The 6 Most Common Issues Faced When Growing A Beard

And how to CONQUER them with ease!

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A good beard requires maintenance. Simple. You could go with the wild, untamed look, but we imagine that won't last long! If you want a healthy beard long-term, you need to take care of it.

Without enough attention, you won't have a pleasant beard experience. Beard itch, dandruff, dry skin, and acne are common, and many men give up and shave it all off.

A vital part of beard care is beard oil. Oils have different properties that improve hair and skin. They're either extracted from kernels, seeds, or nuts (carrier oils,) or from the leaves, roots, and bark of aromatic plants (essential oils)

The range of beard oils is wide, so we've put together a comprehensive list of different oils and their benefits to keep those beard annoyances at bay.

To make it even more interesting, we've categorized them into the 6 most common issues men face when growing a beard and the exact oils needed to fight back.

So here we go...

1.  Beard Itch

Beard itch can irritate, and in the early stages of growing a beard, it can become unbearable. It's one of the main reasons men don't reach 'full beard' status - they just can't take the itching.

Shaving can also cause itching (you're cutting the hairs at an angle, and when they emerge again, they dig into the skin,) and dry skin is another culprit.

What you can use:

Argan oil (or Moroccan oil) - A great moisturizer with Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids, Argan oil treats skin conditions and acts as a hair conditioner. It's a popular choice because of its nutty aroma, and your beard won't feel greasy.

Argan oil prevents skin from flaking because the beard stays moist. Less dead skin flakes mean less dandruff too!

Camellia oil (or Tea Seed oil) - The ancient Chinese used Camellia for hair treatment, so it has a proven track record. The oil is an intense moisturizer with high amounts of fatty acids and lipids. (Lipids are the second most used ingredients in skin care products after water.)

Avocado oil - Avocado oil is loaded with nutrients and minerals which nourish the scalp. It balances pH levels, locking in moisture, which is perfect for dry and brittle hair.

Gold Jojoba oil - Jojoba oil is one of the best carrier oils because it doesn't have a greasy texture or go rancid. Many lotions and creams use Jojoba because of the strong conditioning properties. It unblocks pores and has a mild aroma. Plus Jojoba is non-allergenic.


2.  Beard Dandruff

Dandruff, or, in this case, beardruff, is a frequent irritation of the scalp and beard. Causes include stress, the weather, yeast (Pityrosporum ovale,) and dry skin that the beard traps.

What you can use:

Grapeseed oil - Regular use of Grapeseed oil combats dandruff. By locking in moisture and smoothening hair, your beard will have a wonderful sheen. Grapeseed is light and odorless. It's non-greasy and acts as the perfect carrier oil.

Apricot oil (or Apricot Kernel oil) - The oil contains high levels of vitamins A & E. Vitamin A promotes skin cell care, while Vitamin E moisturizes your hair and skin. Apricot oil seals hair cuticle scales, promoting a smooth surface and shiny glow. It also reduces UV damage.

Eucalyptus oil - Eucalyptus is a favorite due to a great scent and effectiveness against dry and damaged scalps. It's long been a treatment for dandruff - you find Eucalyptus in many anti-dandruff shampoos. As an essential oil, though, mix with a carrier oil to prevent skin irritations.


3.  Beard Acne

This can be a painful irritation under the beard that leads to itching and discomfort. The cause? Bacteria infects the hair follicles, or inflammation occurs due to ingrowing hairs or shaving.

What you can use:

Tamanu oil - This oil is extracted from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree. It's anti-viral and antiseptic, so it fights beard and scalp fungus well. Tamanu has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties too.

Tea Tree oil - This essential oil has a host of characteristics that alleviate acne. It combats bacterial and fungal infections. The oil unblocks hair follicles and eliminates dead cells, reducing dandruff in the process.

Cedar Wood oil - Another essential oil that's anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial. And the smell is amazing.

Lemongrass oil - With a distinctive aroma, Lemongrass oil is anti-microbial and antibacterial. It's an essential oil, so use it with a carrier.

4.  Dry/Flaky Skin

One of the main annoyances for beard growers, dry skin compounds many other beard issues. Skin can dry out for a host of reasons - cold weather, allergies, or even the soap you use.

Shea Butter - An intense concentration of
vitamins and fatty acids make Shea Butter an amazing treatment and preventative measure for dry skin. It moisturizes the skin and prevents the loss of natural oils.

