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What’s the best lotion for new tattoos?

The most important time for a tattoo is the weeks after you get it. This is when the tattoo and your skin are the most vulnerable to damage that can ruin a good tattoo or, at the very least, mess it up in small ways that can take away from the overall value of your new ink.

Protecting your skin is vital in order to keep your tattoo in top-notch shape. Choosing the right lotions for a new tattoo, for example, can be the difference between having a picture-perfect tat and a lackluster one. The best lotion for new tattoos in our very own Wild Willies Tattoo Butter

Trust the experts: this is the premier product for color tattoo healing and tattoo moisturizing. Wild Willies Tattoo Butter was created in order to allow your skin to heal in a natural and healthy manner after getting tattooed. Once again, let us remind you: using the best lotion for healing a tattoo can be the difference between your tattoo looking vibrant and well-defined or looking like a leathery smudge. (Yuck!)

Our tattoo butter cream is the best for moisturizing tattoos -- even when they aren’t brand new. Using Wild Willies tattoo butter can help reinvigorate the look of older tattoos as well. This is because, when your skin is well-maintained and moisturized, it has more of a glisten to it. This glisten is what gives tattoos -- especially color tattoos -- their everlasting vibrance. By using our tattoo butter, you will be able to help show offall of your tattoos, new and old. All you have to do is take a small amount of tattoo butter and lather it on to the tattoo area. Our tattoo moisturizer is very effective, so you will not have to worry about using too much of it. Just a little bit rubbed onto the tattoo area will have it looking its best -- almost instantly.

When tattoos are healing, it’s a trying time for your skin. The best tattoo butters help facilitate the healing process, and this is especially true with here at Wild Willies. To us, it’s very important that your skin does not scar or scab, so our tattoo butter is specially formulated to help with this.

Many other tattoo butters may claim to work in this regard, but oftentimes, those are just glorified lotion. Wild Willies Tattoo Butter helps from start to finish, helping heal the skin in the days immediately after the tattoo, helping seal and protect the tattoo for the following weeks, and most importantly, it will help keep your tattoo shining and vibrant for years to come. Scabs will not be a worry and color tattoos will shine on your skin like new all the time. For the best lotion for new tattoos, a lotion that will moisturize your tattoo and help color tattoos maintain their color and vibrance, the best answer is Wild Willies tattoo butter. It is our mission tohelp men look their best, and if you have a fresh tattoo, the best thing you can do is try this.

Want to keep your tattoo vibrant? 

Tattoo Butter was created to moisturize your skin and protect your tattoo from fading or looking like a warn out piece of leather.

Simply apply a small amount as desired and it you'll have that fresh new tattoo look for years to come!

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