The Best Beard Care Products from Wild Willies | How to Take Care of a Beard, Naturally

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Do you have beard envy? If so, then this post is for you. Wild Willies has the best beard care products for men who want to take better care of their facial hair. You'll learn how to naturally take care of your beard and what techniques are best for your beard type. We'll answer all your questions about brushing, oiling, trimming, and more!

How do I take care of my beard?

Using generic products like hair shampoo, face wash, bar soap, and all-in-one products can dry out your beard hair and the skin beneath it.

For proper beard care, you will want to use top quality beard specific products, including:

  • Beard Oils
  • Beard Butter & Balms
  • Beard Washes & Shampoos
  • Beard Conditioners
  • Beard Growth Supplements
  • Beard Combs
  • Beard Brushes
  • Beard Boost Serums
  • Derma Rollers
  • and more

How to take care of a beard naturally?

Many different products and techniques will help you keep your beard looking and feeling its best. Make sure that the products you use are made with natural ingredients. While shopping around, make sure to check the label for chemicals that you can't pronounce. If your beard products have harsh chemicals, they can lead to dry skin, skin irritation, and ingrown hairs. Especially if you have sensitive skin.

The hair on your face is much different from your head. While deciding the best ways to groom, style, and care for your face mane, take note of that.

Keep reading for more beard grooming tips...

Do I need beard oil?

That depends on your body's ability to produce a natural oil called sebum. Sebum is your body's natural beard oil. If you don't have enough of it or like to wash your face here and there, your facial hair can dry out.

No matter what beard style you have, it can get dry, and that's why beard oils were invented! Good beard oil moisturizes the skin beneath your beard and makes beard hair softer and shinier. It helps maintain healthy facial hair by offering nutrients from natural ingredients. It also helps with the dreaded beard itch.

What is beard oil used for?

There are a few ways to take care of a beard naturally. One way is to use beard oil. Beard oil helps keep the beard moisturized, and it can also help make the beard softer.

Beard oil is used to moisturize the beard and keep it conditioned. It can also be used as a beard conditioner, beard softener, beard shine, and help your beard smell fresh as well.

How often should I oil my beard?

Twice a day is recommended. You should do this every morning when you wake up and every night before bed. If you notice your beard and skin drying out, you may want to apply it once in the middle of the day as well.

Is coconut oil good for the beard?

Coconut oil is an excellent choice because it helps to nourish the hair and skin while also fighting off bacteria. Olive oil can also help to condition the beard and make it softer.

The problem with using these natural oils is that they can get a bit messy and greasy, so we formulated our own beard oil. We use all-natural ingredients that don't leave a mess behind.

The best beard oil will have a variety of natural oils such as:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • and more

Beard Care

Should I use beard oil or beard balm?

Some men find that they have more success when using both oil and balm together because this provides double the moisturizing power from the oils and extra hold from the balms, which helps avoid any frizzing up.

Beard Oil - Original

Beard Oil - Original

$ 9.86

AWARD-WINNING ORIGINAL BEARD OIL   Wild Willies one-of-a-kind beard oil is made of 10 natural vitamins and organic essential oils that condition and treat each follicle down to their roots. Our unique, easy to use, no waste, pump design enables minimal product usage… Read More

What is beard balm or beard butter?

They are both used as styling products. Beard balm and beard butter are two different types of beard care products but are typically used for the same reasons.

Beard balm is a type of beard styling agent made up of natural ingredients. On the other hand, Beard butter is a type of beard oil that is made up of natural ingredients and moisturizers.

If you have used these products in the past and don't get the styling results you were looking for, you may want to try a mustache wax for extra hold.

Beard Butter - Cool Mint

Beard Butter - Cool Mint

$ 9.86

 THE BEST FORMULA FOR THE BEST BEARD You’ve probably tried everything. Oils, creams, serums and anything else that promises you the perfect beard.Look no further: our premium balm is the best solution to your beard grooming needs. Its texture and… Read More

How do I wash my beard correctly?

The beard wash should be massaged around the beard and beard hair to remove the oil, dirt, sweat, and other grime. Rinse beard thoroughly with cool to warm water.

Do I need beard shampoo?

Yes. As we mentioned before, your skin produces a natural oil called sebum. Products like hair shampoo, face wash, and bar soap will remove those oils, causing your skin to dry out. This will cause the dreaded beard dandruff and dry out the skin underneath your beard.



$ 12.94

Why Beard Wash Is A Must Your beard is not as clean as you think! Beards trap dirt and grease, it’s impossible for them not to. So they need extra attention to remain clean. But just using any old regular shampoo… Read More

Do I need a conditioner for my beard?

Yes, beard conditioner is an essential part of beard care. It helps keep your beard hair soft, conditioned, and shiny. Wild Willies offers a beard conditioner made specifically to soften your beard hair.