What you can use:

Caster oil - A common carrier, Caster oil is heavy with Omega-6 fatty acids and anti-fungal properties. It's effective for treating dry scalp and dry skin because of its moisturizing effects.

Peppermint oil - Peppermint oil is an essential oil, so mix it with a carrier. It balances skin pH and stops dry skin and dandruff. Peppermint has regenerative properties to keep your hair healthy while encouraging growth. The smell is addictive, diffusing a wonderful fresh effect.

Meadow Foam Seed oil - Because of its strong anti-oxidant properties, Meadow Foam Seed is a popular carrier oil. The rich texture is able to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. It's a trusted choice for ointments and balms.


5.  Beard Volume/Growth

Many men have one complaint - their beard isn't thick or full enough. They often look for ways to spur hair growth. Beard oils won't make you grow more hair, but they will enhance conditions necessary for growth.

What you can use:

Yellow Beeswax - It's clear from the name what we're dealing with. Beeswax is successful at adding volume to your beard and making it more manageable.

Coconut oil - This is such a versatile oil, and not only for beards. Coconut encourages hair growth, and you'll see more volume and shine. It has loads of other benefits too. It fights fungus and makes hair stronger. Lauric acid allows deeper penetration into your skin for it to condition your roots.

Emu oil - So named because it's from the fat of the Emu bird, this oil promotes healthy hair growth. The molecules are tiny, so the oil penetrates your skin, stimulating hair follicles. It's light and non-greasy.

Sweet Almond oil - Here's another oil rich in minerals. Magnesium and Zinc are two of the main elements. Magnesium and Zinc deficiency cause poor growth and hair loss, so their presence in Sweet Almond oil is effective at restricting those conditions.


6.  Brittle hair

Do you find that your hair breaks easily? Dryness contributes to brittle hair, and the products you use on your beard, such as shampoo and soap, could reduce the oil content, making your hair dry and weak.

What you can use:

Rosemary oil - Rosemary oil stimulates hair follicles, resulting in longer and stronger hair. As a bonus, some claim it stimulates brain activity too! Rosemary darkens hair, though, so be careful if you have light hair. Be sure to mix this essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice.

Vitamin E oil - Here's a versatile oil that moisturizes and encourages growth by stimulating capillaries. Vitamin E will repair hair that's had heat damage from the sun. When you massage it into your skin, circulation improves. This reduces hair loss.



There you have it!

The 6 most common beard problems and how to conquer them with ease.

With the right care, your beard will flourish and stay healthy. You can walk around with an air of confidence, knowing you're a man with a stunning beard!

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Isaac olden

February 07, 2016

My beard issue is under my chin & along the jawline I place oil under my chin and around the jawline area to help with growth but it seems like it doesn’t work & doesn’t want to grow…. Any suggestions on this problem?


February 07, 2016

Thanks for this awesome blog,I am having an issue with #5 so when I read this this morning I know what I need to do.I already bought a few of the products and will continue to buy others.

Frank w Podgurski

February 20, 2016

I’ve been growing my beard for six months, and all I use on it is Palmer’s olive oil conditioner. I love it and it keeps my beard and skin soft.

Steve Bales

March 08, 2016

I have had issues 2,3,5 and sometimes 1 even with the full beard I have. Using your product is making a BIG difference! Thanks for making a manly beard product that looks and smells Manley.


April 06, 2016

hi, manthan here. i have issue for curved beard hairs inward direction, specifically under jawline of my right face and on the other side, it grows properly(non-curvy). can you help me out with this problem?

i can send u photographs which might help you to understand my problem. i m growing beard from 6 months and it is 2.5" long right now.

i will very thankful if you try to help me out.


April 07, 2016
beard itch. I learned this in barber school. When your facial hair grows out it has a natural curl to it so when it’s just starting to grow its curling back towards your face which in turn pokes you and that’s where the itch comes from. That stage only lasts a week or two because once it grows past the curl it starts to lay flatter and grows away from face.
Solution: Stop being a pussy. Throw some beard oil in and carry a comb or brush to gently stroke away the itch.


June 04, 2016

Isaac I believe a lot of growing a beard is genetics. I was also in your boat a few years ago and I also did a ton of digging and found that vitamins, testosterone and exercise can also play apart. Quality beard care products do help with promoting and keeping the beard healthy that is why I use both and for all my beard care but none of the products I believe will work over night they will just assist in the process. Also age plays a big part. Beards are trending and a lot of teens think they can just magically grow one. Any young guns on here do not rush your youth you have plenty of time.


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