How To Grow Sideburns For Your Face Shape

Did you know there was such a thing as perfectly-styled sideburns? In addition to potentially making or breaking your overall beard look, sideburns have been a symbol of manliness since the American civil war in the 1860s. That’s why every man in America aspires to don that kind of look. However, not every guy knows what sideburns styles actually look good on them. Luckily, here’s everything you need to know about how to grow sideburns that perfectly match the shape of your face and complement that nice beard you got growing.

The Best Sideburns Styles for Your Face Shape


1. Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-Shaped Face | How to Grow Sideburns For Your Face Shape | sideburns styles

Men with heart-shaped faces might find it difficult to find a sideburn style that works for them. That’s because growing them too long can further emphasize a small chin. To remedy this, don modest, short styles. Also, remember to trim your facial hair, along with your sideburns, at least every other day to maintain a neat, well-groomed look.

2. Round-Shaped Face

Round-Shaped Face | How to Grow Sideburns For Your Face Shape | growing sideburns

Round-faced men often appear chubbier or younger than they really are. Luckily, you can appear slimmer and more mature by styling your sideburns. Men with round faces can try experimenting a bit. You can start at about mid-ear level while gradually increasing the length. However, while growing out your sideburns, remember to trim them regularly so they don’t appear bushy. Bushy burns only add volume to the face, and round-faced men have enough of that.

3. Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-Shaped Face | How to Grow Sideburns For Your Face Shape | types of sideburns

The great thing about having a diamond face shape is you can grow out your facial hair without looking like a hobo. If you already have a beard, whether it’s full or scruff, then great! If you don’t, you should consider growing one because sideburns and beards really go well on diamond-faced men. Medium sideburns just above your mid-ears are what you want to go for. Although try to avoid growing bushy burns because it can make your face look wider than it really is.

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4. Square-Shaped Face

Square-Shaped Face | How to Grow Sideburns For Your Face Shape | sideburns styles

The problem with a square-shaped face is that it can look too wide. That’s why you need to offset it with a good pair of sideburns. Growing longer sideburns narrows down the face and adds dimension -- two things square-faced men desperately need.

5. Oblong-Shaped Face

Oblong-Shaped Face | How to Grow Sideburns For Your Face Shape | growing sideburns

There are two types of oblong-shaped faces: long and wide, and long and narrow. If you’re the former, you want to maintain shorter sideburns to help decrease the length and width of your face. However, if you’re the latter, you should try growing long, thick sideburns to add more width to your face.

6. Triangle-Shaped Face

Triangle-Shaped Face | How to Grow Sideburns For Your Face Shape | types of sideburns

Men who have a triangle-shaped face can try long, tapered sideburns to narrow down their wide jaws. Plus, a scruffy beard will really complement the sideburns you’re trying to grow. Just remember that your sideburns should always match your hairstyle and facial hair.


Want to learn how to shape your beard to match your sideburns? Check out our video below:

When growing sideburns, remember to explore all the available styles. These are just some suggestions on which style would best complement the shape of your face. You can try mixing it up to match your hairstyle, facial hair, fashion sense, and even your personality. Remember: the worst thing you can do is to stick to one style just because you’re worried to step out of your comfort zone.

What types of sideburns have you tried growing? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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