Tools To Shape And Trim Your Beard At Home Like A Pro

Growing out your beard is one thing, but continually grooming a trim beard is a completely different beast to tame. These tools will help you in trimming your beard to rugged and stylish perfection.

Style Your Beard Like a Pro with these Beard Trimming Tools


1. Beard Comb



A comb is important for anyone who wants to stay well-groomed and looking dapper, but did you know that there are different combs for different hair? Veteran gentlemen recommend having separate combs for your head hair, mustache, and most especially your trim beard. There are several reasons for this: a regular hair comb will not fare well in your beard, and might even get stuck and damage your beard hair.

Having a beard comb is ideal, as it is made to specifically address your beard needs. They are usually wide-toothed to make it easier to pass through the coarsest and tangliest of beards and are compact enough to be slid into a pocket.

2. Boar's Hair Brush

hair brushes | Tools To Shape and Trim Your Beard At Home Like A Pro

For maximum beard care, a boar's hair brush is ideal. The bristles aren't as flimsy as the bristles on plastic brushes, making it great for managing frizz, detangling, and training your beard hair to stay in one direction. This type of bristle also has minute scales that pick up dirt and grime in your beard while distributing natural oils and beard products evenly. The rigid bristles also help with exfoliation and increase circulation.

Pro tip: Get a rounded boar's hair brush. You get all the hardy benefits of a boar's hair brush but with more versatility when it comes to styling. This is best paired with a hair dryer, which brings us to...

3. Hair Dryer



This is for gents with medium-length beards and longer. The thickness of your beard will often contribute to its uncooperativeness, so fighting it with heat is key. It's best to get a hair dryer that comes with a nozzle attachment to focus on small sections and to lessen heat damage.

Pro tip: Hair dryers are known for blasting hot air to shape the most unruly of hair, but don't forget about the "cool" setting. Use heat when you're styling, then use the cool air to set the hair in place.

4. Shaving Brush

Shaving brushes are usually kept in tandem with razors. But just because your razor is gathering dust doesn't mean your shaving brush has to. It's perfect as an exfoliant for longer beards. It can help in removing those pesky beard flakes and help keep your skin healthy. Remember: healthy skin means healthy hair. And healthy facial hair means a fantastic, trim beard.

5. Beard Trimming Scissors



You know you can always go to your barber to get your beard the best possible trim, but it's best to have your own pair of beard trimming scissors. They are especially handy if your barber happens to be unavailable and you need to trim those flyaways ASAP. Take the time to invest in a great pair of scissors, and learn how to properly use them. You can ask your barber for trimming tips or gun it. You are, after all, the master of your own fate--er, trim beard.

6. Clippers

Clippers are a must-have for any guy's grooming kit, but you should take note that there are different kinds of clippers designed to achieve different things. Get a mustache and beard trimmer: they're specifically designed for facial hair. They are also ideal for shorter beards, especially if visiting barbers more than once a month would take a toll on your resources.

7. Beard Oil



This is the beard product that rules over all beard products. Beard oil is the one staple that other products revolve around. Without it, your beard would careen into the dry and crunchy territory. Tangles would easily form. Your combs and brushes would snag, and hairs would be prone to breakage. Beard oil re-hydrates your beard after washing, making it softer and stronger.

Pro tip: Use a product with Jojoba oil, as it closely mimics the natural oils produced by the skin. It works to replace natural oils lost during washing.

8. Beard Conditioner

beard conditioner | Tools To Shape and Trim Your Beard At Home Like A Pro

Beard conditioner functions much like a typical hair conditioner. It restores the moisture lost in your beard after a thorough washing. It also makes your beard extra soft and shiny. This is great for winter months when dryness comes back with a vengeance. Simply run your beard conditioner in, leave it for a couple of minutes, then rinse.

9. Whisker Dam



They say the best solution is prevention, and this product takes the cake. It's a small plate that easily clips onto cups to protect your facial hair from your favorite beverage. Beards are known to be flavor savers, and often in the worst of ways, as the scent of milk or coffee can linger and become cloying as the day goes. The whisker dam keeps your beard and mustache dry and free of flavor, as it should be, and you can heartily sip your drink in peace.


Check out this video by Thebw8 for some big beard growing tips:

Trends have blessed all of mankind with the glory that is beards coming back into fashion. Men everywhere have thrown away their razors and let their facial hair run wild--within reason. Keep things sophisticated by adding these 9 handy beard products in your grooming kit.

Got any go-to beard products, brands, and styling tips? Drop us a line in the comment section!

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