Filter Out The Bad

In the same way that having a beard protects your skin from acne, it also protects the rest of your body from becoming sick by acting as a filtration system.  

Beards help keep allergens from being inhaled through your nose and mouth, fighting hay fever and other seasonal allergies.

5. ...And Keep It Out

Beards can also help improve oral health by capturing harmful bacteria before it has the chance to enter your mouth.

Because oral health issues can lead to many different more serious health conditions (think heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and dementia just to name a few...), it’s a good idea to take advantage of nature’s filtration mask.

6. Stay Warm

It might seem obvious but beards keep you warmer for a longer period of time. This way, if you’re outside in harsh elements, your face is a bit more insulated. 

Your body temperature helps keep your immune system working just the way it should.

7. A Reason To Improve Hygiene

Having a beard can make it harder for cold and flu germs to enter your body through your respiratory system. 

Keep in mind, though, because your beard does such a good job of filtering out unwanted guests, it’s important to wash your facial hair every couple of days and prevent bacteria from growing in your facial hair. Get yourself a good beard shampoo and keep it clean.

Mental/Emotional Health Benefits

But helping keep a man physically healthy is just scratching the surface… 

The health benefits of having a beard go far beyond the physical, significantly contributing to mental and emotional well-being too.

8. Look And Feel More Attractive

Men like to feel attractive just as much as women do. We want the ladies to notice and our friends to be jealous. And growing a clean, well-maintained beard can help a man feel, well… more like a man! 

The confidence in his own manliness does wonders to his overall appearance. And beards are something only us men can do. So grow it out and wear your confidence on your face.

Plus, so many people (men and women alike) enjoy an aesthetically pleasing beard, so it’s no wonder why the bearded man is a confident man.

9. Dress For Success

It’s a fact: when a man likes the way he looks, he’s more successful in most aspects of his life. 

Poor self-confidence is unfulfilling in a person’s work and social life, so it’s a huge benefit when a man can do something simple to improve the way he looks and feels.

10. Look Young, Feel Wise

Thanks to the skin-protecting features of a beard, a bearded man might appear younger and fresher in the long run than our beardless brothers. 

While beards naturally remove the child-like look from a man’s face, the healthy and youthful look doesn’t come without the appearance of maturity. 

Remember, only men can grow beards. And growing one can give you the miraculous image of youthful energy and mature wisdom all at once.

11. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

Confidence is one of the main reasons why men grow beards.

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle and boosting one’s self-confidence makes it easier to pursue goals without constantly battling the fear of failure. Because healthy, confident men make more functional human beings, it’s easy to see why every man should grow a beard to improve his mental and physical health.

Enjoy Your Beard And Treat It Right!

The health benefits of having a beard aren’t always on a man’s mind when he chooses to put down the razor. But it’s important to remember that proper hygiene allows you to take full advantage of your beard.

Be sure to frequently clean and maintain your beard the same way that you would with any other body hair. Heck, the same way you would your hands! That way you can ensure that you’re taking the necessary steps to maintain a healthy, germ-free beard.

Remember: wash and condition your beard, keep up with trimming and shaping your facial hair, and use beard oil to keep your skin and hair healthy and hydrated.

Keep learning about how you can maintain your own health and the health of your beard at Wild-Willies.com!

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