Secrets to Beard Season That’ll Level Up Your Look

Seasons affect the beard growth and make all the difference. Have you noticed that you trim more during summer than during winter? Well, this is because the growth of facial hair depends on the male sex hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is the same hormone linked to baldness in men. Testosterone levels are generally high during sunny days, which means more vitamin D, which is essential for good beard growth. On the other hand, during winter, the body’s production of testosterone slows down. Here’s what we’ve learned about when to grow a beard…

How to Make the Most Out of Beard Season

The truth is that human hair can greatly be affected by factors like sun exposure, temperature, and humidity. However, “beard season” or not, you can still grow a healthy beard. You just have to take different steps.

1)    Summer and spring

Spring and summer are the hottest seasons and don’t usually seem like the best time to grow a beard. During these warmer seasons, people get tempted to shave their beards. Many men believe that having a thicker beard during summer will make them feel hotter. However, having full facial hair keeps you cool all through the more humid days. A beard blocks the sun and can sometimes eliminate the need to wear sunscreen. After all, the beard is an evolutionary protective measure. It protects the skin from chapping, which results from exposure to winds and snow.

However, during summer, the exposure to dry heat, as well as sunlight, can rob the moisture off your facial hair, therefore, always keep your beard conditioned and hydrated all summer.

2)    Fall and winter

During the fall, testosterone levels increase slightly. This means that your beard is growing at a faster speed. During these seasons, it is best to practice good grooming habits to avoid breakage. Keep your facial hair hydrated to guarantee healthy facial hair. When the parched weather and tough breezes during winter, it can seem like the perfect time to grow a beard. But those elements can also wreak havoc on your beard and slow the growing process.

Cold temperatures and the lack of humidity during winter can also make the skin itchy. So, use a denser conditioner or beard lubricant to avoid dryness. An excellent beard oil or beard balm will encourage a healthy beard growth by removing dead skin cells that gather and block hair follicles that delay the beard growth process.

3)    Keep Your Beard Healthy Year-round

Beard growth is not only affected by seasons but many other factors as well. These factors include genetics, diet, environment, and age, among others. The rate at which the beard grows depends on person to person. However, there are various things that you can help your beard grow faster and longer. With the right, quality beard products, you decide when to grow a beard.

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