$ 12.94

Wild Willies Beard Soft was designed with one purpose in mind...... To Soften Your Beard!Nobody like the dreaded beard itch as it starts to grow and your girl definitely doesn't like it scratching up her face like a cat on crack. So… Read More

What are beard growth supplements?

Beard growth supplements are typically vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that claim to provide beard-growing or beard-softening benefits.

Beard growth supplements usually come in pills, capsules, or oral drops.

Many beard growth supplements contain biotin (a B vitamin), sometimes used as a hair growth supplements. Other beard growth supplement ingredients include vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, and saw palmetto extract.

Some beard gels and lotions may also contain ingredients that work together to help your beard grow faster and thicker.

Check out our gummies if you are looking to boost beard growth.

*NEW* Beard Growth Gummies Supplement

*NEW* Beard Growth Gummies Supplement

$ 29.94

Take Your Beard Growth To The Next LevelWe Make It Easy To Grow Your BeardGrowing your beard can be hard -- but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Wild Willies we live and breathe beards. We spend day-in and… Read More

Should I comb my beard every day?

Another way to take care of a beard is to use a beard comb regularly. Combing the beard can help keep it groomed and tangle-free.

After combing if the facial hair gets too long or starts looking unruly, then start thinking about making another trip to see your barber for another beard trimming session.

With our comb, you can also use it as a shaping tool to make sure your lines are straight and perfect.



$ 9.99

THE ESSENTIAL SHAPING TOOL  Accurately Trim Sideburns, Goatee, Beard, Neckline Achieve Shaving Symmetry Handy Integrated Comb Professional Precision at Home A Must Have for Every Man! PRECISION LINES EVERY TIME    The Edge is a multi-purpose precision trimming instrument with a number of uses. It… Read More

What is the Best Beard Brush?

The best beard brushes are made with all-natural products like boars hair and horsehair. You can also find similar brushes with synthetic hair, but they don't seem to disperse the beard oils, butter, and balms as evenly.

What beard brush do I need?

The beard brush is used to stimulate your beard so that your beard will become healthier. It is also used to untangle beard hair, stimulate follicles for beard growth, remove loose hairs from the beard area, and exfoliate around the beard area. The best beard brushes on the market are made of natural boar bristles or horsehair.

What type of beard brush should you choose?

Typically a natural boar's hair brush is best. They can gather and distribute oils through your beard more effectively than any other type. The downside is that they tend to last for about 18 months before it falls apart and needs replacing.

Test different brushes before purchasing one to see which has the best feel and produces the desired outcome. A horsehair brush is also an option, but experts say that this type of brush isn't quite stiff enough to style your beard correctly.



$ 9.99

No More Hair Tangle!  MADE WITH NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES for Professional Beard and Mustache Grooming. Beautifully Engraved, Small Travel Size & Ergonomically Designed Holder.  WHILE OTHER BEARD BRUSHES may be made with flimsy, uneven, and weak synthetic bristles that constantly fall… Read More

Should I use caffeine in my beard?

Beard Boost beard serum is formulated with natural ingredients and caffeine that are made to give beard's an increased combination of beard growth, beard vitality, beard thickness, and beard odor protection. The all-natural formula is not greasy or tacky and is easy to apply without feeling too heavy or sticky. It moisturizes the facial hair gently but thoroughly.

Wild Willies BEARD BOOST Serum

Wild Willies BEARD BOOST Serum

$ 9.99

Boost Your Beard Growth Love coffee? Us too. Our Beard Boost Serum uses the power of caffeine to pack a punch and assist beard growth. Caffeine promotes hair growth by targeting a hormone named ATP, which is a form of… Read More

What is a beard derma roller used for?

A beard derma roller is a tool to help beard growth. It is a hair removal tool that creates microscopic damage to the hair follicle underneath the skin, speeding up beard growth.

The Derma Roller

The Derma Roller

$ 19.00

Increases the absorption of topical skin & beard care products to over 500%, maximizing their effectiveness. Improves skin tone and helps stimulate hair growth. Safe and Painless. (NO BLEEDING)   *AVOID USE: 1. On acne or irritated skin. 2. Under… Read More

It's time to start taking better care of your beard!

With Wild Willies, you'll never have to worry about your beard again. We're here for all of the bearded men who want to take better care of their beards than they ever had before. The first thing we recommend is using quality products specifically designed to meet the needs of a man's facial hair growth patterns. Check out our Fuel Your Beard Kit, which includes everything needed to grow the beard you have always wanted.

Fuel Your Beard Kit

Fuel Your Beard Kit

$ 39.99

  Fuel Your Beard Kit Includes: Top Selling Beard Boost Boost Growth Serum, Beard Growth Supplement, Boars Hair Beard Brush & Shaping Tool Beard Comb ($57.99 Value) Beard Boost Serum: Topical serum that is formulated to help grow facial hair… Read More

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