How To Grill Salmon Like A Boss
Feature | How To Grill Salmon Like A Boss

Today we’ll teach you how to grill salmon in 6 simple steps so it’s heated through and filled with flavor, every time.

How To Grill Salmon | Fish Steak Goodness



  • Salmon
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Oil

Step 1: Pick The Right Cut

If you want to learn how to grill salmon, don’t put the entire fish on your grill from the get-go. I get it, it’s your fresh catch of the day and you want to eat it like a viking. But patience is virtue in this process.

The right cut matters a lot when grilling salmon because different cuts require different methods of preparation. Choosing the right cut also depends on what kind of meal you’re serving. If you’re just having a quiet dinner, steaks, and fillets work, but for dinner parties or date nights, a whole side of salmon is sexier. For this guide, let’s stick to salmon steaks.

Slice your salmon into steak cuts. This cut works well on a grill since it cooks more evenly and is the easiest to handle. Skin is a requirement here, so keep it on. You really want that crispy texture when you bite into it. Also, the skin keeps the fish together. Grilling a salmon steak without the skin will cause it to flake and fall apart, wasting valuable fish meat as it falls through the grill.

Seasoning is up to your taste buds, but nothing beats good ol’ salt and pepper. It’s also advisable to rub a some kosher salt on the salmon’s skin to ensure that it doesn’t stick to the grill. It also adds a nice burst of flavor when you bite into the crispy salmon skin.

If you have no idea how to cut a salmon into steak, take it to your local fishmonger and ask them to do it. In the event that you are not close to a stream where salmons breed, either fight a bear for it or just buy salmon steaks from your local fish market. If you buy, buy wild and sustainable!

Step 2: Debone the Salmon


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Debone the Salmon | How To Grill Salmon Like A Boss

Before cooking your salmon, remove the pesky pin bones for the most optimal eating experience (nobody likes to bite into fish bones, or pick them out by hand). Use a pair of bone pliers or tweezers to grip a bone and tug it out whole. Repeat with all remaining bones.


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