6 Tips on How to Shave Your Face Safely and Never Get Cut Again

6 Tips on How to Shave Your Face Safely and Never Get Cut Again

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Growing a beard might feel like an act of freedom, but it’s more than that. Just like anything else you love, you’ve got to take care of it and give it the attention it needs. Once you’ve grown your beard, you’ve need to help maintain its shape by shaving those outlying hairs that just make it look messy and ungroomed. That being said, how to shave safely and using blades to shave your beard is very easy. A cleaner cut promotes healthier skin, and knowing the tips for using a razor safely reduces red, irritated spots and helps your skin gain a purer appearance.

Razor Safety Tips

1)    Pre-shave routine

It’s maybe the most important part of how to shave your face safely: be sure to prep your skin before you take a razor to it. Begin by washing and exfoliating the skin. This process relaxes the skin and opens up all your pores, making shaving easier. The best time to shave is usually after you take a shower. If that is not possible, make sure you use hot water on your face and the neck to warm it up.

2)    Choose a shaving cream

Another vital part of self-shaving: pick a shaving cream that’ll match your skin. Using a shaving cream reduces the risks of developing face predicaments like allergies and irritation. Shaving creams helps the razor slide across the surface. Getting top quality lather means a comfier shave with minimal irritation and soreness. Leave the shaving cream on your face for at least two minutes for better moisturizing.

3)    Pick the razors

After a few shaves, your razor starts getting a greasy accumulation composed mainly of soap and other junk in the form of dead skin cells and oils; this makes your blade lose its shine and, in most cases, makes the blade dull. In our tips for using a razor safely, dirty razors are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria and the worst rule to break. Sterilize your razor by soaking it in chemical cleaning agents, like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to kill all the bacteria. You can use a clean razor for as long as it is sharp. Additionally, choose a razor that best fits your hand. There are four types of razors that you can choose from, namely:

4)    Hold the razor at a 30-degree angle

This applies if you are using a double-edge razor. This is usually the hardest part for first-timers. To be comfy, begin by holding the razor beside your skin at a 90-degree angle and slowly slant it down until the blade touches your beard.

5)    Do not put pressure on the razor

Sometimes you may get the urge to apply pressure on the blade to shave some places of your facial skin. Avoid doing this, since it will only bring mischance to you. Also, when shaving your beard, pull the surface when needed. Some parts of your skin might be inflexible. Pull the area of the skin to make it flat to ease the movement of the razor.

6)    Rinse and clean

To get a clean shave, you can complete a second pass. Finally, rinse the face clean of the shaving cream lather and pat it dry with a towel. It is best if you apply aftershave or moisturizer to soothe and moisturize the skin.

Long Story Short…

It can take several shaves before you become comfortable shaving with any razor. Be patient and choose the best quality beard products and get the reward of great shaves in the future. Check out Wild-Willies.com to find the best products for you!

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