Sleeping with a Beard Has Never Been More Comfortable

Growing a beard is one heck of an experience, but the results are always worth it. It might seem like there isn’t much to it, but plenty of problems can arise along the way, and some of them are inevitable. When you decide to grow your beard, there are quite a few things you need to know, especially how to sleep with a beard. All the moving and tossing and turning most guys do in the middle of the night. Combine that with the fact you’re probably sleeping on cotton bedding, which tends to absorb your beard oil, and the result is usually beard breakage and beard bedhead (tangled locks of beard when you get out of bed). But it can all be avoided and you can protect your beard while sleeping if you follow these easy tips!

5 Easy Tips for Sleeping with a Beard

1)    Wash Your Face and Beard Before Going to Bed

Washing the day off your face before you go to bed is essential to learning how to sleep with a beard. Sometimes an itchy beard can mess up your sleep, so use a natural alcohol cleanser to wash your beard and the skin underneath it. Cleaning your beard with a beard shampoo removes dirt, grime, and dead skin cells without stripping your skin of its natural oils, and it helps prevent ingrown hairs.

2)    Trim Your Beard

Long beards are vulnerable to breakage and split-ends, so if your beard starts feeling out of place, give it a trim. Make sure that you dry your beard properly before trimming so you don’t end up cutting more than you want.

3)    Apply Beard Oil and Brush It Out

Keeping your beard moisturized and conditioned always boosts your appearance and helps you protect your beard while sleeping. Oiling your beard also prevents your beard from tangling. When you apply beard oil before bedtime, your skin absorbs it in your sleep. Beard oil will strengthen your beard overall, prevent split ends, and keep your skin from becoming dry and itchy.

Brushing your beard is great for styling and keeping it healthy. Use a good beard comb to get rid of knots. Remember: your beard is very delicate, so never use cheap beard combs that can crack and break your facial hair. The best way to spread the beard oil through your beard is by using a high-quality beard comb.

4)    Never Use Hot Water on Your Beard

A hot shower is always tempting, but bathing in scalding water too often isn’t always good for your hair and skin. Hot water dries the skin and sometimes causes flakiness and irritation, which in turn leads to beard dandruff. Beard dandruff can make sleeping with a beard nearly impossible, primarily due to itchiness. Always use warm water and organic shampoo to wash your beard before going to sleep. A good shampoo will brush away beard dirt, oil build-ups, and other impurities, giving you a clean and shiny beard.

5)    Always Use High-Quality Beard Products

Always make sure that the beard products you use are packed with natural vitamins, oils, and minerals so you can grow the better-looking beard you deserve. Taking care of your facial hairs regularly gives them a much healthier look, and avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of beard bedheads and beard dandruff that hinders your sleep can be accomplished by using a high-quality cool mint beard balm.

Keep Fueling Your Beard

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