How to Care For Your Beard At The Beach

Chances are, you haven’t even thought about protecting your beard at the beach until you saw some signs of damage. Man, if your beard is starting to feel a little too worse for wear, then best keep these beard care tips in mind. We wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the summer sun and lather up with sunscreen to prevent burns, it’s about time you pay much mind to sun-shielding and beach-keeping your manes.

7 Tips To Care For Your Beard At The Beach

1. Protect

Your beard acts as a UV protector for your skin. It shields your chin and jaw from harmful sun rays by up to 95 percent. It’s direct exposure to these sun rays leaves it more vulnerable to damage and drying. So, protect your face-protector! Spray some sunscreen on your beard, too. 

2. Soften

Aside from being really annoying, an itchy beard doesn't give you the suave look you're after. The summer heat can make dry out your beard and make it brittle. Worse, it may grow splitends. All these contribute to friction on the skin, ergo, the itchiness. Protect your beard from the damaging summer heat by applying some essential oils and moisturizers!

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliate | What To Do With Your Beard At The Beach | beard in summer

Beardsmen know that itch is a b*tch. Now, your summer sweat when combined with dirt, grease, and dead skin can wreak havoc on your face. Save yourself from the annoying and gross irritation this could lead to by exfoliating the skin beneath your facial hair.

4. Dry

While the summer heat alone can do a number to your beard, staying under the sun after soaking in salt water can do a whole lot of damage. Pat your beard dry after taking dips in the ocean.  

5. Rinse

Your beard can catch sand, dust, and sea salt after a swim or passing a ball around. Make sure to wash it with the right beard cleansing products to get rid of these unwanted particles.

6. Comb

Keep your Beard Hydrated During Summer | How to Care For Your Beard At The Beach | beard in summer

The summer sun can turn saltwater-soaked beards into rough, messy, tangled disasters. Take time to comb your long facial hair every so often to keep it smooth. Untangle those hairs and let your face breathe. Consider it the manly version of powdering your nose.

7. Trim

Some of you may ask, "Should I shave my beard before I hit the beach?" If you find combing a long beard to be a bit time-consuming, then why not just trim it down to a tolerable length? Trimming your beard is part of beard maintenance to keep split ends at bay, anyway.

Sport well-trimmed facial hair in summer fashion with the right beard trimming tools.


The takeaway here? Vibrant, healthy-looking beach beards doesn’t just happen. Follow these simple tips for your next beach trip and look ruggedly awesome!

Do you know other tips for protecting your beard at the beach? Share in the comments section below.

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