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How To Maintain a Beard She’ll Love

March 13, 2020

A lot more goes into growing a healthy and attractive beard than just letting it grow, so we’re here to teach you how to maintain a beard once you’ve grown it. While many men look better with a bushy beard than without one, there are certain steps you need to put into beard maintenance in order to keep it looking awesome. There’s a clear difference between having a full beard and having a bushy beard, and if you’ve got the latter, take the necessary steps to improve the look of your facial hair.

1) Washing and Conditioning

Just like the hair on the top of your head, your bushy beard hair needs regular washing and conditioning, and you need to know how to tame a frizzy beard. Even if you can’t see it, your beard gets dirty throughout the day, and dead skin flakes often get trapped within your thatch of hair. So wash thoroughly and condition afterward. This includes conditioning during a shower as well as applying beard oil after you get out. It’s ideal to apply beard oil when your hair is still wet, immediately following a warm/hot shower. This way, your hair and skin follicles are open and absorbing oil more easily, leaving your beard looking clean and healthy rather than greasy.


Don’t neglect your face, especially the skin under and around your beard. Moisturize daily, because nobody wants a nice beard paired with dry, itchy skin.

2) Combing and Shaping

Want to know how to keep beard hairs from sticking out? Depending on the length of your beard, an important thing you should know when learning how to maintain a beard is that you should either comb or brush through it in the morning before you start your day. Like we said, just like bedhead exists, bed-beard does too. Take care of any tangles or wiry bits so that your hair is all facing one direction before you determine your potential need for trimming or shaping your facial hair.


Work with the contour of your face to determine a flattering beard shape and trim stray hairs to maintain uniformity. Beards tend to fill out toward their ends, so tapering around the tips of your beard might be a good option for you. Don’t forget to focus on the hair around your mouth. Not only is it uncomfortable to have hair brushing across your lips, but it’s also visually off-putting to see a man swallowing his own beard in public.

 3) Know Your Look and Keep It Clean!

Not every man wants his beard to be perfect without a hair out of place. Sometimes striking a balance between sleek and messy works for many men. The most important rule in how to maintain a beard is just to be sure you’re keeping it clean!

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